Best Walleye Jigging Lures and Top Walleye Jigging Setup

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Jigging for walleye has been a popular way to catch good size fish in all seasons. Its effectiveness is the reason more and more new anglers are starting jigging and learning new methods. But does only jigging means a successful fishing day? The short answer is probably no. In order to make the method work, anglers need the right walleye jigging setup and most importantly the needed walleye jigging lures.

The setup you collect for walleye jigging should have its most important part of lures. As they really attract the fish towards your hook. If you have a bait that has good potential then it will be always a game changer for you. And of course having a full walleye jigging setup will have even more impact. And will turn your fishing into something more a lot more enjoyable.

But having a setup of jigging lures that are actually impactful, managing to find such a setup for is hard. The question is how would you find a whole lot of great jigging lures for walleye?

And the answer is pretty simple, you don’t really have to find all of them one by one. But instead having a simple rule in mind will always lead you to find great jigging lures for any species. And the rule is for jigging the most important part is to draw attention of the fish especially for larger fish.

To get the attention of the fish you either have to use a thing that has great action or one that produces noise when jigging for the fish. But its probably worth it to make a good walleye jigging setup that contains both the action jigging lures and the ones that makes noise.

Here is our top best walleye jigging setup.

Here are the best rigs for walleye.

Best Walleye Jigging Lures

As we are talking about stationary fishing and not in constant motion like trolling. Although having action lures are great in all situation but they aren’t in the best situation when stationary. That is why it is ideal of vertical jigging to use the hard bodied plastic baits having metal balls inside.

The balls makes noise like when shaken vertically or in any other way. In short they work the best in many ways when you are trying to get the fish attention.

While the soft plastic soft jigging lures for walleye are great when casted and when there is space for a pull.

We will be discussing both of the types and the best situations to use them each. Here is our list for the best walleye jigging setup and the best lures for walleye jigging.

1. Venom Vibra Max Blade

This blade has been a killer in the great lakes. It is one of the famous blades used in many situations. Like the name it has active vibratory motion which drives the fish crazy and attacks instantly. The blade is very useful, it can be used for several depths and types of water.

There are different color combination all having red mouth below the eye ball. Choosing the golden blade has personally led me to landing large fish several time but all of the colors are attractive as they all are shiny.

At the top of the blade you get three holes for different degree of action on different depths. As it is usable during the season of fall and spring using its middle hole is recommendable.

At the depth of 18 to 20 feet this blade is a master piece walleye jigging lure and must be a part of your setup.

2. Rapala Rippin Raps

These lures are just the perfect match to the habitat of aggressive walleye during fall and spring. These make loud noise when thrown and pulled either for jigging.

The size 7 recommended when you expect larger than usual fish in your spot. Normally most anglers use the size six or lower if the fish are smaller.

Using this has always led me to catch larger fish and it has more potential to attract the fish. You can also setup a smaller blade to either attach it to its tail or the bottom. Which will make it more attractive.

Rippin rap jigging lure has great potential when jigged near hard rocky bottoms and bushes. You can also throw it from the bank and pull it to make noise and produce action. Using this lure for jigging you will not have to wait too much even if there are not many fish. We strongly recommend having this great rap in your jigging setup, it will always help.

You will never have to abandon this through out the year, you can even use it through the ice as your ice as a walleye jig lure.

3. Hair walleye Jigs

Mentioning hair jig doesn’t mean a simple hair jig and that’s it. Instead there can be so many combinations similar to a hair jig. The point is to have a similar thing that has lots of action and each single piece moves separately. Which makes it a lot more attractive for the fish.

You can use a tube bait on a jig head which will also perform similar. Tube baits has lots of action no matter in whatever way you are using it. You can pick from different colors which ever matches the fish and works better for you. This will be your most useful jigging lure for walleye.

Orange color hair jig with a jig head
Custom Hair jig, You can add your own lures to it

You also get small and large sizes, having a moderately larger size of both the body and the hairs will have frequent bites. You can always have a jigging setup for walleye and try different options.

Similarly you can use other hair and skirted jig setups for walleye. You can even make a custom hair or skirted jig by using a jig head having big eyeball.

I always have multiple jigging setups of different sizes and colors. Which helps me a lot fishing for several species.

4. Paddle Tail Swimbait walleye jigging lure

Our final recommended walleye jigging lure is the paddle tail swimbait. In white color this swimbait works like a charm. A lot of anglers have this in their walleye jigging setup because it can never resist this rigging lure. On top of all it is an all year round bait which can even be used in winter through the ice.

In spring when the fish is a little more aggressive and hungry they love to attack this swimbait. Any spring jigging setup for walleye is not complete without this.

Dark colored paddle tail swimbait, walleye jigging lure
Paddle tail swimbait, works both in white and dark colors all year round

Summer is always my favorite season for this walleye jigging lure. Using with a larger jig head this is also in the setup of one of the most effective jigging lures.

I have personally used it several time in all types of situations. It is great for casting away from you position, then by pulling it towards you it will swim like a real minnow or a smaller fish.

When swimming it creates great action by moving its tail which really gets walleye crazy and can not resist biting it.

Final Words

There are a lot of other jigging lures which will work for walleye but the above are among the most liked ones. There are probably a lot of opportunities among the available lures to use it and find out what are the best. But doing so will take time and resources. But keeping in mind to get the fish attention will help you find good lures all the time.

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