10 Best Catfish Fishing Lakes and Rivers in Colorado

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The state of Colorado has some of the quality catfish fishing opportunities in western states. It has a very large number of reservoirs and lakes where you will find great fishing opportunities. There are more than 4000 ponds and lakes in different parts of lakes where people go fishing on daily basis. Despite being home to some of the best catfish fishing lakes the state is overlooked by anglers. Even the largest lakes in the state are having large number of fish that anglers can enjoy fishing.

Besides large waterbodies the smaller spots like rivers are also known well for the species. Some of the rivers in the state are known very well for their catfish in other states as well. Especially the Colorado river is very famous in the southern and western states. It is abundant with the species and anglers in Arizona, Utah and California enjoy catching them all the time. But still very limited number of anglers are targeting it in the same river in Colorado.

In short in almost every large river and lake in the state has large number of catfish. Its quality in every spot is great but finding a better spot will help help even more. Here are some of the best fishing spots in Colorado where you will find the best catfish of the state.

These catfish fishing spots of Colorado include the best rivers that has the species. Also the large waterbodies lakes and reservoirs that are famous has the largest populations of the fish in them. The listing of best catfish fishing spots is based on the larger fish populations, locations and quality of fish.

Best catfish fishing spots in Colorado

Like other fish species in the state cats are also native in some rivers in east of the state. But they are stocked all over the state in different rivers as well as reservoirs and lakes. That is the reason for wide availability of the fish in many waters in the state, here are the to fishing spots for catfish in Colorado. Some of the rivers are providing amazing opportunities even better than some lakes. The list of the best catfish fishing lakes is following.

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Standley Lake

The Standley is located in the northwest of Denver city in west Westminster. Besides other facilities for visitors and anglers the lake also has its own park in its north. Near the center of Denver the heart of Colorado this lake has an amazing location in the range of every thing. The Standley has every thing that an angler could possibly need, large area clean water and a great environment.

The Standley is famous for a variety of fish for anglers having different types of fish in different season. The lake has highest quality of channel cats in the area and has no limits of it in the water. The lake is loaded with the channel catfish and some anglers are seen year round fishing them. Standley is famous for being the most famous catfish lake in the area, Some people from other parts of the state also visit the lake for catfish fishing.

The Standley is open year round for fishing but its restricted for motorboats. Only hand powered vessels can operate in the waters. It has an area of 1200 acres in the middle of city area and its one of the best catfish lake in the state.

Lake Loveland

This one is also an amazing location in the north of Denver in Loveland municipality area. It has a very short under an hour distance from the city center of Denver. The lake has an area of 475 acres in the west of Boyd lake in the center of Loveland. It has a beautiful park in its north and a tennis course in the same side.

Lake Loveland is a perfect place for catfish fishing in the surrounding of Denver city. It is also preferred over the other spots because of the Horseshoe and the Boyd lake in its east. So there are several major catfish fishing spots in the area that anglers have the chance to explore. There are also different types of fish living in the lake, major fish in the lake is channel catfish.

Public access is limited for fishing but it is absolutely among the top catfish hotspots of Colorado.

Barnum park lake reservoir

This one is smaller in area than most of the other spots but it has extremely substantial amount of catfish population in the lake. Your chance to get a great fish in no time, many anglers are surprised with this tiny but amazing spot.

Barnum park reservoir has a beautiful park and recreation area all around it. The area is amazing for all kind of fun activities like cycling. Despite its size the lake absolutely qualifies for the best catfish lake in Colorado due to fish population and the ideal location it has. And of course the list of best catfish fishing lakes will not be complete without the reservoir.

Navajo lake

This one is a very large reservoir in the south of Colorado with state southern boundary. A large part of the lake is in Colorado and two rivers are falling into it. The area is Navajo state park around the reservoir, it has significant amount channel catfish in its waters.

Its even famous in other states for amazing size of channel catfish living in it. The lake is open year round for fishing and boating, so you can have a boat to target the deep water fish.

Channel catfish is the most common bite in the lake and there is no lack of fish Navajo reservoir. The part of the reservoir in Colorado is absolutely exceptional place for fishing. This is also among the great catfish fishing lakes of the state.

Gunnison river

Besides the large waterbodies like lakes and reservoir there are even more fish in rivers of the state. Catfish in eastern Colorado are native and they are usually taken and stocked in other parts of the state.

The Gunnison river is also one of those with the best quality fish in the state. It starts by the combination of east river and Tylor river in central state and flows 180 miles west. It has several smaller and large reservoirs in on its way and finally falls in Colorado river as a tributary.

The Gunnison river has a significant presence of channel catfish in and has great populations. Several parts of the river are important for catfish anglers including the large waterbodies on its way.

South Platte river

This one starts in the southwest of Denver city in Douglas county from Chees-man lake. It flows all the way to north east towards Denver and continues in the same direction and finally join the Platte river in Nebraska.

The most part of the river is in Colorado so it is more famous in Colorado. The river is overall famous for different species but its more visible presence of channel catfish. You will have to find deep places over the river for more impactful fishing time.

Yampa river

There is no better place than the Yampa river in northwest of the state. It has a very good fish population over its different parts. The area of where the two green rivers combine is the most valuable catfish fishing spot on Yampa river.

San Juan river

Most of san Juan river’s part is out of the state but a small part is in Colorado. Still it is an impressive place of fishing, other species are on a constant decline due to significant amount of catfish.

Colorado river

If we talk about rivers that produce catfish in the state of Colorado. There is no river that can produce as good fish as the Colorado river is producing. It has been more than a hundred years since it has become the best fishery for catfish. But still there is not a good trend of fishing them on the Colorado river as it deserve.

If you live anywhere near the river or you have a chance to visit then never miss. It is one of the top catfish fishing spots in the state.

Boyd lake

In the same area of lake Loveland the Boyd is situated in east just 3 miles away. It location is also very important like the other lakes in city areas. It has every facility available near it because of Loveland municipality area.

A large variety of fish species are living in Boyd lake’s waters having great population. For general fishing it is one of the most valuable spot in Colorado. If we think about the specific type of catfish than it still provides large amount of fish to anglers.

Final thoughts

Almost every fishing spot in Colorado has some kind of catfish. Its because of the great weather of the state that matches highly with habitat of catfish. From lakes to rivers you will find them every where but these are the proven best catfish fishing spots of the state.