5 Best Trout Fishing Lakes in Vermont, Trout Fishing VT

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There are so countless of cold water fishing spots in Vermont’s many areas around. Freshwater lakes that has cold water temperatures are considered to be the best place to live for trout. Trout live in an ideal water temperature of 50 to 65 degrees, and some the lakes and reservoirs are ranging in the exact limits of temperature. So they become the best places for trout to live in. Not only the environments are the best for most of species of trout in the freshwater lakes of Vermont but many of them are actually providing amazing fly fishing opportunities.

Yet many of the local anglers even do not know about these amazing trout fishing lakes and some of them overlook these spots. Others visiting these spots for bass or other type of fish end up fishing trout in them. Because the great environment and no anglers fishing them result in extremely large size of trout and tons of fish. Those who know these trout fishing lakes of Vermont are enjoying their best time silently on the spots. They never share their best fishing experience at the amazing spots in the area.

But today we are going to share with you the best trout fishing lakes in Vermont that has tons of fish in them. Such places are less in percentage compared to the total number of reservoirs in the state but they are absolute gems. You are going to enjoy your best time fishing there.

This listing is based on the lakes that has at least one specie of trout living in it and has large populations. Some of these lakes might be stocked for trout fish each year which we will mention in listing.

Cedar lake

The cedar lake is very popular for its rainbow cold water behavior in its region. Its in the Monkton town area of Vermont in the south of Raven Ridge Natural area and in the northeast of Vergennes city. The location of Cedar is ideal for several populated areas in the region due to short distance. Its only 29 minutes ride from Burlington city in southwards and the distance is just about 20 miles which makes it easier to visit in a short duration. From Vergennes its only 9 miles northwards and only 17 minutes of ride from city center. This beautiful location of the Cedar lake make it more famous and attract the maximum tourists to it.

Unlike majority of lakes in Vermont the cedar is larger in area and has slightly less than 130 acres area. The cedar has several species of fish including brown and rainbow trout which are in majority in cedar lake’s waters. According to recent reports anglers have been extremely happy fishing trout in the cedar and had caught multiple large size trout each.

Brown trout in cedar lake is extremely liked by many people and some of them are specially visiting the lake for its brown specie. You can access it from its eastern and western side through Monkton road and pond road.

Spring lake

The spring is located in central Vermont slightly down to the southern side of the state. Its is in the south west area of Shrewsbury town having a big creek in its east. There are several other creeks as well in the surroundings of spring lake and the whole area is famous for the trout populations it has in Rutland county. The lake is an amazing place to enjoy fishing trout, it is loaded with high quality rainbow trout.

The area of the spring lake is 65 acres and shoreline more than a mile, anglers usually fish from the shores. Spring lake has a great location in center of several populated areas in south of Vermont. Its near Rutland city about 11.5 miles and less than 20 minutes.

In the north there is regional airport of Rutland in less than 5 miles distance. The spring lake becomes one of the best trout lakes in Vermont providing large amount of rainbow trout to anglers of the area.

Echo lake

The echo is in southeast of Vermont in Windsor county near lake rescue in its north side. It has camp Plymouth state park in the east touching the the reservoir, a mountain resort is in the north of the echo. The nearest city to the lake is Rutland and Wallingford with 26 miles distance from Rutland and 21 miles. The eco has been very famous for trout stocking in season and many anglers visit it during the season of stocking. Some anglers visit the it on daily basis for fly fishing, lake trout is found in the season of stocking it in large amount.

Its an amazing location for lake trout during spring and early summer. Its one of the amazing lakes for trout fishing in Vermont is spring and summer. The echo is also one of the largest area lake in the state, the surface area of the echo is 530 acres and maximum depth is 130 feet.

Hardwick lake

This lake is in the southeast of the state near Hardwick village in Hardwick town in Caledonia. Its on the Lamoille river in the flowing trough the middle of the town and finally approaching the lake from southern side of the it. It is just in the west of Hardwick village forest which is beside the Lamoille river beside it. Its a long reservoir and has several different islands in between its waters. Access to these land masses in center of water will further help you catching a fish easily.

The waterbody has many types of fish including the lake trout and it has populations in the lake in significant amount. It is a great lake for trout fishing in the state and during season it becomes even better.

Arrowhead mountain lake

An amazing place for fishing and incredible trout fishing lake in the area, the arrowhead mountain has a very great impression in public for its amazing fishing surroundings. It has many creeks surrounding it from all around and falling into it. Any angler visiting the arrowhead mountain will have fantastic time exploring all the area around the lake. It has much more than just rainbow trout but its famous for its trout fishing.

The lake is also a great location near the large cities, Milton is nearest to it just about 10 minutes away. And only 28 miles away from Burlington city southwards. This incredible location is one of the best trout fishing lakes in Vermont. It has an area of 720 acres and is one of the very large lakes in the area.

Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain is literally the best place for those who want to fish trout in a very short time while living in Burlington. Its situated in the west of Vermont and is a very large one shared by New York and Vermont one of its side also touches  Canadian border in north. It provides some of the finest lake trout in the whole state and has unlimited opportunities as it is a large reservoir.

Final words

There you can find more great trout fishing spots in the state but finding them in lakes could be a hard. However these are the lakes of Vermont providing great quality fish to anglers. Fishing in Vermont you might need a license in most of places, here are the details for fishing license.

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