The 4 Best Perch Fishing Lines for All Conditions

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In the past couple of years due to significant imbalance in every field of life. Like all types of angling perch fishing has also been disturbed a lot. The overall trend of perch fishing dropped by 20-30 percent in 2020 and 2021. This was not only due to restrictions but there was also a good deficiency of perch in lakes. In the situation when there is shortage of the fish in water anglers really don’t want to use the wrong tackle to ruin the fishing trip. Perch fishing lines can also play very important role while fishing for the species. Having a good line can lead to a successful day of fishing for perch.

When I was a kid I used to go with my dad on almost every fishing trip. But unlike my dad I would never get close to the number of fish he used to catch. And that is when I discovered that I was using the wrong line which would scare away fish from the bait or lures.

Since I have changed the line and I have adopted to use the right lines I have been crushing walleye everywhere in any new spot. Having the right line that matches the habitat of perch plays a significant role in catching them. It might not be as important for other species. But a good perch line is always key to success when it comes to perch fishing.

Four pound Sufix fluorocarbon is by far the best perch fishing line suitable for almost all conditions. Perch anglers using this line are having great success in lakes, ponds and slow flowing rivers. If you are targeting larger size perch you can use six pound as well.

Here are the best perch fishing lines that can perform better in different situations.

Braid PE perch fishing lines

Sometimes anglers just get lucky and get to a spot where there are plenty of big fish. The same have happened to me several times while perch fishing. As a perch fisherman I always keep one of the braided PE lines in my perch fishing setup. As the largest perch ever was more than 6 lb nearly 3 kg. Similarly there are countless perch records near 6 lb and it is nowhere near the 4 lb range.

If you run in a similar situation and realize that the perch in the water are way bigger than usual size. You will soon feel the need of a stronger line which can support the excessive weight of big perch. But in other lines as the supported weight or lbs increases the diameter of line increases as well. And perch are famous for their good eye sight, they can easily see the line and avoid being close to it.

Braid poly-ethanol (PE) lines are the most thin fishing lines ever. As compared to other fishing lines braided lines have much smaller diameter which increases bite chance. The thin nature of braid PE makes the line perfect for larger perch fish and braided line increases the chance to get hooked to a nice chunky fish.

Using braid line for perch you should be careful of its color. Color is crucial as the diameter of the line, if you are fishing in clear water fluorocarbon leader will really help.

Bionic Fluoro-silk line

As perch is one of the top ice fishing species anglers keep seeking a better line option for ice. In the winters more and more people are having problems while being on ice. Some people have line twisting problems while others just have a bad day due to using their open water line.

Using open water line in ice might work for some species. Even in some spots anglers are using their normal perch lines in ice too and it works fine.

However if you get into a trouble and you do not understand what is keeping the fish to bite. You’ve checked everything is perfectly fine and there are fish in the lake you should just think about your line. Bionic fluorosilk is just the perfect option to adopt if nothing else is working for you.

It will also keep your setup smaller and you will not need different lines for other species. Bionic fluorosilk works perfectly fine for other fish like panfish and any other species in the ice.

It is an amazing all rounder for ice fishing and an amazing perch fishing line in most conditions.

Reflo power perch fishing line

REFLO Power works great in open water for many types of fish including perch. It stays afloat after casting and it is a champion for surface fishing as well. But if you want it to sink to a certain level in the water you can use a sinker. As perch remain 15 to 30 feet or 5 to 10 meters deep depending on the lake. Sinkers are recommended to use while targeting for perch using Reflo power fishing line.

Usually anglers use it as hook length line and after getting impressed by the line they also use it as main line. I have seen many anglers are using it as main line after using it as hook length line for some time.

This power line has remained as the fastest selling line for many years in different countries. It is famous for its strength, even though you buy a smaller lb line but it is always stronger than you can expect.

In clear water you will find it very useful as it is transparent the line also has very small diameter. If not as main line you should definitely give it a try as a hook length line.

Here are some great perch fishing tips.

SUFIX fluorocarbon line

Fluorocarbon lines are widely used for different types of fishing leaders. Some anglers also use it for making rigs and hook lengths as well as it can’t be seen by fish easily. Especially if it is near the lure or bait, no matter how close the fish is. It is unlikely to notice the line, due to its color many anglers recommend it for clear water.

It is the strongest fishing line after braided lines, that why it is the best choice for leaders and rigs. The 4 pound SUFIX fluorocarbon line will work magical in any clear water lakes. Even the larger pound lines disappear in crystal clear water.

Most of perch anglers are using SUFIX fluorocarbon fishing line for perch. Because it does not need to change in different condition or different spot. You can use it while being on ice, it is helpful in muddy water and crystal clear water. In short it is the best choice if you don’t want to keep several lines for perch fishing.

Other good perch fishing lines

There are several other fishing lines that work fine for perch some times. But we have chosen the best among them, the above mentioned are absolutely best choices. However the following two are also working great.

P-line FLOROCLEAR is also a great underwater invisible line which can be great choice in clear water. Same case with fire-line crystal fishing line, it is also among the first choices of some anglers.

Final word

No matter what line you are using it should not be more than 6 pound in any case for perch. Even most people are happy with 4 pound. As there can be so many variables effecting your perch fishing. You are definitely free to find the best pick according to your needs.

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