White Bass Rods Reels & Line Setups All You Need to Know

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If you have the minimum experience of angling you probably know the importance of having the right rod. Not only the rod all the other essentials are very important each. If you don’t need a heavy rod and you carry a large weight it will disturb your entire day. Some fish are line shy and they immediately scare away from the lure or bait if they see the line. In short it is very important to have the exact equipment and white bass rods to really enjoy your fishing.

As a beginner you might get confused what rod to select as you will get a ton of suggestions online. Some will be suggesting you a spinning rod while some will suggest a baitcasting white bass rods. Also there will be different suggestions about the length and action of the rod.

In the first days I used to confuse a little too much about the line too much. While my fellow anglers would use the simplest type of line they can find at any shop. But I did not understand differences about line materials and pound test weight of the line.

As selecting a suitable rod is important for white bass line is also extremely important. Many times just due to the wrong line you would not get hits while using all the other things in the best way.

So in this article we will share all essentials for white bass including white bass rods, reels and lines. Also we will share the different methods of making best setups of the gear so it can perform the best way together.

White bass rods guide

Depending on the location you are fishing in the white bass rods vary a lot. While there are many benefits of long rods it also have some cons similarly the shorter ones are also not always the best. Mostly experienced anglers have to guess the best option depending on their location, weather and the type fish they are going for.

The idea of having a long rod and cast more far away is not valid in case of white bass. As in general white bass are not so cautious nor very line shy. This predator fish can bite on the lure or bait from near banks, kayaks and boats. Usually anglers are pretty relaxed and they don’t need silence and peace to keep the fish attracted.

Best priced and quality rod and reel combo for white bass.

The only time when white bass might be cautious is when there are a lot of fishing tournaments at a time or in some rare occasions. Then you might need a longer rod for white bass to cast as far as they might hide.

Medium action rods with the length of 6.5 to 8 feet long are ideal for white bass.

Top white bass rods

On the basis of specifications that anglers need for a white bass. There are probably many rods that will match the needs of a white bass angler. But we will specify some of the best rods that has worked perfectly for us and anglers are in love with.

Checkout this awesome white bass fishing rod.

Like all the other rods these rods will also have pros and cons and not every rod is perfect for every angler. However this is a good overview for what rods generally white bass anglers love and what are the most reliable for white bass.

Cadence white bass spinning rods

Cadence is the rod which I have chosen as my most reliable rod for most events. Its not basically for white bass but works perfectly fine and that’s why I have chosen it. It is a little more like reliable and not expensive as well but in the medium range. It is totally worth the price if you are not planning only once or twice to go white bass fishing. This rod will support you for a long time and you will enjoy its benefits.

Checkout this extraordinary fishing rod for white bass.

The pros are it is the perfect fit even it is not made for white bass. Its very reliable and a consistent rod which will be with you for long time. It is light weight and will not bother you during your fishing time.

The only con you can consider is its medium range. The rod is not the ultimate thing for the fish, its a great medium range tool for average anglers.

Also jigs are amazingly powerful for white bass, if you want to know more. Here is our post about top white bass fishing jigs.

St. Croix Avid AVS66MLF

These rods are among the top recommended for white bass and often perform great. If you have this rod and you don’t enjoy your fishing then you would not enjoy with any rod. The stick is unbelievably great having medium action designed for spinning combination.

Almost all professional white bass lovers will definitely recommend this rod at some point.

You will also get other models in the same price tag and similar specs. The product has all the pros you can think in a decent white bass fishing rod. The only con is its price but it is definitely worth it.

Shimano Solora 2 piece

You will find nothing better than the Shimano for a beginner fisherman. It is absolutely fine thing in the minimum possible price range. To get started you will definitely need a great rod at minimum cost like the Solora 2 piece rod for white bass fishing.

If you want to fish with baits Here are the best baits for white bass fishing.

It is definitely the pick for experienced anglers who know about white bass fishing but a great place to start with.

UL Berkley lightening rod for white bass

If you are still up to a medium range great fishing rod for white bass than the Berkley is probably the best for you. It is amazingly priced with nothing lacking in the rod. It has different sizes and weights also with different actions the recommendation is moderate or moderate fast action one.

Absolutely exceptional rod for average anglers with no high price.

White bass fishing reels

All of our recommended rods are spinning rods so you will have to use a spinning reel as well. If you also want to pick a reel along a rod or you just want to choose the right reel with combination of another rod we recommend the best reels that are suitable for white bass fishing.

These are among the best white bass fishing reels you can ever use. In the first options we have recommend the affordable reels while if you want a better thing then there are some great white bass reels in final options as well. But you can go through multiple of them to select the best one that matches with your conditions.

Pflueger President reel

This is a great spinning reel with medium quality and better price tag. Many white bass anglers use this in their early stages and then they move on to the most quality and professional white bass reels. Again it is among the top reels that people for white bass and some panfish as well. There is no more good average reel than this one including the price tag and the medium quality.

Checkout this outstanding reel for white bass.

You can read other specifications and the details online.

KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels

These are among the most affordable and cheapest price tag also having the least quality in the top list. Often recommended to starters and unexperienced. When you get a little more advanced you can move on to the next and better fishing reels.

Shimano Stradic 1000 white bass reel

This one is by far the most incredible and amazing fishing reel I have ever used for small fish like white bass and panfish. In very short words it is my best ever spinning fishing reel for white bass and panfish. You can read more about the white bass reel online.

White bass fishing line

Depending on the fish size estimate you have about your fishing spot you can easily figure out the best white bass fishing line. If you are expecting larger fish in your spot and people have been catching chunky bass. You should go up to 6 pound test line to be safe of line breaks.

However there is no need to have a very heavy line when there are no larger fish. On an average reservoir or a river it really make sense to have 4 or 5 pound test line for white bass.

As we have already mentioned that white bass is not line shy you can keep the line larger up 5 pound test even if you don’t expect larger fish. The line color is also not a big difference for the fish. Here are our best picks of fishing lines for white bass fishing.

  1. Yo-Zuri Hybrid: Yo Zuri hybrid has the quality of never breaking and more reliability. This is what all anglers use as their white bass fishing line.
  2. Fireline 6lb: Fire-line is a super thin line which a fish will not be able to see. But it can break easily as compared to other fellow lines. That is why the recommendation is to have 6lb Fireline in order to achieve the strength. But the line will still remain thin even if it is larger pound test. This lines benefit is its thin nature, so if your fish is avoiding the line you definitely need this one.
  3. Power pro line: It is also among the top lines, it is very strong and great line.

If you want to know more about white bass fishing here you can read white bass fishing tips.