Best Trout Artificial Baits, Everything You Need To Know

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When it comes to trout fishing, many baits have significant importance. Trout artificial baits are among the most commonly used baits that are highly attracting fish in most conditions. However artificial baits are of several kinds, you will find multiple baits all in use for trout in the same time.

There are different fishing situations and a lot of different trout artificial bait. Which make it important to know exactly what to use in a specific situation for a specific species. Many anglers only know dough baits. Or at least they believe them to be the only effective option.

However as new fishermen get experience with the most basic artificial trout baits. They realize there are a lot of other options too. If one knows the way to use it in the perfect situation, he will find a lot of great Powerbait.

Due to their compatibility with almost all types of trout and their effectiveness. Dough artificial baits and salmon eggs are the best options for fishing in many conditions. Other baits like gulp minnows and trout nibbles are also very effective.

Types of Trout Artificial Bait

Some fishermen would also include plastic lures to artificial bait list. To some extent that is also not wrong but here by bait we mean food. That the fish can eat and digest without any negative effects on it. While the plastic lures are sometimes called to be baits but they can’t be eaten by fish.

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The above discussed bait would probably cover most of your fishing tours. However if you go into specifics of fishing trout. You will also need more specific baits to cover the water.

There are several types bait including swimbaits, worms, fish eggs and several others. In this article we will be covering the most important baits. We will also share the way to use them and the perfect situations for them.

Here are the best artificial baits for trout fishing.

  • Dough Baits
  • Berkley Nibbles
  • Gulp Minnows
  • Gulp Worms Artificial Bait
  • Honey Worms
  • Ripple Shad Powerbait

These are the most common and successful trout fishing artificial bait. Each of these has its own importance and all are very effective in their own way of fishing.

Below we will share the details of each artificial bait.

1. Dough Bait

Dough bait is the most commonly used bait of all time for trout fishing. It is extremely effective and very easy to make which makes it even more easily available to every fisherman. This is near the natural trout food comparing with others.

However this is also not the actual food for fish which makes it an artificial bait for trout. This bait is in common use of all types of trout anglers. The bait comes handy while fishing in rivers, streams, small pounds and lakes.

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Dough is always on the best bait list in every situation. However there are several other types of dough bait that are also natural but having different colors and odors. This helps drive the fish crazy resulting in too many bites on the hook.

Especially trout will bite on most of dough baits however they may be avoiding some colors. Which is why you should be careful of choosing the right color for your fishing trip. Eventually we can confidently say that dough bait is very effective bait. Even without any other bait or lure your trip should be safe if you know how to use them.

2. Nibbles Trout Artificial Bait

Trout Nibbles are a great source of food for trout that is focused to attract the fish in lakes and ponds. This is very effective for rainbows, browns, and brooks. It is an effective option for all lakes that has an average size fish. They come in different color options including orange and light green color.

Stocked fish also love biting on trout nibbles and always show great response to it. Many anglers are always using only nibbles artificial bait in stocked lakes.

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Its also a great option for beginners in smaller lakes and ponds. Stock lake new fishermen know the importance of this bait as the always carry at least 1 of them.

3. Gulp Minnows

The amazing shape of gulp minnow artificial bait is an absolute magnet for predator trout. It behave like a real life minnow when dragging it or when in a river. When it comes in the opposite side of the water current it swims just like a smaller fish. Which is the best way to attract trout.

The trout immediately attack it when they see it. Its perfect shape always succeed trick the fish while behaving like a real smaller fish. This sometimes out fish other live and natural baits.

The size of this bait is great for fish in river. while it can also be good for smaller size lake trout.

4. Gulp Worm Artificial Trout Bait

Gulp worms is a great option when fishing for early season trout in creeks, rivers and streams. It is because of its size, which is great for river fish during early season. While it can also be effective in lakes or ponds where the fish size is smaller.

Using for the right size fish it is also very effective in most situations.

5. Honey Worms

Honey worms are also an effective way to target trout with artificial bait. It is just like the natural trout food and makes the fish bite on it. It is smaller than gulp worm but is another type of worm.\

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You will usually see higher number of hits on the hook which eventually lands fish for fishermen.

6. Ripple Shad Artificial Bait

This is a shad shape powerbait for lake trout in rivers for trolling and casting from shore. Ripple shad is also one of the most effective powerbaits Berkley makes.

Ripple shad is similar to the gulp minnow in behavior. It has the ability to land a good number of fish in a short amount of time.

How To Fish Trout With Artificial Bait

Although its important for beginners to know to hook the right amount and size of bait. It is in no way a hard thing to figure out. While for other types of artificial lures you get a single standard unit of bait. And you have to hook it all at once.

Here is a guide how to fish trout with bait.

However for artificial lures like dough you have to figure out. What amount or size of dough you should hook. Different anglers have different point of views about this trout artificial lure.

Some anglers would say to hide the entire hook inside the bait and give it a round small ball shape. While some would say to have a small amount of dough over the hook and leave the hook exposed.

The actual best and the most effective way to fish trout artificial bait is to cover most part of the hook with dough. And let only the sharp tip of hook exposed, so we get both benefits. Neither the hook is seen by fish nor they can steal the bait from it due to its excessive amount.

This is why its the most effective way to fish with artificial lure.

Final Word

Artificial bait is very important for trout fishing anglers. Its effectiveness many times beats real trout food and live baits. Artificial lures are also great when you choose carefully. Giving them a shot is absolutely worth it.