8 Best Catfish Fishing Rivers in Texas, River Catfish Tx

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Texas has no shortage of fishing in inland waterbodies, there are plenty of freshwater species living in its waters. The state has very divers fish species several at each place. Overall there are around 174 fish types in the freshwaters of Texas. Despite the diversity in fishing culture of the state still not all of the fish are famous. Some of the varieties have great fame in the area while others are just having minimum existence. Catfish is one the most easily found fish kinds in Texas rivers in most areas. In this article we will share some of the best catfish fishing rivers in Texas.

Even catfish species are also having great diversity in most of the rivers. There are overall 10 species that are making their space in most of the streams and creeks of Texas. Most of the anglers enjoy fishing it and are the lovers of its taste. And you will find no better place for the best quality catfish in the US than Texas waters.

The extreme quality of fish in the state attract anglers to the best catfish rivers in Texas. Meanwhile there are some rivers where there is excellent fish in large populations. But they are overlooked most of the times, anglers focus on other spots and they miss some of the great catfish fishing rivers of Texas.

In this article we will share with you the most valuable catfish fishing rivers in Texas. That has the best quality and large population of fish but anglers overlook them. These spots are silent and more enjoyable as they aren’t that famous.

Catfish fishing rivers in Texas

  • San Antonio river
  • Sabine river
  • Trinity river
  • Brazos river
  • Blanco river
  • Concho river
  • Medina river
  • Frio river

San Antonio river

The river of San Antonio is in the Karnes county in the south of Texas. Its a long waterway flowing from the city of San Antonio southwards to Karnes county and falls into Guadalupe river that instantly falls into mission lake.

The river is 240 miles long and has great water surface area and high potential of fishing. The creek provides incredible fishing opportunities in all its area. It houses several species of fish including the channel and blue catfish. Most of the anglers are having their best fishing experience in the San Antonio. It produces great amount of channel catfish each year and servers it to anglers visiting the area.

Catfish living in San Antonio have grown to a significant size and large populations.

Spots on San Antonio river

The river bends in falls city in Wilson county and in the south of Floresville park are generally preferable places to cast your line. Also the corves in west of spiritual renewal center in Victoria county are the better spots to fish in. Overall the San Antonio is one of the top catfish fishing rivers in Texas.

Sabine river

The Sabine river is at the eastern boundary of the state and flows southwards to fall in Sabine lake. It starts with the combination of two creeks in the north of Texas in rains county in the east of Dallas city. The Sabine produces great populations of fish year round. It has several catfish species but the most famous bite in the river is the blue catfish. Channel catfish is also widely available in the Sabine river however they are smaller compared to the blue.

The river is very long having more than 500 miles of length. But the best part is that most of the catfish spots are near Dallas city. Its just 78 miles in the east from the city center and is no more than 90 minutes distance.

Best catfish spots on Sabine river

The curves of the river in between the Simpkins creek and the Leatherman are the most ideal spots. You will have the best catfish than the entire waterway in this area. However there are also other points like eastern part of the old Sabine bottom wildlife management area. But it is a little more far from city area.

Trinity river

This one is also an amazing place to test your luck in, you will never be upset fishing in the Trinity river. It has the most amazing large populations of the flathead and several other catfish species in most of its length. It also has the longest area in our list of best catfish rivers in Texas. Its 710 miles long starting from Dallas city and finally falls in the Trinity bay.

The river’s incredible fishing opportunities are attracting so many anglers from Dallas and nearby areas. You will find people fishing in city areas and in far away places. The west fork Trinity river is also an Amazing fishing spot for best large catfishes.

Wile the its last part near the Trinity lake is very easily accessible from Houston in east. The Trinity is overall a place where you will be amazed fishing for large flathead or channel catfish. Its the best catfish river for residents of Houston due to its short distance.

Brazos river

This one could have made at first position of the best catfish lakes in the state but it has a drawback. The only drawback the Brazos river has is its muddy habitat. Most of the Brazos feels flooding most of the times, mud level in water is extremely higher than others. Despite this fact its an outstanding and most beautiful place for fishing the best quality catfish.

The Brazos is unbelievably loaded of channel catfish, neither rivers nor lakes are comparable to the size and large populations of fish in the Brazos. It maybe difficult to find a spot without muddy water but the lakes are absolutely fine.

The Brazos runs through several lakes and reservoirs in its way and all has the same channel catfish.

Rivers of the list after Brazos are all small creek or stream type but are significantly important for a catfish fishing trip.

Blanco river

The Blanco river is situated in the Kendall county just in west of Austin. It has larger spots as well through its way which will be better to focus on and cast a line.

The Blanco is an absolute hub for channel catfish and it produces a lot of them. The river is however smaller and has lesser opportunities than previous ones.

Concho river

The Concho itself is a small river but the great part is that on most of the river length there are other waters flowing with it and enlarges its flowing area too. So it seems like a usual size waterway that has an average width.

The Concho is full of channel and flathead catfish in a significant population. The best part about the Concho is that it passes through the center of San Angelo.

Medina river

The Medina itself is smaller however it has several larger water flows through its way. And those waterways could be better fishing spots to keep your focus on. Overall it produces big populations of flathead and channel catfish and these are very widely available in the river.

Frio river

There are two rivers in the west of the state with the same name. First in the north and other in the south, Northern Frio is meant here in this listing.

Its relatively smaller but a great potential for catfish fishing in the larger waters of the river. It has become famous over the time in its area for the quality and easily accessible fish it has. There are usually water level fluctuations and has great impact on the availability of fish.

Final words

There are thousands of other waterways including streams and creeks in the state. You might find other good places to fish catfish as well. But these are the major best catfish fishing rivers in Texas. Please keep in mind that you may require a license while fishing in Texas. Here are the license regulations for the state.

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