Shore Fishing Lake Tahoe Guide, Best Spots, Species & Tips

South lake Tahoe Shores for fishing

Lake Tahoe is a magnificent freshwater lake located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Spanning the border between California and Nevada in the United States. It is popular for its stunning natural beauty, with crystal-clear blue waters between majestic mountain peaks. Lake Tahoe has more than a hundred miles of shoreline offering every kind of terrain. … Read more

Fishing in Lake Merced California, All You Need to Know

lake Merced fishing piers

If you are looking for an amazing place to enjoy a short time just near the city. Lake Merced is probably the best option for all residents of San Francisco and nearby cities such as Daly city. The park around the reservoir is full of beauty and opportunities to enjoy every thing around you. There … Read more

Fishing in Hensley Lake California, All You Need to Know

fishing in Hensley lake California

Hensley is the second largest reservoir in Madera county in southern California. It has an area of 1500 acres following the largest lake of county 1593 acres. Hensley lake is located in the center of county near Fresno and Madera city in its west and south. Fishing in Hensley is a popular activity in the … Read more

Fishing in Quail lake California, All You Need to Know

quail lake fishing in California, Los Angeles county

Quail lake is a medium size reservoir in the east of Los Angeles county California. It has good size to explore and provides a great environment to all visitors coming to the lake. The lake is made on the quail canal from west to east along the Lancaster road in eastern Los Angeles county. The … Read more