Fishing in Laguna Lake, Species & Best Spots Full Guide

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Fishing in Laguna lake is famous for its large variety of fish species. Unlike other lakes that has multiple types, the Laguna actually hosts all types in large number. In most other places you will observe that except the primary fish of the spot you will hardly catch any other. As long as you are up to the major species or creature type in that area you will be fine. But if you try to catch the other creatures having presence in the water you will have pretty hard time. Its because almost all the spots are just having a little presence other than the major one.

But in Laguna lake you will find full potential of almost all the species having presence in it. It has the potential to provide fishing opportunities more than larger reservoirs and waterbodies. And that is making it more and more popular in the area for its great angling potential.

Its located in the south of Fullerton near bear wellness center and in the south of La Habra. It has its own park and refreshment areas where one can enjoy and do other fun activities too. In short the Laguna lake is an amazing spot to go fishing and having a short break inside city.

The species found in Laguna are Largemouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill, trout and spotted bass. Also there are other types as well in the water but they are often overlooked due to the small size. In this Laguna fishing guide we will share with you the best spots and tips to catch each species in Laguna lake.

Fishing species in Laguna lake

The size of the a reservoir really matters for its habitat, it is crucial to know the spot before your next fishing trip. You will be surprised to know that the famous spot in the middle of Fullerton is only 7 acres in size. It holds more than eight different fish populations in its waters all available in large number.

Over the time the depth of the lake has been decreasing and it remain just 4 feet from over 20 feet in the past. The shallow water really suits the behavior of fish like largemouth bass and become the reason of increase in its population. The waterbody is filled with clay including its muddy banks special for anglers.

Largemouth bass fishing in Laguna lake

From end to end the 500 meter length of Laguna is really full of largemouth bass. The place is consistently shallow water in all its part and that is exactly what largemouth bass need to live in. Most of anglers visiting the place are looking to catch the largemouth bass in the lake.

There is unbelievably big size and large population in its waters targeting which should not be hard at all. Standing anywhere at its bank you will find equal chance however there are vegetations in some places. Targeting the bushes and vegetation in the lake is always better as the fish is hanging out in the safe place.

There is no special thing requirements to attract one to your lure. Any lure looking similar to a frog or a smaller ones like panfish should be enough.

Channel catfish

Although the populations in the park are almost equally large populations. Still some types of fish attract more and more anglers in Laguna lake. There is no doubt that the attention of anglers to channel has been increasing over the time. In fact it is now the second most followed species because of its decent size. Read here about another great channel catfish spot near in the area.

California department of fish and game is responsible for stocking catfish while Fullerton government is not in charge of it. It really depends on the weather and season for the department to decide when to stock the lake. You will be lucky if you plan a trip during the stocking season. The average hooking time after stocking is just impressive and its nothing but satisfaction.


Despite being one of the smallest lakes in California its strange to know it has good bluegill population. It is stocked several times during the season and has grown to an average size. The hot weather of California really suits the habitat of bluegill and it grows its population. To have the best fishing trip for bluegill in Laguna lake then you will have to wait till the next summer. However bluegill is found all year round, you have the chance to catch some of them all year. Here you can read about a hidden gem near Laguna.

Using Crick-hoppers or big-hoppers will really have an impact but there might be some restrictions on using live bait. Bag limits varies each season or each stocking period. Don’t use too large lures hoping to catch good fish it might even give you harder time. The size of bluegill in the lake is not too good however the populations are providing many fish to each fisherman.

Rainbow trout

Rainbows of Laguna are more like the largemouth bass, really spread in the whole lake. You should try more shallower as they stay at surface of water at the lake. Sometimes the grasshopper like lures are able to get you a good size trout while you expect a catfish to get hooked. The best time to cast for rainbows is when the waters are warm and the fish tries to stay cool at surface water. If you are a trout lover here you can read about an amazing spot near Laguna lake.

Rainbow population compared to other types like bluegill and cats is smaller. But it is however a targetable creature and its worth the time to aim for rainbows as well for sometime. Here are some other trout fishing lakes in California you can read about.

Other species

Other types found in Laguna lake are the smaller ones like Redear, green sunfish and spotted bass. These really doesn’t matter whether you get hooked to them or not due to the tiny size. Spotted bass are considerable but the place is not ideal for them to grow up they remain the same small size as they were the previous season.

Laguna lake fishing regulations

As a fisherman you might have thought about having a boat at Laguna at some point. If that is the case for you then you might be disappointed to know that there is no boating allowed. That is no because of some reason other than the size of the lake. One can not expect having a boat in just 7 acre waterbody, the shoreline is more than enough for such a waterbody.

There is also no permission to swim in the lake, to prevent crowds and ensure cleanliness. However fishing is allowed but bag limits might apply to some fish sorts. These limits may change time to time and season to season.

Fishing report Laguna lake

The has a history of quality angling for years, it has been giving opportunities to anglers for a long time. Despite the decrease in the depth of the lake it has never decreased its productivity. Locals have even seen a significant increase in largemouth bass population since the depth has decreased.

The fishing reports for recent years are positive and most of anglers are very happy about almost all the species. But some people have been complaining about the area of the waterbody. This is something unchangeable and one can not expect larger spot than Laguna in the center of city.