Fishing Hendersonville NC Full Guide, Best Spots & Tips

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There is a great fishing environment of Hendersonville North Carolina. Where fishing enthusiasts can experience the joy of angling amidst stunning natural beauty and a diverse range of fish species. Nestled in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, Hendersonville offers a serene setting for anglers seeking a peaceful escape to nature. Fishing Hendersonville will be discussed in this article and we will share everything anglers need to know.

One of the highlights of fishing in Hendersonville is the remarkable fish diversity in its waters. The region has various freshwater bodies, including pristine lakes, rivers, and streams. Each teeming with a wide array of fish species. Anglers can expect to encounter species such as largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, trout (both rainbow and brown), catfish, crappie, and bluegill, among others. This rich variety of fish ensures that anglers of all skill levels and preferences can find something to hook and reel in.

The Hendersonville area is particularly renowned for its trout fishing opportunities. With its cool, clear streams and rivers, it provides an ideal habitat for trout to thrive. Whether you prefer fly fishing or traditional baitcasting, you’ll find ample spots to test your skills and hopefully land a beautiful catch.

Lake Lure, with its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking backdrop of the surrounding mountains, offers fantastic opportunities for bass and panfish angling. The French Broad River, winding its way through the region, provides a chance to hook into various species of fish while immersing yourself in the region’s natural beauty.

Beyond the larger bodies of water, Hendersonville also offers numerous hidden gems—smaller, lesser-known streams and ponds that can yield surprisingly excellent fishing experiences. Exploring these hidden spots can lead to moments of solitude and connection with nature that are cherished by any angler.

Types of Fish in Hendersonville

In Hendersonville, North Carolina, anglers are treated to a diverse array of fish species, making it a prime fishing destination for enthusiasts of all levels. The region’s various freshwater bodies provide different habitats, ensuring the presence of a wide range of fish. Let’s explore some of the notable fish species found in Hendersonville in detail.

Largemouth Bass

One of the most sought-after game fish in the area, largemouth bass can be in lakes, rivers, and ponds throughout Hendersonville. These aggressive predators are popular for powerful hits and nice fights when on hook. Popular fishing spots like Lake Lure and Lake Julian are known for offering excellent opportunities to catch trophy-sized largemouth bass.

Smallmouth Bass

Alongside largemouth bass, smallmouth bass also thrive in Hendersonville’s waters, particularly in the region’s rivers and streams. They are known for their acrobatic leaps when hooked and are a favorite target for many anglers looking for a challenging fight.

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Hendersonville is renowned for its trout fishing opportunities, especially in the cool, clear streams and rivers. Rainbow trout and brown trout are abundant in places like the Davidson River, the Mills River, and the East Fork of the French Broad River. These elusive and beautiful fish provide a delightful challenge for fly fishing enthusiasts and baitcasters alike.

Catfish Fishing Hendersonville

Hendersonville’s lakes and rivers are also home to various catfish species. Channel catfish and flathead catfish can be in abundance, offering excellent opportunities for those who enjoy fishing at night or using bait and tackle techniques.


Anglers looking for panfish will find crappie in several lakes and reservoirs around Hendersonville. These delicious fish are abundant and provide an enjoyable fishing experience, especially for those fishing from boats or piers.

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Bluegill Fishing Hendersonville

Bluegill, a member of the sunfish family, can be in many of the region’s ponds, lakes, and slow-moving waters. They are a popular target for beginners and young anglers due to their willingness to bite and relatively easy fishing techniques.


While less common, the elusive muskie can be found in some of Hendersonville’s larger waters. Known as “the fish of ten thousand casts,” catching a muskie can be a thrilling challenge for experienced anglers.

Walleye in Hendersonville

Hendersonville is also known for its walleye population, which can be in certain lakes and reservoirs. Walleye fishing typically improves during low-light conditions and can provide an exciting angling experience.

Gear to Use

Selecting the right fishing rod and reel combination is crucial for a successful and enjoyable fishing experience in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The choice depends on the type of fish you’re targeting, the fishing technique you prefer, and the specific waters you’ll be fishing in. Let’s discuss the recommended rod size, weight, and action, as well as the reel size, drag, and line capacity for different fishing scenarios.

Bass Fishing

Rod: For bass fishing, a medium to medium-heavy action rod is ideal. A rod length between 6’6″ to 7′ is versatile enough to handle various lures and casting techniques. The medium-heavy action provides the necessary backbone to handle the strong fights of bass while maintaining sensitivity for detecting bites.

Reel: A baitcasting reel is commonly used for bass fishing. Look for a reel with a gear ratio of around 6.4:1 or 7.1:1, which provides a good balance of power and retrieval speed. Ensure the reel has a smooth drag system to control the powerful runs of bass. Opt for a reel that can hold at least 100 to 150 yards of 12 to 15-pound test fishing line.

