Where to Bass Fish 4 Tips to Find Best Bass Spots near You

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Locating the best bass fishing spot for your upcoming fishing event is crucial. You may bass fish the next time. When you have decided where to fish for bass and you already know the best spot around you, then you are most likely to have a great fishing time.

One will have great success fishing for bass in freshwater lakes, rivers with bushes and greenery, ponds that have trees, deeper streams. Areas where bass has spawn and near surface of pacific coasts are the nests for black sea bass.

You have to search for areas that has a cover whether its covered by bushes, trees or a large bridge. Bass usually stays near to the coast or bank of water. The more deep you go the easier for you to catch a largemouth one. Each spot has its own characters and different places are important in different situations for bass fishing.

All freshwater bodies like rivers, lakes, ponds and larger streams are the best places to fish for bass. We will go in a little explanation about each of these spots why are they best and where to fish bass inside these spots.


The most commonly found type of bass fish lives in freshwater structures such as lakes, ponds and rivers. Rivers are most of the time not so deep in comparison to lakes and ponds. But often time bass like to be deeper other than being on the surface of water but not at the very bottom. By nature bass like to be between the surface of the water and the very bottom of the water structure.

As bass are more attracted to warmer water other than cold water. Their position provides them the most ideal temperature that they like. As the surface water is coolest in comparison with the deeper water that is usually warm. So they try to stay away from the cold water of the surface and tries to find a deeper place. This nature makes catching it harder because it is not likely for someone to spot it near.

You have to be in search of a deeper place than the normal river depth. To save itself from larger species inside the water bass prefer to live in a more secure place. A place that is covered by something like rocks or plants in a deeper area of a river are the exact ideal places that you are looking for. In the same shadowy areas they usually spawn.

After you spot the area where they live in groups or they have spawn. They never leave from the area where they have spawn and the area becomes the biggest hub for them. This becomes an ideal place to fish for bass, their groups in the area grows more.

Bass fishing in ponds

As a larger on earth water body ponds are large enough to fish for bass in them. Ponds are also from the freshwater habitat so finding fish in small lakes is easier. Some of these may offer the most perfect opportunities for anglers to have a great fishing time. Small waterbodies are one of the top priority places for anglers where you can have great bass fishing.

Despite the fact that most of the ponds are smaller than the lakes. They still have got great opportunities for anglers to catch both largemouth bass and smallmouth. Having a better spot is still critical for ponds as well, even being in a pond doesn’t mean strait success in fishing. You will have to figure out where to fish bass in the waterbody and if you find a nice spot inside it you will catch your desired fish in no time.

Bass usually stays around the sides of ponds, but the bass near the boundaries of them are not so reliable. As they vary from time to time and from weather to weather. Trying the banks around a spot is not a bad idea if you don’t have kayak or a small fishing boat. But you have to picky if you are fishing around the bank of ponds. Staying at a plane area besides the lake and hoping for a bass to trap on your bait or lure can lead to massive waste of time.

As the temperature of the water of surface is cooler than the deep water bass will likely stay a little more deeper. To have good access to them you have to find a place where the water starts deep even from coast. In addition to this if you find bushes around near this will be win-win situation for you. And you are probably going to find great amount of fish and more chances than a river.

Large lakes

Lakes are the perfect places where to  fish, they are large, deep and has large amount of species. Lake is probable the best answer to the question where to fish for bass? Being on a lake you should not miss the opportunity to catch big fish. You can locate bass by finding out where they have spawn or by going centrally deeper.

It is always in search for better condition of water and they want to be near their spawn as well as their food. Such conditions meets in only in deeper water where some plants are also found. Bass want to stay hidden most and in one spot so not only plants are the places where the can stay. But also the areas which are covered by something else are equally critical to search for. You can reach them out only by exploring around in a lake.

Most basses do not prefer to migrate, once you find them they are not likely to migrate from there. Even if they do migrate they will not go very far away from that spot. Having a heavy bait that is capable to go deeper in water is preferable at this stage. As much it will go deeper it is more likely to be near the axis of bass.

Some great tips about bass fishing.

Besides deeper water in center of a lake there are also chances to catch large bass around the reservoir. If you are more interested in standing alongside it you can still be successful. Just follow the guidelines given for a lake.

Sea or saltwater

Although most of the they live in freshwater there is a type of them “Black sea bass” which can be found in sea. Unlike the freshwater ones this black sea fish prefer to be somewhat near to the surface. They usually stays around 40 feet deep in water while the bottom of average sea is thousands of meters down. So compared to freshwater species saltwater species are more at the top of water a little away from surface.

Black sea bass can be easily caught from shore by a bait or a lure which is heavy to at least sink from the level of water. They are found at the Atlantic ocean. Although they live in saltwater but the can be much near in the season of spawning. These saltwater spawn in rivers instead of going deep in the sea. So in spring season you can easily catch them by searching a little in the rivers near sea.

Other stripped bass are found in the rivers near pacific ocean during seasons other than spring as well.


Bass are shy of being unveiled and their nature suits the hot water. They stay deeper and hidden in plants or other things. They usually stick to their spawn and never leave the area of spawn. You have to fish for bass in freshwater and deeper inside plants. Repeating that freshwater bodies specially deeper places are the best places for fishing. So to answer in short the question where to fish bass? We can say large freshwater bodies are the best places to go bass fishing.

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