Trout Fishing Spinner Setup, 7 Trout Fishing Spinners

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Whether you go for the smallest trout species or one of the largest species. Fishing lures have always been important in catching them efficiently and making your way to success. Although there are a lot of different types of artificial lures but some of them are the best performers of all time. Among the to lures for the species are the best trout fishing spinners. Having a good trout fishing spinner setup is critical for all fishermen out there.

The one thing you should know about getting hooked easily is getting its attention. If you are successful getting attention of the fish you are quite near to trick them bite on your lure. Anything that has good action in the back and can get the fish focus on it will work impressive to make the fish bite.

Having incredible action both in tail and body trout fishing spinners are very famous for effectiveness. They usually have higher rate of bites and attract the fish easily towards the hook. Which further leads to hooking more fish. When you make a full trout fishing spinner setup after testing them on your spot, the setup will lead you to great fishing experience every time you use it.

The best spinners for trout fishing are panther martin, blue fox Vibrax Mepps Aglia, rooster tail and panther martin rainbow trout. These spinners cover almost every aspect of trout fishing and works in all situations.

On top of all, in some spinners the shiny body of the spinner or blade shines during the drag. And the body of many fishing spinners are also matching with the natural prey of trout.

Following we will discuss the most successful spinners for trout.

Trout Fishing Spinner Setup

There are countless trout fishing spinners that anglers are using on daily basis. And you can pick a few of them effortlessly and head over to your spot. But will they actually work effectively if you just pick some random spinners without knowing their specifications?

Probably they would not perform as good as you filter them and test many of them and finally select the best of them. But not everyone has the time to go and test a ton of trout fishing spinners. Which is why we will share with you the best spinner setup a fisherman can think of.

This will include 6 of the best trout fishing spinners that have been experimented by expert anglers again and again. All of these spinners have brought great results.

Here are the best trout fishing spinners of all time.

  • Blue Fox Vibrax
  • Panther Martin
  • Mepps Aglia Spinner
  • Rooster Tail
  • Panther Martin Rainbow Trout
  • Rooster Tail Brown Trout
  • Blue Fox Vibrax Shad

Each one of these has several other colors and designs too, so you are free to try out some others as well. But again not every single one you try will work. You can choose one try when it makes sense, just like we have tried another type of blue fox. We gave it a try because its shape was making sense and it was very likely to work. We didn’t try it randomly and expect good results.

Here are the results many expert anglers get by using these great trout fishing spinners.

1. Blue Fox Vibrax

The standard blue fox Vibrax is by far one of the most effective trout fishing spinner. It attracts the fish as if it is the real prey for it. Since they are predators they like to attack smaller fish and bugs. And the shape and color of the blue fox vibrax is similar to a smaller fish which they often want to attack.

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The shining effect it creates in the water is just another attraction to the fish. During day time when sunlight falls on the shiny core of the spinners it reflects the light and creates a shiny effect. Which makes it feel like a smaller fish, shiner or shad etc. Adding this spinner to your trout fishing spinner setup will definitely help you getting some good size fish.

The golden color blade over its top creates amazing action while it is dragged or trolled. The bigger size of this  spinner is especially famous for larger fish like lake trout. Its being used by many anglers during trolling for lake trout. Here are some other lake trout trolling lures.

In short this one is definitely to be in fishing spinner setup of any angler.

2. Panther Martin

Panther martin has several colors and shapes with a blade which spinners. The golden color blade with with black bodied lure having yellow dots is what many anglers prefer over the other types for them. Which is also known as the panther martin regular.

The reason of its preference over the other types is because when in motion its blade spins. And creates vibration like no other fishing spinner can produce. The body of this bait is just like a smaller fish swimming around and moving its tail. This one is always a win if an angler use it in a lake for smaller species. This trout spinner can trick them easily and get it on your hook.

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While using this in your trout fishing spinner setup you will see them hitting hard on this one. Which is why it is one of the best spinners of all time.

Definitely consider having this one in your trout fishing spinner setup. It will amaze you by its effectiveness.

3. Mepps Aglia Spinner

This one is a perfect lure for attracting the fish, even you can rely only by having one of these. It has great impact attracting the fish towards the hook. Like all the spinners it also has a blade but besides the blade the body is genius. Its shape is like 4 beads of power bait threaded on a line next to each other. It also looks like corn, and after moving around in the water it tricks the fish attacking it.

You will see many anglers that have experience recommending this trout fishing spinner. It is always used for almost all types of the species in lakes and rivers. Here are tips for fishing in rivers. Stock fish also hit this spinner which further increases its abilities.

The mepps spinner should be in every trout spinner setup in order to be an effective setup.

4. Rooster Tail Spinner Setup

On our list of the best trout fishing spinners there are two types of rooster tails. Which are pretty similar in shape but having differences in colors. Which is why they are considered as two different trout fishing spinners not one.

Its really worth to mention that the durability of these rooster tail spinners is just amazing. It will shock you while using it for the first time. A single unit of this trout fishing spinner is more than enough for multiple fishing trips. The spinner will be crushing it for you until a line break happens or you lose it for some reason.

Personally this spinner has brought me a lot of fish from different lakes around. I have also tried it in rivers and creeks and there is no place where this one will not perform good. But using it for smaller fish in lakes is probably the best choice for you. Anglers looking for a perfect spinner must include this one to their trout fishing spinner setup.

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5. Panther Martin Rainbow Trout

Panther martin has another type as well which performs perfectly in the water. The rainbow version start attracting the fish as it hit the surface of water until it gets out of the water. It is also one of the best trout fishing spinners.

Bigger fish consider it a smaller one and try to eat it. As trout are predators and eat smaller fish from the same species they are very easily tricked with this spinner. The rainbow version has been given a shape and color of a smaller rainbow both on the blade and the body of the bait.

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After the blade spins and create vibration it seems perfectly matching with smaller fish. Which drives the larger species crazy and attacks them immediately. You must have this in your trout fishing spinner setup to drive the fish crazy to attack the hook.

6. Rooster Tail Brown Trout

Among the several versions of rooster tail it is clear that the brown trout version is a winner. Using it in lakes where the fish tries to feed on the surface is effective. These spinners are also similar to the food of the fish and hence the fish attack them.

If you have a full setup of trout fishing spinners then don’t forget to add this one too.

7. Blue Fox Shad Eye trout spinner setup

For years the blue fox has remain a favorite spinner to get large trout on hook. Many anglers have used it previously and it is still effectively in the list of large number of anglers. As the time passes and new combinations are being tested this spinner has also improved.

It has been added a shad eye on its body to make it look like small shad swimming around. Because shad and blue fox both are great lures separately it has worked amazing when they have combined as well. Another addition small piece of metal is also inside the body of bait. Which makes noise when in motion or vibrating.

This further increases the efficiency of the trout fishing spinner and make it a crazy trout killer spinner.

Final Words About trout fishing spinner setup

If you have not yet created your own trout fishing spinner setup then what are you waiting for. Go ahead and create one from the above spinners. Using this setup you will be super successful fishing. You may also find other successful fishing spinners but this setup is super successful. Which is why you should waste no time and go ahead and start using them.