Trout Fishing

Rod: For trout fishing in rivers and streams, a lightweight and sensitive rod is essential. A medium-light to light action rod with a length of 6′ to 7′ is suitable for casting smaller lures and presenting delicate presentations like live bait or artificial flies.

Reel: A spinning reel is commonly used for trout fishing. Look for a reel with a smooth and adjustable drag system, allowing you to handle the runs of trout without breaking the light fishing line. A reel with a line capacity of 100 to 150 yards of 4 to 8-pound test line is sufficient.

Catfish and Panfish Fishing

Rod: For catfish and panfish fishing, a medium to medium-heavy action rod with a length of 6’6″ to 7′ is appropriate. This type of rod offers the strength to handle larger catfish while still being sensitive enough for detecting bites from smaller panfish.

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Reel: Depending on the size of catfish you’re targeting, you can use either a spinning reel or a baitcasting reel. Choose a reel with a sturdy drag system to handle the powerful runs of catfish. For line capacity, aim for at least 150 to 200 yards of 10 to 15-pound test line.

Walleye and Muskie Fishing

Rod: For walleye and muskie fishing, a medium-heavy to heavy action rod with a length of 6’6″ to 7’6″ is suitable. The rod’s extra power is needed to handle the larger and stronger walleye and muskie.

Reel: A baitcasting reel is recommendable for walleye and muskie fishing, as it provides the necessary power and control for handling these species. Look for a reel with a gear ratio of around 6.4:1 to 7.1:1, and a line capacity of at least 150 to 200 yards of 12 to 20-pound test line.

Best Fishing Spots in Hendersonville

Hendersonville, North Carolina, is popular for its abundance of great fishing spots. Here are some popular spots.

  1. Lake Lure: Lake Lure is a stunning reservoir surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. It offers excellent fishing opportunities for bass, including largemouth and smallmouth bass. The lake’s clear waters also make it an ideal spot for trout fishing.
  2. Lake Julian: Located near Asheville, Lake Julian is known for its catfish population. Anglers can find channel catfish and flathead catfish in this lake. It’s a great spot for night fishing and using bait to catch catfish.
  3. French Broad River: The French Broad River runs through Hendersonville and offers diverse fishing opportunities. You can find smallmouth bass, trout, and other species in its waters. Additionally, the scenic beauty of the river adds to the overall fishing experience.
  4. Davidson River: A popular spot for trout fishing, the Davidson River is popular for its healthy trout population, including rainbow and brown trout. The river’s clear waters and challenging fishing conditions attract fly anglers from all over.
  5. Mills River: Another excellent spot for trout fishing, Mills River provides opportunities for both fly fishing and baitcasting. It’s a beautiful area surrounded by nature, making fishing here a relaxing experience.
  6. Pisgah National Forest Waters: Hendersonville is close to Pisgah National Forest, which is home to numerous streams and rivers with excellent fishing opportunities. You can explore various smaller streams and hidden spots within the forest for a more secluded fishing experience.
  7. Lake Osceola: This small lake in Hendersonville offers a variety of fishing opportunities, including bass, crappie, and bluegill. It’s a great spot for families and anglers looking for a peaceful fishing experience.
  8. Jackson Park Pond: Located within Jackson Park in Hendersonville, this pond is stocked with fish and provides a family friendly environment for fishing.

Best Time to Fish in Hendersonville

The best time to fish in Hendersonville, North Carolina, largely depends on the season and the type of fish you are targeting. Each season offers unique fishing opportunities, and understanding the local fish behavior can significantly increase your chances of success.


Spring is an excellent time for fishing in Hendersonville. As the weather warms up, fish become more active and begin to move into shallower waters. This is the spawning season for many species, including bass and trout. As a result, you can expect increased feeding activity, making it a prime time for catching larger and more aggressive fish.

June to August

Summer can be a bit challenging for fishing due to the warmer temperatures, which can cause fish to become less active during the hottest parts of the day. However, early mornings and late evenings are still productive times to fish. As the water is cooler, and fish tend to be more active during these periods. Focus on fishing in deeper waters, near structure or shade, where fish seek relief from the heat.


Fall is often considered one of the best times to fish in Hendersonville. The cooling temperatures trigger fish to become more active and feed aggressively in preparation for the winter months. Bass, in particular, tend to be very active during the fall, as they are fattening up before winter. Trout fishing also picks up again in the fall, making it an exciting time for anglers.

December to February

Winter fishing in Hendersonville can still be rewarding, especially for anglers who enjoy trout fishing. Trout remain active throughout the winter, and the colder water temperatures can lead to some excellent catches. However, fishing may be slower overall during the winter months. And it’s essential to choose the warmest parts of the day for better results. Consider fishing in deeper pools or near dams, where water temperatures are slightly warmer and fish tend to congregate.