3 White Perch Fishing Rigs You Need to Know

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It is always easier to catch a fish from a larger species of the fish. That’s because you will easily run into any one of the subspecies of that fish and easily catch few of them. Whereas if you further specify the fish you want to target then it becomes much harder to get them. Because now you are up to a smaller subgroup of a family which is not easy to find. That is exactly why you need special white perch fishing rigs to target them more wisely.

The same way it’s easy to cast on the shore of lake and expect any type or size of fish. While it becomes harder when you further specify the exact fish that you have to catch.

In this case if we like to have catch some good size white perch then the usual general perch tackle will also not be suitable anymore. We will need more specific tools that are special for white perch and this is the only way to target them more effectively.

Including all the exact fishing tools you need for white perch you will also need white perch fishing rig. Rigs are the most important roles in your white perch trip because they present your bait to white perch. If the lure or bait is presented in the right way you will see so many bites and many of them will be bigger fish.

While if you fail to present the substances in the right way then it is less likely for you to detect any bites. Even if you have the best lures and baits for the fish. In short white perch fishing rigs can be very helpful in getting perch to bite.

Here you can read about white perch baits.

White perch fishing rigs

Not only finding the specific fish at any spot is harder. The exact same is the case with its tackle too, because fewer people know how to fish it. It becomes harder to find the right tackle and try it in the lake you expect white perch. As for lures you will buy a bunch of them and bait them with a material of your desire. But what about the rigs? Can you make all of them and give them a try each? This will waste you whole day at the bank trying new stuff.

But there are many crazy lovers of white perch who spend years fishing white perch in different spots. Lets leverage the experience of lovers of white perch and learn how they make their rigs for perch fishing.

There are several types of rigs used for white perch. We have collected the top and the best performing fishing rigs for your trip.

In this article we will explain the best rigs for white perch and the way to make them.

If you want to make rigs for white perch you will need the perfect line. Here is our article about the best perch fishing lines.

1: Sabiki rig

After reading the name of Sabiki you might be thinking of the small multi hook rig. Which most people use for catching their live bait before they head over to the actual fishing.

A shorter Sabiki is the best rig for white perch fishing in any situation. It catches a fish at each hook every time you cast it into the water. You can use it with live bait or a power bait whichever is easier for you.

The rig usually has four to 10 or even more hooks tied to it all 6 inch apart from each other. There is a sinker at the end of the rig which helps sink the rig and remain more than six inch away from the rig.

Sabiki is just an amazing rig for white perch which you should really try once.

  1. Size 6 hooks 4 to 6 in number for a single rig.
  2. A sinker to help your rig sink to a certain depth.
  3. Mono or fluorocarbon line to use it as the leader line.

These are the steps to assemble the elements to make a rig out of it.

  1. Thread all the hooks into the line you are going to use then thread the sinker at the end.
  2. Tie the sinker by a knot at one end of the line.
  3. Then use circle knots to tie all the hooks 6 inches apart each other. Also keep the sinker away from the first hook by 8 to 10 inches.
  4. Use a swivel at the other end of the line or tie it by a knot to your line.

Your rig is ready to use, you can also increase or decrease the number of hooks if you want. But keeping it less well avoid any risks.

2: Bait rig

This is the most simple type of rig you will ever use for white perch. That is because the rig requires nothing more than your usual stuff. So you will have to use your best preforming bait on your hook and cast the line. This simple and traditional way is called the bait rig for white perch and believe me it works more than enough.

Choosing the right bait might be so simple for you but not for this fish. Not every normal bait will work the same. Here is our full guide of best baits for white perch. You can also use artificial lures too, here is our full guide to the top lures.

3: Slip bobber white perch fishing rig

Slip bobber fishing rigs are quite famous for white perch due to their efficiency. These rigs with luring substance works perfectly if you keep them in the right place. It can catch larger than average fish and you will feel bites more often than the average rigs.

The rig consist of a bobber which keeps the hook and luring substance stay afloat. Floating at the right depth can really bring momentum in your fishing trip.

Making the rig is very simple and quick. After determining the depth of fish at the spot you are fishing just give same hook length to the slip bobber. This will keep your hook and luring substance in the range of fish so fish can easily bite it.

Other rigs

The above shared are the best performing rigs however there are several others that people have been using but they aren’t so effective. Some of the rigs for other panfish are also effective like several crappie fishing rigs. Also the double bottom rig is liked by many white perch fishing anglers.

While orange fuzz-e-grub is a fly type jig that is also widely used with different jigs.

If you are still looking for a good spot then here are a few great spots for you.