White Perch Fishing Lures For All Conditions, Full Guide

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Anglers fishing in an average fishing lake or a river might not realize the importance of lures. Of course they will realize to some extent but the power of casting the exact right lure is unbelievable. Mostly panfish anglers are fooled by a lure that just keeps the man busy casting again and again. But if you use the perfect matching lure for the right fish you will see that incredible magic and the entire thing will change for you. You will notice 10x hits in the same amount of time you used to get by the other lure. And this is the case for almost all white perch fishing anglers. White perch fishing lures matter a lot and can impact your fishing trip incredibly.

Although you remain at the water and keep casting for a while getting a bite after several casts. And I know it feels boring and its either not an energetic type of trip. But think about what if you cast your first cast of the day and get a real good white perch on your lure in the matter of seconds. What a great start of the day that is for any of the perch fishermen. And yes these lures exist and you have them but you use them for the wrong fish.

In this article we will share with you all the 7 most incredible fishing lures for white perch. We will also take you through a step by step guide how to select the right lure for white perch fishing in any condition. So you will be able to choose the best potential lure from your collection as well.

Best white perch fishing lures

While choosing a lure for perch its pretty necessary to think about the size. Size is one of the most important factor in fishing lures. One should not expect larger fish bites just by casting the biggest size lure available. Its not logical to have a big fish when there are all small size fish in a lake. It will hurt the strategy even more by getting minimum number of hits on your lure. The matching the size is the more fish you will catch it is that simple.

The man on the water needs to be realistic and casting smaller size material if there is no big fish.

I have even seen people casting multiple lures on a rig to attract more fish white perch. It feels kind of weird too, how would it attract more fish while the lure is not matching the fish habitat at all. Even if the fish see it they will ignore it and will not try to get it. Perch can sometimes be line shy too, here you can learn to choose the best perch fishing line.

So in short you will enjoy fishing whites in all places even the spots with smaller perch populations. If you use the right lure and of course the right size with matching color. And that is when you will begin really enjoying fishing for whites with the right lure.

Here is the list of our best ever white perch fishing lures.

1: Calm leech flutter perch lure

Small creatures like worms, leeches and maggots are among the best food for perch. And that is why anglers use them as live bait for many types of panfish. This calm leech flutter is a spoon just matching the size and color of those small creatures. White perch are going to get wild as soon as they see a spoon like this in front of them in the water.

I have caught uncountable perch in just regular spots using this spoon. But unfortunately most of the anglers have been using them for larger fish in the rivers.

You can benefit from it in the deeper shady and rocky places in a lake to get the most out of it. While in rivers the lure will work in deeper pockets with a moderate flow. Stones are the safest place for perch to hang out. Olive green or white color will be perfect if you go deep into the holes.

2: Ultralight Rippin rap

When you just land your boat at a spot you expect to be good for white perch. But you are new and you have no idea where the fish are in this lake. Ultralight Rippin rap is exactly for that time to locate the holes where the fish are hanging out. This is the best lure to find the location of perch in a lake for the fist time.

After casting this little lure moving it hard and playing around with it to make noise and get the attention of fish all around will really help find the fish holes in that lake.

This lure can also be used after locating the white perch as well. You just have to use a little bit of live or power bait at the hooks the lure has got. You will get pretty good response from the fish and they will bite instantly.

The size 3 or 4 both are acceptable depending upon the size fish.

3: Brown trout Kastmaster

This is a smaller than average that is often loved by many anglers who try fishing white perch with the spoon. It has a color and shape of brown trout and a size a little more smaller that fits right for panfish.

This one is absolutely a lot better than an average anglers lure choice for perch. However you can keep it for the time when there is non of the above lures remains with you. In short it is the final thing you have to choose but you can give it a try if you have just got it and want to try.

Electric chicken bass assassin

These are my favorite while being on boat and just randomly casting for any species. But the white perch absolutely love them. Using this lure you might get hooked to another species as well as striper or lake trout. But the lure will show you amazing action for perch.

You can also cast it from shore near bushes or any other shady place where you think there might be fish. And either ways this little piece of rubber works amazing.

Final thoughts about white perch lures

There might be lures that work great for white perch as of my experience. I have found these top lures that just keep fooling the fish out there. All of these will also work just the same for other panfish and if you are trying to get some white perch. But you come up with other panfish, that is great and you don’t have to worry about that. All you need to do is explore the spot and find out the best spot for perch.

Here are some great tips about white perch fishing.