Fishing Jordan Lake in NC, Fishing Reports Jordan Lake

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Fishing Jordan lake

Jordan lake is the second the largest in North Carolina the only lake that is larger than the Jordan is the high rock. With an area of 21.78 miles square which is almost 13940 acres. Not only its area is making it famous, but the Jordan provides quality fish and several species. Fishing the Jordan lake is a dream to most of anglers near North Carolina. And that comes true as well for most of the anglers because of the ideal location of the the Jordan lake.

The amazing fishing lake Jordan is situated in Chatham county in The west of several cities. And other population areas are also in the east of the reservoir. Its beautiful location makes the dream of many anglers come true because its very easily reachable. Cary city in east of the Jordan is just about 20 minutes drive from the lake. Same case with several other cities like Raleigh, Chapel hill, Durham and many other population areas. These are incredibly near and surrounding the lake from all sides.

Typically clean and neat providing both deep and shallow waters for different types of fish and opportunities for anglers. The whole region (Chatham county) is well known for its different habitat. There are different rare plants and animals as well in its surroundings making the area more special to explore. Meanwhile there is no better place for anglers who like to fish in rich waters having several types of fish. You will find great variety of species in the Jordan some are even rare in the state.

Fish species in Jordan lake

The Jordan is very famous for the giant size white perch fish and exceptional quality of crappie. Besides only these two types of fish the lake offers several other species to fish in good shape. Lets have a look at the top fish species the Jordan has got to have a better idea of the fish rich waters of Jordan lake.

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Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass are available in abundant quantity for anglers to fish in the lake. This species has a year round presence in the area and many anglers are casting their lines specifically to target the largemouth. The size of largemouth bass are at the maximum and each fish is larger than 3 pounds. Largemouth bass are one of the most easily available and there are no limits of it in different parts of waters.

The best months for fishing Jordan lake largemouth are from May to mid June. The quality of fish during these months is exceptional in the area also there are large populations.

The best places you should cast your line for bass are shallow waters near the arms of reservoir. Also areas that are covered by wood or rocks are ideal places to find big bass. Overall the Jordan lake is incredible place to fish largemouth bass.


Crappie fishing Jordan lake are extremely famous in the area not even near cities. But many people reach from cities that are far from the area and cast their lines to fish crappie in the lake. Crappie live far deep in the water and are usually away from shoreline. Anglers trying to target crappie will probably need a boat or kayak have easy access deeper water.

Achieving a good size crappie is not a hard task how ever due to their presence in deep water. You will need to do the best of your judgment in order to locate their position. Having a good position will extremely increase your chance of catching several maximum large size crappies.

There was never a shortage of crappies in the lake, in fact there are tons of the fish in almost every deep place of the lake. You will find the best bites during the spring season from March to May. However there is always a good presence of the species in Jordan lake.

White Perch fishing in Jordan lake

One of the top reasons of the fame that the Jordan lake has got is the best white perch in north Carolina. It has reached to maximum size and great populations in the Jordan. If we find one reason for the crowds of anglers on Jordan lake will be the white perch. It has significantly great presence in many parts of the Jordan and you will find many anglers fishing for it every time.

The best time of the day to target perch is from the early morning to afternoon. From mid spring month of April to summer month of July are is the best season to fish Jordan lake’s perch. Also fall is a great time again to target them as they would have grown after spawn. You will find no better place in north Carolina to fish white perch than the Jordan.


Jordan lake is really worth a full day trip to target the catfish in it. There are multiple catfish species in the lake most of the times. But targeting a specific one will be a better choice as you would have to focus on specific hooks and stuff.

These three types of catfish are usually available in the lake.

  • Channel catfish: Channel catfish in Jordan has grown to a decent size with minimum of 8 to 12 pounds. There is also good number of channel catfish so finding a good bite will not be hard. The best season for channel catfish is May and June, you will be grateful if you visit the area in these months.
  • Flathead catfish: Flatheads are seen sometimes in deep waters but they aren’t very common in the area. However you can still get lucky and and get some if you cast in the best season and use the best techniques.
  • Blue catfish: Blue catfish are in the best size around 15 pounds usually found. But they aren’t as common as channel catfish in the lake but you can find it in top months.

Overall the Jordan is very good lake for fishing catfish in the area. You will find them easily in any deeper part the population is great but its not the perfect place for trophy size fish.


Striper of striped bass are mostly available at the lake’s arms near bridges. They are at the top in terms of their population however they are slightly undersized. They are mostly caught even when anglers are targeting for other fish. November and December are the most affective months to target good size stripers.

Umbrella rigs are usually suggested by anglers having experience in the lake.

other species

Yellow perch, small mouth bass, bream and hybrids are also available at the Jordan. But the most easily available having high quality and large populations are those described earlier. But that should not stop you from fishing in these species that are not at very large scale.

Species like yellow perch are usually found targeting for white perch and they are having quite good size. Smallmouth bass is more likely to be deeper as catfish and has presence in the water.

Hybrids and bream are also some of the best quality fish.

Best fishing spots in Jordan lake north Carolina

For bass you should be targeting the spawning areas like the areas covered by something like timber. They also like to spawn in lower bridge cover, under bushes and rocks. However you should try to be close to shallow water not very far from the shorelines. Shorelines in the eastern arm of the lake are usually considered best for largemouth bass. Not only the location in a lake but a better season or weather may also be helpful. So be sure you are casting in the best possible situation.

Near the shorelines the areas having sandy or muddy bottom are perfect for crappie. In Jordan the southern parts of the lake are most likely to be matching the habitat of crappie.

Catfish likes to be near the bottom so casting your line from a shore might be just waste of time. Except when you can target deeper places from shoreline. Also stripers are near the same habitat.

In short the entire Jordan lake is a gem for any of these fish types. Its a great spot for fishing in variety of fish as there are several species.

You should be aware of the fishing rules and regulations in Jordan lake. Here are the general fishing regulations.