Top Lake Trout Trolling Lures, Spoons & crankbaits

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As we have been discussing about lake trout fishing spots, gear and how to use all the things effectively. There is an important part of lures which plays great role to attract the fish. This part of the setup has literally the power to totally make or break your fishing trips for the fish. That is why in this article we will share the top lake trout trolling lures and spoons setups.

I have been trying a lot of different new lures when it comes to trolling lake trout. Every time I go out for fishing the species I have already collected a bunch of new stuff to try. And I have discovered that the colorful spoons have also been great performers when it comes to lures. Even they don’t provide so many options to choose from, the trolling spoons still catch many fish.

Although all the new trolling lures for are selected after going through all of its specs. For example the color and body of the body of the lure or jig plays important role in fishing. Yet after going through all these thing and analyzing every thing. Still very few of the lures make to the top list.

This is because only the combination should be unique and matching to the food and habitat of the fish. Which will make the fish bite on the lure while the lure while it is being used for it.

In this article we will share the best lake trout trolling lures, the logic behind them and how to use them each.

Best Lake Trout Trolling Lures

Understanding the types of lures for real quick. There are a bunch of different lures that are being trolled for lake trout. Some anglers even use shore casting things if they find them better option.

But there are 3 main categories of trolling lures of lake trout. Following we will discuss all the three types of them and the top performers of each type used by experienced anglers.

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Lake Trout Trolling Spoons

Just like the name spoons for trout are actually matching the shape of a spoon. They are flashy solid objects curved on one size making the other side bent over. They are specially designed for larger fish and spoons works amazingly while trolling.

Spoons are one of the most satisfying things you will ever troll in your life. Indeed it is the most successful and productive form of lure for trolling lake trout. The fish is usually unable to resist the spoon and attacks instantly when it sees a good color spoon tied to your line.

When you find the right color and the exact right spoon you will never need to change your lure. The only time you will need another spoon to troll is when you lose one due to line break or it when it gets stuck at the bottom.

Here are some of the spoons that work the best among all spoons color and shape combinations.

Here are some of the best lake trout fishing lines.

1. Eppinger spoons

The red and white strip color Eppinger spoons have been great over the past years for me. Slight color or shape changes will not impact the efficiency of the eppinger lake trout trolling spoon. Some of these may have colored eyes which might help better create the fleeing fish reflection. And they are just in love with that reflections created by trolling spoons.

These spoons are used for an average size fish in the summer when the water is clear. The spoon will help a lot and if you got lucky it will land you several chunky fish each day.

2. Michigan stinger lake trout trolling spoons

I also have tried this one several times and I have trolled it as well. The results for this spoon were great, the only thing to take care is it will trick the fish better if the water has become green. Or if there are fish or other types of prey for the fish in the water. This spoon is really one of the best trolling lures for many species.

3. Other spoons

In general spoons are great forms of trolling lures but specific for your situation you will have to find out the best by trying a few other lures when fishing. Which will also boost your ability to choose the right one immediately and study the nature of the fish. For me its now easy to guess what lure I will use fishing for each and every trip.

Spoons are great types of lure for lake trout which attracts the fish easily if using the right one. But the problem is that the effectivity of the spoons largely depends on the type of water you are trolling in. You will have to try two or three of them to find the best spoon for your spot.

Among our top list the final best one is the Michigan stinger spoons. These unique things have great bodies and color combinations which often trick the fish to bite. You also get a bunch of different colors that you can choose from and try them. Overall they are the best performer spoons troll but if get the right color it will amaze you.

Except spoons there are several other types of lures that works incredible if spoons doesn’t work for your spot or you want to try other things as well. One of them is trolling crankbaits or so called plugs, which comes with different specifications than spoons.

Here are the top trolling crankbait lures for lake trout.

Here are best places to for lake trout trolling.

Lake trout Crankbait lures

These types crank baits and plugs are both similar things used as lures to troll and cast from shore.

The function of crankbaits is to sink without tying a sinker. The fun thing about these plugs is that they come with a tail having different weights for different depths after you let it go down. Then you don’t need to worry about the depth of your lure. They also have similar shapes like the prey of the fish so it attacks immediately as the fish sees it.

These are the specifications has made it the most popular lures for lake trout especially while trolling. Here is the list of best crankbaits for lake tout.

1. X-rap Magnum trolling lure by Rapala

This one has been my number pick for years, I have used used in many lakes. It has survived different conditions and water colors. Using this lure you will not be waiting for long before you get hits by a fish. This specific lake trout crankbait may change the game for you if you are still looking for a better one.

This can easily make its space into the top list of lake trout crankbaits. Many anglers use this as their favorite lure for trolling and casting from shore.

2. Shad Rap lake trout crankbait by Rapala

If you want a crankbait that has a lot of action while trolling then this is the one for you. This crankbait creates impressive shaking motion when moving and gets the attention of fish even if it is far or not in the depth range of the fish. This lure is of course one of the best trolling lures that is being used.

This lure is also famous for its effectiveness from shore.

3. Luhr Rattling Kwikfish

This is with no doubt the best crankbait lure for trolling trout. The design is specially made for lake trout however it also works for other larger fish species as well. With an average speed you will see it making mild action side by side driving the trout crazy. There is a lot to know about this lure, however in short this is literally the best crankbait the species.

Other Lures for Lake Trout Trolling

After going through the trolling lures of different types there is still much more. There is still a list of other types of lures that works outstanding for lake trout.

The famous of which are spinners, swimbaits and skirted lures.

To make it easy for you to understand all those lures that have action while in motion will work as long as they are the right size and color.

Final words

We have already shared our top list in all the best lures for lake trout trolling. You just have to try and find out what works in your spot. Then make your won collection which will lead you to success each single time you go fishing.

While making your favorite collection just focus on spoons, crankbaits and spinners as they work the best for trolling.