Fishing in Bear River California, Species and Best Spots

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Among the many of California waterways and streams the bear river is providing impressive fishing opportunities. It might not be among the largest and well known rivers in the state. It is however providing opportunities that outstanding fish population and quality that no small streams can provide. The length of the bear is more than 72 miles, which means there are plenty of places to explore. Besides the good length it also offers many spots that are unbelievably full of fish. Some fly anglers even prefer these spots over the famous river spots to avoid the crowds. This article is the guide for fishing in bear river California.

Though there is no oversaturation for fishing on the bear, still some people visit it regularly. Anglers who know the opportunities this place provides are regularly casting their lines in the bear. In short bear river is the best option for all the people living in the area and those who can visit.

It starts in placer county in northeast of the state and flows down south west and falls in feather river. The area where the river starts is the Tahoe national forest, there are several creeks and streams in the area. This stream also gets its water from the drum canal near its origination. Due to lots of creeks and other waterways the whole region of the bear river has brilliant spots.

The bear river is even more special for those anglers who like exploring rivers for trout. The river has nothing but trout hanging out in the water and giving the opportunity for anglers to have some of them. And that is the reason why fly fishing has been more common than other types in the area.

Here is your further guide of fishing in bear river California.

Fish species in bear river

The river is home to several different types of fish in its different places. Generally the best spot for trout species on bear is the area between lake Combie and camp far west reservoir. Also the upper run of bear river near Dog bar crossing bridge is having good opportunities to have a fish.

If you like to fish in large variety of fish types then bear river might not be the spot for you. But you can read about diverse fishing river near the bear river California, which has many types of fish. You can read about an other large variety fish river here.

We have described in detailed the guide for each type of fish in bear river.

Rainbow trout

The most widely populated fish species in bear river is rainbow trout. Its available almost at every point in the river and almost all the anglers fishing for rainbow trout in the waterway. The rainbows are in pretty large size here, having a minimum of 7 pounds each. This impressive size at a random relatively smaller spot will probably attract plenty of anglers right? Well that’s right to some extent but there is still no crowds that it deserves. Even for the most competitive type of fish there are still good places that are untouched by anglers.

Rainbow trout is the exact thing what the river is famous. With basic knowledge of fly fishing any beginner angler can head over and explore the area. You don’t have to be expert to cast your line for this species as there are tons of rainbows in the bear river. For detail of season information about trout you can read here.

Regardless of your fishing spot your chances to catch a bunch of good quality rainbow trout are very high at the river. The duration to wait for a good size fish to bite on your hook is very low.

Brown trout

As the top fly fishing or trout river in California, bear has different types of trout. One of those largely available fish types is the brown trout and after rainbows the browns are second most widely available fish type. The browns living in the highly matching habitat of bear are maximum size. The quality of brown trout has been impressive and a decent size as well. Over the years locals who know these hidden gems are following them in these secret holes.

Having a little bit of knowledge to cast a line for trout will lead you to a great success. Fishing at the bear river for brown trout is routine for some local anglers. The best part about this species is that this river is getting little to no anglers who actually target for browns. The competition is very low, even the best spots for browns are waiting for anglers most of the times.

Brown (Fario)

These are also brown trout Fario living in some parts of the river. You can’t specially target them as they are pretty much the same as brown trout. But they are a little bit different in habitat than a the types of trout that are the most famous.

Brown Fario sometimes bite on lure at the water by chance by anglers targeting for browns. As the same species and habitat with a minor difference, they also bite on rainbow fishing anglers.

The general tips for Fario are the same as for brown, if you keep catching browns. You will probably come up with the fish in no time.

Sacramento sucker fishing in bear river

The upper river near the little bear creek is more full of Sacramento sucker. But there is no little presence of the fish in the lower the stream anywhere near the reservoirs. Its fun to try your hands on fishing for the species near the beginning of the waterway.

While targeting Sacramento, many people end up having a trout on their hook. You might also have a hard time finding them, so make sure if you are really committed to target them. If you like to take challenges while fishing, then this might be the best time for you to test your fishing capabilities.

Largemouth bass

Its necessary to mention all the types of fish living in the river. But largemouth is not really the best fish to target in the area. They just have a small presence in the water and nothing else. Finding a largemouth bass will be nearly impossible, they just pop up once in a year. Each time they change their location to a different part of the bear river. So fishing largemouth bass in bear river is not worth it.

Best fishing spots on bear river

As long as you stick to the major species living in the area. Its easier for you to figure out the best spot to fish in bear river. For example for rainbow trout you just have to use some knowledge and throw your fly anywhere on the river. It doesn’t matter where your position is, if you have some experience you can easily find fish and catch them. However the area between the reservoirs is mostly suggested by anglers to target for rainbow trout.

It will not be hard to get some browns as well, the area near feather river tributary will be better to check. Same thing for Fario, you will most likely find them near browns.

Sacramento suckers are having good existence near the beginning of the stream. Although finding it will be harder but it would be real fun fishing for them.

For largemouth bass there is no specific hot spot over the river. They actually can pop up at any part of the area anytime. Most of the times anglers catch them accidentally while targeting for other species.

Final thoughts

Although the river is not very famous, its still so much fun fishing in its area. If you like to be in silence then its the spot for to explore.

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