Lake Natoma Fishing in CA, All Species and Best Spots

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An amazing spot to enjoy and have a nice short break near Sacramento California. There are plenty of things to do at the lake like kayaking, swimming and other water sports. Lake Natoma fishing is popular in the area and among the top activities to do at lake Natoma is fishing. The reservoir is located in the northeast of Sacramento and it is just 20 minutes from the center of the Sacramento city in Folsom. The area is near the Phoenix park in the south of willow creek recreation area.

The lake is situated on the American as a major tributary and water source. Due to a constant flow of the American river into the lake the water temperature remains very moderate. And the best water temperature makes an ideal habitat for many varieties of creatures. There are five major species in Natoma that anglers are regularly fishing for in the waters. The most regular catches include two types of bass, rainbow trout and carp.

Due to the great habitat of the lake there are several other types of fish as well in the lake. Bluegill, walleye and small size northern pake are also caught sometimes in the area.

The best thing for anglers and fishermen about Natoma lake is the long shoreline it has. The long river type shape is the cause of an amazing more than 10 miles long shoreline. And despite being a great boating and paddling spot, most of the people are casting their lines from shoreline.

Here is the guide of all the species, the best time and place to go fishing for each of them.

Fishing species in lake Natoma

A lake that is home to large variety and types, the best spots and ways to cast are also ranging widely. Some of these species remain happy being in surface cold water while others enjoy the dark depth of water. The season is also equally contributing to your chances to catch your desire fish. If you are able to combine a good weather and season and a good spot you will get hooked to your desire size in no time.

In a lake a large number of people will cast for all or different species. Many people just like to surprise themselves by their next bite and see what they have caught this time.

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Spotted bass fishing in lake Natoma

If you want to have a giant 6-8 pound fish hanging on your hook then there are plenty of them at this spot. To target for spotted bass the many anglers visit the area every day and catch it from the depths of the reservoir. Although there is more trend of targeting largemouth bass in the lake. But the fact is that there is even larger population of spotted bass in the deep waters.

Focusing on this, the spot will amaze you after having your first bite of the day in very few minutes. At any point at the lake if you succeed to locate a population of the fish you will surely have plenty of catches in short time.

Largemouth bass

This one is definitely the most targeted and one of the most widely available fish at the reservoir. Largemouth bass fishing at the lake Natoma is very popular activity among the visitors of the area. The lake has tons of fish with all size largemouth bass everywhere in the water. It is most likely to be found near the surface of the water during day time. You can easily catch it while standing at the bank using a medium size lure to make sure any size fish can bite.

The fish is in very large number at the lake and no special skills are required to catch a big one. If you have a boat or a kayak then its even better to explore different spots.

If you are bass lover here are some tips for you to find the best bass spot near you.

Rainbow trout

Unlike most of the lakes Natoma has outstanding rainbow trout fishing of Folsom. Because of being a part of the American river its habitat highly matches with a river habitat. Which attracts different types of trout into its waters, the most popular of which is rainbow trout. The chances to get a decent size fish easily higher than an average river however you will need some basic knowledge of locating it.

Unlike bass this fish is more at the shallower part of the lake near the river. Your thrown fly will never come back empty whatsoever if you are at the right place near the river. If not trout you will definitely have a jumbo size crappie hooked to your line in a few minutes.

There are plenty of trout despite the fact that there is lower competition for the species in the area. You and the rainbows can enjoy the silence and peace of the area under the bridge.

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Walleye fishing in lake Natoma

Walleye is always the closing catch of the many anglers because its the most satisfactory among all fishes. It is the most tasty and yummy for most of anglers as well as it is very fun to catch. There are several places near the dam that have been famous to be a good resource of walleye.

Having a boat or a kayak is crucial in order to reach to the depths where the fish usually lives. They are more deeper comparing to spotted or smallmouth bass. Walleye is always attached to relatively smaller lures and they become more effective during night time.

Smallmouth bass

Sinkers may prove as key when you really want to get hooked to a smallmouth bass. This fish really stay at the very bottom of any lake with medium depth. In this lake there is significant presence near the area of dam wall and near banks. It will get harder to catch as go away from the dam side to river side.

There is no specific season if you want to catch smallmouth bass however your line may bring more fish during spring and fall.

Common carp

Carp is the most interesting catch in lake Natoma for almost all anglers. Everyone at some point wants to go for carp but unfortunately it becomes harder to locate. Carp population decrease at the peak of season due to its demand among anglers. The competition for fishing carp in lake Natoma is higher and the population is relatively smaller.

Besides the facts of large demand there is still a good chance for you to get hooked to one. You need some experience to located its population center and expect to have a large crap on your hook.

Fishing regulations in Lake Natoma

The spot is considered to be the finest swimming spot near Folsom and its surrounding. Children, youngers and elders are enjoying swimming in the warm weather each year. Its a nice spot for swimming and there is no such restriction on swimming in the lake. So you can enjoy swimming as well along fishing.

You can have a kayak or self propelled boat either for fishing or boating. The place has a restriction for motorboats, there is no other restrictions to keep in mind.

There might be some limits on fish that you can take home and the limits depends on each season. You can read more about the lake Natoma here.