Trout Fishing Spinning Rod Setup, Trout Spinning Setup

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Over the time trout has become one of the most popular game and fish species. There are a number of different trout sub species and each of them has its own fame. Even the sub species also have crazy anglers who are out there fishing all the time. And for all those anglers having a durable and functioning trout fishing spinning rod setup that supports you over the season. Also important to mention for rods other than combos you will need a trout spinning spinning reel setup to take the full out of your rod.

Discussing about the best trout fishing spinning rod setup. You already know what they are and where should you use them. If you don’t know then here we will share it in a quick way.

Unlike a casting rod a spinning rod is widely famous for smaller fish like trout and panfish. It is designed for light line and usually has more action than a larger one. It has its guides on the lower side of the rod and it bends lower when fighting for a fish.

Also a trout fishing spinning rod setup has its reel under the handle and the line from the reel flow under the rod towards guides.

The best setup for spinning trout would be 6 to 6.6 feet long, lightweight graphite or fiberglass spinning rod. A spinning light spinning reel for 6 to 10 pound test and 4 to 8 pound test line is what an experienced trout angler will go for.

Here is the list of best trout fishing spinning rod setup.

Trout Fishing Spinning Rod Setup

Among the trout spinning setup the most important parts of the setup will be rods and reels. That you carry with you to your fishing destinations and that’s very true. But besides these two elements there are other sources as well that can impact your spin fishing. So we will discuss those as well but as the most important parts we will discuss the trout fishing spinning rods first.

Here is our best pick list, you can choose anyone of these depending on your situation.

  • ST Croix Triumph
  • Okuma Celilo Spinning Rod
  • Shimano Solara
  • Shimano Stimula
  • Ugly Stick Elite
  • Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rod

Here are the details for each of these top picks.

1. ST Croix Triumph

This one is a high quality graphite made that has high durability and adds value to the rod. It has sensitivity to a good extent also reliability. If you have one of these trout spinning rods in your setup you will not have to worry for a backup. It supports you almost through all conditions ang has great casting capabilities.

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ST Croix triumph has a range of high quality aluminum guides which takes care of the flow of your line. You will not see these guides breaking down as they has enough strength.

It is enough light that you will not feel a problem carrying and casting with.

Another benefit to anglers choosing the triumph is that the rod has so many size, action and weight options. It ranges from 5.6 feet all the way to 7.6 feet in length. And has all the options of length in between them. You can pick either light action or medium action for all of these sizes.

In short the ST Croix Triumph is the best wide options an angler can have. Also its not far from reach of an average angler affordability wise as well. The rod is pretty sensitive that will not allow to miss any fish that has bitten already. If you have the choice to have one of these, we say you should definitely go for it. And keep one of these in your trout fishing spinning rod setup. It will always contribute to your trout spinning setup.

2. Okuma Celilo trout Spinning Rod

The Okuma Celilo is rod specific for all trout species so no other can be more effective than the Celilo. A great design that is special for all those fishing at rivers and lakes for trout other than large lake trout. The rod is has a quality graphite inside its composition and it is highly sensitive.

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Holding, carrying and casting with this one is incredibly easy and impactful. It provides support in windy weather conditions as well as in calmer winds. A survey has found out that this one is favorite for a large portion of anglers in in freshwater.

This one also has several great benefits and the best thing is that it is very budget friendly. This trout fishing spinning rod setup is available in all different sizes and actions.

The rod has strong line guides with it best for light line and smaller fish size. Okuma Celilo is absolutely in the trout spinning setup. The only problem with this one is that it might not be the perfect for casting but overall it is great rod.

3. Shimano Solara

The Solara is a lightweight stick for those anglers having trouble casting with heavy rods. It ensures your arm doesn’t hurt casting again and again for a long time. But unlike the other rods it is still a perfect thing for casting, usually when rods become very lightweight they lose their reliability for casting. But the Solara is a great alternative for those rods which lose effect of casting due to lightweight.

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Unlike other ones this one is made of fiberglass material. Which provides both strength and sensitivity at the same time. The Solara is among the top in terms of reliability and effectiveness. Also it will not cause you problems during spinning and casting as it is lightweight. Your trout spinning setup wouldn’t be considered complete if you don’t have the Solara.

Just try to keep it far of larger lake trout which could potentially break it if you accidentally run into very big one.

It is very budget friendly and available for all average anglers. The guides are aluminum oxide which again has a great manufacture quality. Solara is definitely a great one for your trout fishing spinning rod setup.

4. Shimano Stimula Trout Spinning Rod

Shimano Stimula is also a great spinning rod for trout in lakes and rivers. It always comes in two pieces when you get it for the first time. The rod has different colors which you can choose from but the colors doesn’t matter for your fishing. It is just the matter of your preference.

It is one of the best trout spinning setup for all anglers fishing anywhere from creeks to larger lakes.

You get three choices selecting the length of the Stimula rod. 6 feet 6.6 feet and 7.0 feet are the options you can choose from. Although the provide a range of length you still have to use the shortest possible unless you are expecting large fish.

5. Ugly Stik Elite

Ugly stik is a great one for trout fishing spinning rod setup. It is lightweight and great rod overall and you can rely on it in all types of fishing seasons and weather conditions. A trout spinning setup must contain rods like the ugly stik to be more reliable at the spot.

Ugly Stik is the perfect thing for trout and it is great to have it in your trout fishing spinning rod setup.

6. Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rod

This one may look like an old nineteenth century rod but don’t be tricked by its looks. Because its has a lot more capabilities than what it looks like. The rod has high performance when you are out there fishing at the water. Fenwick is a part of trout spinning setup for many anglers.

It offers only one simple color and a range of sizes. The guides are having stainless steel material and made pretty fine. The performance of this rod is undeniable and you must try it out once you will be amazed. If you need to use other reels for trout here are best trout spinning reels.

Final Words

The discussed rods are among the most liked ones in the industry. They have come to the list only due to their performance, with no doubt these are great spinning rods for trout. But you are always free to explore other rods too, if you know a better one.

As these rods are not perfect for lake trout, here are some of the best rod for lake trout.

Besides rods there are other factors that will impact your spinning setup for trout. Especially you should be careful choosing a reel for you. A reel is also as important for trout spinning setup as a rod.

To really make your trout spinning setup complete you will also need a good line. Which you will further top up with lures and baits to lead you to ultimate success.