Fishing in Hume Lake California, All You Need to Know

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Hume lake is an average size reservoir in eastern California. Its location is in the west of Kennedy and Comb Spur and in the east of Grant Grove village in the middle. The whole region is located between the Sequoia national park in its south and Sierra national forest in Sierra Nevada. With average surface area of 87 acres and a good length of shoreline, fishing in Hume lake has a great trend.

The nearest cities to the lake are the Fresno and Visalia both in the west of the reservoir. But it is surrounded by small cities and population areas from all sides. The scenery of the lake and the entire region is really attracting locals and people from far away places, anglers and campers are heading towards the lake all year round to Hume.

For fishermen who visit from far away places or those who want to spend more time than a fishing trip. There is an insanely beautiful campground in near in the west of the lake with a large capacity of tents. Hume lake is built on Tenmile creek as a major water source to the reservoir. The creek is also a well known spot for fly anglers to have some fine size trout fish in the area near Hume lake.

In Hume lake there are several types of fish that you can catch from the shores or on a boat. In this Hume lake fishing guide we will discuss each species in the lake. We will also share the best possible spots and seasons to target for all of these species.

Fishing species in Hume lake

Generally the lake is famous for its trout, and bass for most of people. But there are of course other species as well in the lake that have been caught by anglers which shows their presence in the water. More specifically there are rainbow trout, brown trout, bluegill, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.

Due to the creeks and a river in the east of the Hume there is not much competition for trout in the lake. And that is what I like about the lake, silent environment beautiful scenery angler and the fish. There is nothing that bother you, even the amazing surrounding will inspire you and give you more energy.

Here is your further fishing guide for each type of fish in Hume lake.

Rainbow trout

The most widely available species in the lake is rainbow trout, its almost in every part of the reservoir. You can probably catch it easily among all the types of fish due to its large populations. The best part about trout in this reservoir is that there are barely few anglers targeting for trout in the area.

Despite the large population it is among the least people targeted by anglers. And that leads to the large size and outstanding quality of rainbow trout. As there is higher trend of targeting trout in small streams and creeks that’s why fishermen visit the creeks to catch trout. And the Hume lake remains free of crowds targeting for rainbows and its population grows constantly.

Shiny lures having spinners in the back flies and larger jigs are the best bring you a trout. Since the rainbows in Hume lake has grown to larger size you should try larger lures to be more successful.

Rainbows in warmer weather may head over to the mouth of creeks for cooler water.

Brown trout fishing in Hume lake

Brown trout is also from the same habitat of rainbows and acts similar most of the times. There is good population of browns as well in the reservoir that anglers can target. Also the competition is relatively lower than other fish types and the chance to catch it is higher.

Compared to rainbows the browns are a little more deeper and warm water habitat. It is providing lower chances to anglers in the near streams and rivers that’s why people are heading to the reservoir.

It is easier to catch brown trout in warm weather as they come shallower. Worms or any lure matching the shape of worm is more likely to attract browns to you. However its also likely to chase your surface water flies and smaller lures.

Despite larger its larger demand the population is large enough to provide you fair chance to catch brown trout in Hume lake. Fishing for rainbows in Hume lake you will find outstanding quality of fish and the chances are also good.


A good combination of bluegills and trout makes the reservoir larger source of fish for humans. In maximum cases trout is unlikely to eat or attack on bluegills, they can live both at same place. This friendly behavior of larger predators like trout towards bluegills increase bluegills in the reservoir.

There is good amount of average to larger size bluegills in the Hume lake and some of most of anglers are targeting it instead of any other spices. They are great to eat but it might be harder for one to find it near the shoreline. You must have a boat to explore the waters and locate the best possible place for bluegill.

Remember that bluegills are shallow water species but to find a larger one you have to go deeper in the reservoir. The Hume lake is a good spot for fishing bluegills but you should have at least the basic knowledge to locate bluegill. You can still cast your line from shore if you think you can find it based on your experience.

The top weather to catch bluegill in Hume lake is warm days from June to August. If you like fishing for bluegill then here is another amazing lake in for bluegill in California.

Largemouth bass

Hume lake might not be your best place to find largemouth bass however it has small presence in its waters. In the southern arm of the reservoir anglers report minor catches of bass. But they do admit the bass was not too big size in fact it them too long time to finally get one.

There are chances to get hooked a good size largemouth bass, for that you should have experience. If you are at the reservoir and you want to catch it any way here you can read how find or locate bass in a lake.

Try your luck, you might get hooked to a great one at the same reservoir.

Other species

The majority of fish caught on the Hume lake are the trout and bluegill. However there are some species that are having minor presence in the water like largemouth bass. These might not be worth the time to target however we will share all types of fish.

Smallmouth bass is leading the list, there are few reports of smallmouths as well. Lake trout and green sunfish are also having presence in the water.

Best spots for fishing in Hume lake

The shape of the reservoir is making large difference of which fish is present where. Here is how you can guess the impactful place to cast your line and get hooked to a good sized one in no time.

As we have discussed before that the largemouth are mostly in the south arm of the reservoir. The place is greatly shallower exactly what largemouth need to live in. Just find out the bushes place or a place covered by wood or rocks you might come up with a good largemouth.

For bluegill the shoreline is generally great but as there are more people fishing bluegill in Hume lake. However it is better to have a boat and head to the opportunities away from the bank.

If you want to catch the amazing quality trout then you need to head over to the depths of the reservoir. In lakes trout are always at the depths, so having a boat will help significantly.

Fishing Reports

Almost all the anglers fishing in Hume lake are usually pretty happy about both species of trout. Blue gill also has great reports of quality and size but they are not as much as trout.

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