Best River Fishing Lines For All Situations

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Sometimes having a different line than the spot angler is fishing in could be the beginning of disaster. You might have been fishing in an entirely different situations and then using the same line in a river. This mistake has led many of beginner river anglers to horrible fishing trip. Even those who have experience of angling in spots other than a river. Choosing the best river fishing lines is essential for all different species in the river.

It could be very simple and easy to understand what line to pick for your next river. After reading this article you will never hesitate to choose a the best river fishing line for any river.

P-line CX premium 8lb to 15lb is the best river fishing line anglers can ever own. Many professional anglers have adopted it after years of experience. It is extremely reliable and doesn’t make any stretching problem due to its soft material.

Due to its reliability many river anglers can never look back to the lines they have used previously. However anglers might need a different line due to a change in season or fishing on different river. In this post we will share the best river and creek fishing lines. And share the steps how to choose a river fishing line.

As the size of fish is usually a lot smaller than the ones living in a lake. Anglers would not need very higher pound test line to cast in a river. Even some angler start from 8lb when the size of fish is more small in a specific river.

So as a general rule if you have an idea of fish size in the river you can easily guess the pound test line you need.

River and creek fishing lines

If we put size and diameter a side, there are many other aspects an angler should keep in mind when selecting a line. Line color is an other important thing which can impact number of bites largely. If a line has high visibility and it can be seen by fish living in the river or stream. Then the chances to have a bite are significantly low no matter what bait or lure you use.

To decrease its visibility many fishermen usually cut on the diameter. For the purpose to have more thin line and the fish can not see it. But that often become the cause of line breaks after a bite. That is either due to the sharp teeth of fish or the extra weight than the strength of line you use.

In short keeping a balance and having the right line and other luring substances is have high impact on river fishing.

Here are some of the most liked fishing lines that many experienced anglers use in different situations.

Tri-lene XT river fishing line

The Berkley tri-lene XT has been among the best lines Berkley has ever produced. For years it is among the best river and creek fishing lines for anglers. It is a better version of monofilament and works perfectly in the smaller spots and river pockets. It is light, soft and flexible does not create stretching and twisting problems during the drag.

The XT is among the top river fishing lines during the season, while it also works great during off season. Depending on the water you are fishing in you should know the size of fish. For smaller fishing 8lb is the minimum choice for some anglers while some can go up to 6 or even 4lb if the fish size is smaller. Since this line is extra tough angler would not need high pound test while fishing in a river.

To keep it invisible in the depth of water fishermen use slightly smaller pound test. It is hi vis green color which is super visible from higher view and detect bites easily. People use either fluorocarbon or other transparent line leader or hook length for it to disappear near the bait.

Tri-lene is highly recommended if you are fishing in smaller river or stream type place. It also works great for creeks, the best place to cast tri-lene is the muddy places and slow moving water. Using it will lead to high chances of bites and it will not scare away the fish in any situation.

The recent changes in the material have increased the flexibility by more than 45%. Also added other great qualities in the recent changes.

P-line CX premium

If we name the only line for river fishing it would be the CX premium. It is such an amazing line nearly half of experienced anglers use it without any replacement all year round. This line is exactly what anyone will recommend for using in rivers.

Anglers have been saying about CX to be the best performer of all time. It is not just effective like other fishing lines for rivers but it is the best. It has amazing drag, great flexibility and no twisting at all. The lines performance is above all the other lines you will see over the rivers. It can survive the rockiest bottoms as well and even if the hook stuck somewhere in the water.

It is great in winter as well, people using it for years haven’t reported any line breaks whatsoever. Just be careful with the knots with hook or leader if you use one.

Berkley sensation river fishing line

Sensation is overall a great line for medium size fish with up to 12 pound test. It is way better than other monofilament lines in many ways like less stretching and twisting problems. The good strength makes the line special and a 12 pound test label should be easily enough for 15 pound fish. It has near to zero records of breaking while hooked to a fish even if the fish is larger than line size.

Among the best lines for river fishing, the only thing is that it has some level of stretching. It might disturb you sometimes and might also increase visibility of the line. However it is better than many other monofilament lines as it is advance level material.

Fly lines for fishing in river

The above shared were general river fishing lines, they are all great but if you want to fish for a specific species in the river. Then you might need to have a line specially made for the same species. That will work even better, the line will match the habitat of that fish which will lead to even greater success in the river. We have a post on best fishing lines for striper or striped bass.

Similarly trout is the most widely spread fish in most rivers. And the best way to catch trout is fly fishing, to have a fly line which floats on surface of water.

Here are some great fly lines that fly fishing anglers should consider if they want quality fly fishing in any river.

  • Air Cel by scientific anglers: Air Cel is ultra light line for fly fishing by scientific anglers. It is top priority in clear water and floats at the top of water. It is super easy to cast and very efficient.
  • Rio gold silk by Rio elite: This is the absolute solution to all fly line problems on the surface of water. It has all pros and no con. It is the perfect fly fishing line anyone can think about, the only concern is its price but it is definitely worth it.
  • Orvis pro trout: Orvis pro is also a premium quality fly line designed for larger game which has many capabilities.
  • Aventik Floating line: The best quality of fly fishing with Aventik floating any fly fishing line can ever have. It is very price effective and great line if you are on a budget. Despite the lowest price among all fly fishing lines this line will not disappoint you in any condition. On top of all in worst conditions this fly fishing line will save your actual river and creek fishing lines from damages.

Final word

There are many many lines that are labeled to be productive in rivers. But not every one is that effective, these are the lines we have found to be great and working as they claim. These work great and many other anglers have recommended too. As there are countless other brands and names too you might find something more effective in your special conditions.