Fishing Petaluma River & Other Spots in Petaluma

The Petaluma river California fishing

Petaluma is the third largest city in Sonoma county near the boundary of Marin county in California. There are several good fishing lakes surrounding the city all around but most of them are out of the county. However they are pretty near the city and in the range of one hour drive from the city … Read more

Fishing in Lake Balboa, All You Need to Know, Full Guide

Fishing lake balboa Los Angeles

The park of lake balboa has several great fish resources like Los Angeles river. Each of these spots individually provides good angling opportunities. The despite the great salmon the Los Angeles river provides, it is still clear that the reservoir provide outstanding opportunities. The lake is situated in the in Sepulveda park and recreation area … Read more

Fishing in Vail Lake, All You Need To Know, Spots & Species

Catfish fishing in vail lake California

Among the 3000 lakes of California the Vail lake is one of the largest lakes in the state. It is also one of the top 10 largest lakes in southern California. The lake is widely known for its great fishing opportunities and camping around it. There is a boat ramp in the lake where you … Read more

Fishing in Hume Lake California, All You Need to Know

trout fishing in Hume lake California

Hume lake is an average size reservoir in eastern California. Its location is in the west of Kennedy and Comb Spur and in the east of Grant Grove village in the middle. The whole region is located between the Sequoia national park in its south and Sierra national forest in Sierra Nevada. With average surface … Read more