The Best 7 Striper Fishing Line and Leader Setups

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There has always been so many confusions while selecting line for striper fishing. Due to the larger variety in size and weight of stripers. Fishermen are usually not sure what pound test striper fishing line they have to use on their current spot. Different brands and names just increase hesitation of what line to select for striper fishing.

It is not strange to catch a 30 to 40 lbs fish in your nearest spot. And there is a good chance for an angler to catch less than 10 pounds one as well in the same spot. That is why anglers are going to be very careful selecting a line for striped bass.

Any where from ten to twenty pound braided line is the best choice for freshwater lakes. You can increase or decrease the weight depending upon what size fish is mostly caught in your current spot. Using a thin line is however recommended most of the times.

We recommend going through a small process of checks before picking the right one. Anglers just need to be aware of the size of fish living in the lake they are going to target striped bass. For example if there are 10-12 pound size fish living in a lake then the perfect match will be 14. Just to make sure your line never breaks when you get hooked to an unexpected larger fish.

If the water is moderately muddy then there is no issue having a thicker line. But if the water is more clear and transparent then you will have to cut on the diameter of the line to make sure the fish doesn’t see it. A transparent fluorocarbon line will be the final choice if the water is super clear.

Copolymer striper fishing line

Casting in open water using lures, jigs or any type of baits copolymer is a great option. The average size of the line is about 12 but if there is expectation of big fish a larger size will also work fine. It is great and transparent which becomes invisible in most of cases when under water.

Especially striped bass fishing anglers are so happy with the copolymer striper fishing line. It works perfectly in freshwater lakes and rivers. The line also works perfectly in saltwater trolling for striped bass and mostly brings huge size fish.

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The only thing is to be aware of the water quality and the size of fish at the spot. It works great in clear water conditions while it might not be suitable in water with too much mud. There is nothing wrong keeping your line a little more heavy than the expected size of stripers in the water.

When it comes to striper fishing lines copolymer is definitely among the top three. Even if the circumstances are not currently the same for you, this line is still worth a try. It is almost a must for all striped bass fishermen during trolling.

This spinning reel is a perfect match with any striper fishing line.

While using live bait or any other bait materials a heavier copolymer will help but be aware of its diameter.

P-Line CXX line

This is just the traditional monofilament line with much more capabilities and a new name. Like many other lines p-line has given a complete new shape to the old monofilament. Although it is made of single nylon it is entirely different, it is very tough and hard line that no other monofilament can barely compete. Usually it comes in moss green color which makes it more easily to disappear in the water with algae.

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If we keep the large weight of stripers aside they never need a special line. Even the most simple ones work perfectly fine as long as they are not having extra diameter.

The problem is the high variety of weight differences in each striper. It can be way more heavier than the previous bite or it can be much smaller than the previous one. So if you can guess the majority of stripers in the lake, choosing a line will become matter of seconds for you. On top of all the CXX X-TRA strong is super casting friendly so it never bother fishermen while casting.

Just keep the thickness and the color similar to the situation.

Braided striper fishing line

Braided lines are no doubt the winner in case of stripers. It is the most useful fishing lines for many other types as well including striped bass. It is incredibly thin and never matter if you cast a heavier line. Braided lines are among the strongest and the most small diameter among all fishing lines.

Best ever braided line for striper fishing.

Getting a hi vis color will further help to detect bites from above. But this might make the line more easily visible for fish as well or the use of a transparent striper fishing leader will also help. As the braided lines are the most thin you should not worry for the diameter. Just one higher weight braided line will cover nearly all striper fishing trips for you. The braided ones are also great for other bass species so you can use them anywhere else.

Fluorocarbon line

Like many other types of fish stripers are also fans of fluorocarbon lines. It is juts the fluorocarbon quality that matches almost any of freshwater species as well as saltwater. The line works great in any circumstances for striper fishing whether it is trolling or casting with bait.

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Fluorocarbon is transparent material which is both much harder than mono and more invisible as well. Using these will never hurt any of your fishing trip for any trip. On the other hand you can make leaders and hook lengths as well out of your main line for braided or other types.

Fluorocarbon lines are also great when ice fishing for perch and other species.

Fly fishing lines for striped bass

Countless striped bass migrate each year from oceans, seas and bays to during the spring time. During this period they spawn spend time in the slow flowing rivers and creeks. If you are one of those who love fly fishing and you also like stripers. Than there is a great opportunity waiting for in the rivers.

You can fly fish stripers during the spring in rivers and streams as well. For that you can not use your normal fishing line in the rivers while fly fishing. A fly fishing or floating line is must if you are targeting stripers in rivers.

Depending on your fly size you can choose different fly lines. Again the weight of the line will be dependent upon the size of fish angler expect to catch.

Striper fishing leader

When it comes to leaders for stripers there are hundreds of types. But don’t start overwhelming just keep in mind the only rule and you will be confident selecting the best striper fishing leader. Some people would recommend having a larger size line leader some would recommend smaller.

But you have to keep in mind that leaders should be exactly the same pound test number as your line. There is no need to increase the size of leader line for striper. If there is any risk of leader or line breaking in that case a heavier size is required for both leader and line.

Make sure your selected striper fishing leader is transparent in case of clear water or hi vis yellow color of the line. Fluorocarbon leaders are highly recommended if you are in need of transparent leader.

Fluorocarbon does not break in rocky shores of a lake. Even if gets stuck somewhere in the bottom of the water it will be fine if you drag it a little.

Monofilament leaders are also good for striped bass but your first choice should be fluorocarbon. The size of length and weight of the leader should be according to the fish size expectations in a spot.

Making striped bass fishing leader

Making your own leader is as easy as making a few knots as long as you have the ingredients. It have several benefits to make your own leader for striped bass. The biggest benefit is having a leader that fits exactly your needs and requirements. Other benefits like saving on money and doing something by own are things to keep in mind.

So lets just jump into it and learn how to make your own fishing leader for striped bass.

Depending on your desire you will need just one to several ingredients to make a beautiful leader. The most basic leader is just to cut a 24 inch fluorocarbon line and knot it tightly with your fishing line on one side. And tie it with the fishing hook or luring substance you are using and  your leader is read. Yes it is that simple, however if you want more better outcome you will have to perform a few more steps.

You can add snap swivels at the edges of the line and a three way swivel in the middle. You can tie a sinker or further more lures, hooks and bait substances to that swivel to increase the attraction of fish.

Here is your full guide of making striped bass fishing leader.

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