Fishing in Quail lake California, All You Need to Know

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Quail lake is a medium size reservoir in the east of Los Angeles county California. It has good size to explore and provides a great environment to all visitors coming to the lake. The lake is made on the quail canal from west to east along the Lancaster road in eastern Los Angeles county. The reservoir has several types of fish and there is a great trend of fishing in quail lake.

With a length of more than 1.4 miles the quail has more than 2.5 miles of shoreline perfectly suitable for fishing. It gets its water from the upper quail kanal and stores in the body of the reservoir. The lake has a recreational area in its west and there is a parking place for cars.

Visitors can not enter bicycles or vehicles to the fishing area on shoreline of the waterbody. The place is not open for boating or other fun activities but some people are camping most of the times. But it is not the best place for camping either, you can only enjoy fishing in the area.

There are so many types of fish living in the reservoir and giving people opportunity to catch them. There are largemouth bass, stripers, channel catfish, bluegill, yellow bullhead and smallmouth bass common in the quail lake. You may be able to find small populations of black bullhead, stripped bass and common carp as well.

In this article we will share the complete information about fishing each species in quail lake. Here is your complete fishing guide for quail lake of Los Angeles county California.

Types of fish in quail lake

It really depends on the size of population of a species to estimate your chances of getting hooked to a fish. So if you are looking for a largemouth bass you will have it instantly on your line. Fishing largemouth is very easy in the reservoir you may even have your best fishing tour in along time.

Quail lake fishing map CA

But if you are looking for a common carp which is just having a small presence in the waterbody. You may have a hard time to find and locate even single fish of the type.

Not only the species and the population decides your chances but also the time and weather also interfere a lot. Sometimes there will be abundance of a specific species while sometimes you will not have so many chances to catch them. In short It really depends on the season and time somebody is casting line.

Here is your full guide for every fish species fishing in quail lake and the best spots you can catch one.

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Largemouth bass

As most lakes of California quail lake also has a good presence of largemouth bass. Its population is the largest among all other fish types in the spot. Despite so many types of fish living in the water the reservoir there is still maximum chance of a catch to be largemouth.

And anglers of the area are loving it, most of the people prefer it over any other fish. That is the reason more and more people head over to this remote place while it is not actually near to any big city. Or in the range of a smaller city, it is almost 38 miles from Lancaster the nearest city.

Mid to late winter is its usual spawning time but you can cast your line as soon as in early spring. You will find even better fishing for largemouth in spring however the reservoir will never disappoint you even if you are visiting in winter. Its available year round and one can find it easily in any season thanks to its large population.

To make your line more affective you can stick to the small rubber lures having spinners in the back. They have been proven to be super affective and beneficial for those who are targeting for largemouth.

The lake’s shallow areas like shoreline range and places with cover are safe heavens for the fish. Anglers can target them from the rocky shoreline or find a place that has timber or greenery inside water.

Channel catfish fishing in quail lake

Enough largemouth for today? If you are already done with largemouth or you don’t wat to catch them for some reason. And you want to find another good type of fish that has good availability in the reservoir. Then channel catfish is probably the best option for its not a bass and the spot has plenty of them too.

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During summer the deep water and bottoms of the waterbody are full of large cats. Just have a decent size sinker with your lure to sink the hook along the lure. As far as the lure is good the line is great it will attract fish towards the hook. They are even more shallow at cool days of spring and fall.

The eastern shore is a perfect place in early morning fishing before sunrise. Chasing them 90 minutes before sunset until sunset is also affective. During this time the fish that is hungry will bite lure any time it can see the lure.

But in winter the hotter days and late morning to sunset they are finding food and may bite your lure. Night fishing is not as affective in winter as in summer. Overall quail lake is a great place to fish catfish in all seasons of the year.

Striper fishing in quail lake

Although spotted bass fishing is not as easy in quail lake as largemouth or catfish. But there is a fair population of stripers in the reservoir that are serving the anglers during season. Before the end of summer the population starts increasing which reaches its maximum level in fall.

When there is abundance of stripers during fall in quail lake the number of anglers has already decreased by the time. The quail lake becomes the hidden gem for fishing stripers in it. Some fishermen aware of the situation still visit the reservoir and cast their lines for stripers. But the available fish is more than the demand during those days.

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It will be hard to locate the hub of its population before summer or in winter. However there is still chance to catch some of them in early summer. Here are some tips for fishing stripers in every season.

Other species

Except these major kinds of fish, there are several other types as well. Bluegill, spotted bass, smallmouths and black and yellow bullheads are also living in quail lake. But they are in smaller populations which are over looked often times. Fish like bluegills can not grow their populations due to the large number of predators. Excluding fishermen catfish and bass are also eating bluegills.