Fishing in Dupage River Illinois, Complete Guide & Spots

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Dupage river is the most easily available fishing spot to the largest population of Illinois. Due to its amazing location in the state its reachable in less than 30 minutes to the largest city in the state. But its very unfortunate for the spot that one of the best bass fishing fishery is highly ignored by most of anglers. In short fishing in Dupage river is extremely important for people of Chicago and those living near the area.

The Dupage river is located in west of the Chicago in city area. The river is mostly all inside the city area of Chicago and flows from north to south and finally falls in Des Plaines in southwest of the city. Due to abundance of fishing rivers and other spots this one is extremely overlooked by anglers.

Its has many great fishing spots where you can find different varieties of fish in its waters. Channel catfish, small and largemouth bass, sunfish, northern pike, crappie and bluegill are the most common bites. Other fish like white sucker, black bullhead and carp are also living in small populations.

Generally the fishing in Dupage river is very large variety type of fishing. You can find many other species as well that are caught by chance by anglers while targeting for other types. The waters have tons of different types of fish and it is one of the most valuable fishing spots for anglers living in Illinois.

Here is your further Dupage river’s fishing guide for each fish also best spots and seasons.

Fish species in Dupage river

As the area has a large varieties of fish in its different parts of water. It is still not likely for you to find each of the species at any point of the river. Instead you have to use best tactics and experience to find and locate the fish that you are targeting. On top of all it is very necessary to know the location of each fish in the river. This way you will be targeting the best location and the largest possible population area for it.

Make sure you follow these guidelines for each species that you are targeting at the spot. You will most likely have the best fishing tour t the Dupage and you will enjoy fishing there.

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass is the most widely available at the river. Fishing at the Dupage your first priority should be not else than the largemouth. The have good quality, size and significant presence at most parts of the river. This is the fish which you will find the most easily and the duration to wait for a bite is extremely low. If you use the right lures and have a little bit of experience fishing largemouth your chance to fish largemouth bass is extreme.

The east branch of the river is very well known for its quality largemouth bass in the area. Any angler targeting the species must cast their lines before exploring the other parts of the river.

August is the best month to target bass in Illinois but in the Dupage you are probably more likely to have best fishing in early fall. As long as you stick to the very basics about bass fishing you will see success on this spot.

Fishing smallmouth bass on Dupage river

There are no major deep places at the river that should be responsible for holding smallmouth bass. But believe me there are plenty of spots that have plenty of smallmouth bass. Some anglers even prefer its smallmouths over largemouth and want to be fishing for smallmouth at Dupage more than any other fish. The best part about the river is that there are no crowds of anglers that are fishing for the fish.

Any deep point you find at the river that has enough water is probably full of smallmouth bass. So you should not be worrying about the best spots at all. You should just focus that you are aiming for a deep place at the river with right tackle. The river is loaded with the species and it is for sure the best fishing spot for smallmouth in the region. Spring and summer are better times for targeting the area.

Channel catfish

Channel catfish is also widely available at the Dupage river. It has significant presence in the west branch of Dupage river near the Wynwood fields and Kress creek farms park. You can find channel catfish in the area year round but if you want to be fishing during the best season then late summer to early fall is the best time.

If you are a lover of catfish here you can read more about some best catfish rivers.

Same as the other species you will have to focus on the deep spots to find the best possible fish. Generally the river is good for channel catfish, you may also find flathead catfish as well. Dupage river is well known in its surroundings for the great quality of channel and also its flathead catfish.

Northern pike

Northern pikes can be easily found at the west west branch and they are quite seasonal. They are usually seen in late June to July when weather gets hot. It also has a good population near the end of the eastern branch and has good sized fish.

Overall Dupage river is great spot for Northern pike fishing. Many anglers of area are usually fishing in the river for the species at many other parts as well. You will have to be at the best season and and use the best of your knowledge to locate them. Here are some of the best tips to target and catch northern pike easily.

Crappie fishing in Dupage river

This one is also one of the most common species it is very easy to find the crappie at any point of the Dupage. But competition for the fish might make it harder for an average angler to find. Generally the area after combination of west and east branch of the river is amazing for it to find. You can learn how to locate crappie by using these tips and tricks.

You may also find good crappie near the tributary of the river in Des Plaines. Anglers should visit the area for crappie at the peak of the season or you may find it harder to catch.

Other species

As said earlier that the river is an extremely great place for wide variety of fish in its area. And many anglers are fishing in the Dupage river for different fish at same time. So other fish can also be found at the spot. Fish types including black bullhead, white sucker and carp are also sometimes in the waters. You just have to determine the best time and weather for fishing these types of fish. Because these are rare in the area you need to have experience other wise it will be hard to locate them.

Final thoughts

Grab the rods and prepare your self, you are going to fish in the Dupage river. Its extremely important to for you to go on a trip if you anywhere near the spot. This amazing spot is already near most of the Chicago so don’t miss any chance.