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This website “Anglerresource” totally believes in the privacy of its users or visitors. In simple words we do not collect any kind of user’s personal information through this website while they visit this site. This information could be in terms of IP address or any thing else, we are simply not interested in any kind of personal information of our users. And we strongly believe in privacy of any individual. For more detailed information about our policy for user’s privacy on our website please read this page so that you get to know how committed we are to your privacy.

What information we collect and what not?

In general we even don’t notice when a user comes to our website and gets the knowledge from the content. Users usually come from Google through organic search and social media but all the users land on same pages and get the same information from our site. We keep an eye on the volume of traffic through the Google analytics. Our main goal to track the traffic volume is nothing more than just to know how our business (this site) is doing. There is no other purpose in using the Google analytics for our website despite it provide more information but we don’t collect that except for tracking the growth or decline of the traffic and our website.

The Google analytics is the only tracking tool that we use on this site and there is no other device that we use for tracking the growth and other things happening on this website.

Almost 99% of active websites or blogs on the internet that gets at least some traffic are actively using Google analytics to keep scaling their website and business growth in their knowledge. There is nothing wrong in it until someone wants to use it in collecting data by purpose.

The only thing we get about user’s personal information when he/she subscribes to our information to our news letter and updates. In that case user get to know that we are taking his name and email address. And we will make use of it to send them great offers and latest posts on our website. And the user types his/her email and name willingly there so they completely know about sharing their information and they are willing to share it at this point.


We might also get some personal data of our users through other different streams such as comments and creating an account with us or purchasing a product from us. And we might save the email addresses and contact numbers provided there as well.

If we get some data through all these discussed streams of personal information, we will not ever share or trade the data with any third party company, organization or any individual. We will be specially careful with the data that is person recognizable and a person could be unveiled due to it. This is our promise to our users and subscribers that your data will be in very safe hands.


This website is totally equipped with the standard industry methods to fight spam and other security risks. We spend a great portion of our time to make it feel safe for our users and visitors. So feel free enjoying the content on this site and spending your time here.

Advertisement uses Google adsense to generate income through ads and to keep the site online running. These ads my use some sort of AI (artificial intelligence) to track users IP address for better experience with the advertisement in future. That data is only used for a better ads experience and that’s it, Google never share or sells it to anybody.

Have a great time with us, enjoy our articles and all the content that we spend hours creating for you. If you feel uncomfortable by any means or have a doubt or a question or if you want to address a mistake you can easily contact us through our “Contact Us” page.