Best River Trout Fishing Line, Trout Lines for River

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Trout have sharp eyesight and they are also one of the most line shy species in freshwater. They are often very careful of a line or artificial lures if fisherman has not presented in the right way. And so is with river trout, as they are smaller in size they see the diameter even larger. Which is why new anglers often have hard time choosing the right line for river trout fishing. But in this article we will help you choose the best river trout fishing line.

Gearing up for river one of the most important part is choosing a line. A line can make or break your entire fishing trip for fishing. And it is even more important if you are fishing trout in a river or stream.

The fish living in a river can easily see the line anglers are casting for few reasons. Some of the reasons are crystal clear water which keeps it in motion as it flow. Moving thing is way easier to see comparing with a stationary especially in clear water.

Another reason is trout living in rivers are smaller than in lakes. Which makes the diameter of the line larger for them. This also cause the fish to avoid the line and eventually avoid biting on angler’s bait or lure.

Trout Fishing Lines For River

There are many types of lines that are widely used for trout fishing in different situations. Most of which are best for reservoirs, lakes and other large water bodies. Which can have different variations in water condition over their water area.

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Although those lines are super useful in those types of waters. But anglers have experienced that using exact lines in rivers can be total waste of time and resources. Many may not be able to catch even single fish because the trout living in river are a lot more cautious.

Below you will get to learn what are the best trout fishing lines for rivers. And how to select the best line if you can not find one of the following.

Here are some of the best river trout fishing lines.

  • SOS Monofilament
  • Kast-King Fluorocarbon
  • Tri-Lene Monofilament
  • Sufix Braided Line

These are the most famous and commonly used fishing lines for trout fishing in rivers. Below we have described each of these lines, how to use them and what situation is the best for them.

1. SOS Monofilament River Trout Line

Anglers who are looking for something that is smooth but very strong at the same time must give a try to the SOS monofilament line. This line is specially made for trout magnet plastic baits.

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The line is a perfect choice for those casting for long distances. Anyone can easily manage the casting distance using this line. After casting the SOS it stays at the surface of water for longer duration. It has been one of the top river trout fishing lines ever.

Its combination with floating baits or lures makes it the best for float fishing for trout. Many anglers also use it in lakes and reservoirs but this is specially perfect for fishing trout in rivers. One can use it both as the main line or a leader at the end of the main line.

It becomes nearly invisible when in water and can trick the fish easily. Depending on the fish in the spot you can pick something from 6 pound test to 12 pound test. 12 should be the maximum unless there is giant fish in the water.

Using the SOS as main line for trout fishing in rivers is great, you will not need any leader line. But if you are using a heavier pound test monofilament or braid then you can use it as leader line too. Both ways you will get perfect performance.

2. Kast-King Fluorocarbon Trout Line

Fluorocarbon is known for its transparent nature. It literally disappears inside water, no fish can spot it even in crystal clear moving water. Being transparent it has become very widely known as the best fishing line for trout in river.

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The Kast King is very dense which can not stay afloat hence it is great for baits. And it is also used whit lures that sinks easily. This one targets trout in bottom of rivers very effectively.

Most fishermen use this one as their leader with a mainline of braid. Some even use it with heavy monofilament if they fear their monofilament can be seen inside water. Kast king is also very effective trout fishing line for rivers.

Generally for average size trout you can go from 6 pound test up to 9 pound test. A heavier is only for larger size fish or a very rocky bottom when it can get tangled.

3. Tri-Lene Monofilament River Trout Line

This line also float at the surface of water and sink very slowly which makes it perfect for floating lures. Tri-Lene is among the top selling lines in the united states. Its all because of quality product, this line has very low stretch and great durability.

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All pound test and line weights are available but we recommend not to use more than 10 pound test in a river. While this is great and transparent but fish can see any heavier line. Tri-Lene monofilament is also one of the most successful river trout fishing line.

4. Sufix Nano Braid

While braids are not recommended for such fish this braid is a little more special. This one is among the top quality lines of all time. It provide good strength and durability. Fishing in any situation you can totally rely on its strength.

You can use it as your main not as your leader for trout fishing in river. While using the Nano braid as your river fishing line you must use a leader along it. Without a leader it will remain exposed to fish and despite its all qualities you will not get any bites.

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Choose Your River Trout Fishing Line

For some reason if you can not get any of the top trout lines for river. Or you want to give a try to a new line then here are the steps to choose your new fishing line for rivers.

The only thing to take be careful of is that fish in rivers are smaller. Which is why using a smaller diameter works the best. Also more transparent trout line will work great as water in rivers is also clear.

Braided lines are colorful and are easy to see inside any type of water that is why they aren’t the good as main line for river trout. Monofilament are semi transparent and are great for all conditions but the diameter should be on the lower side.

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At the end fluorocarbon lines are the most transparent and dense lines. They easily sink and cannot be seen in any situation. They can be used both as main line and a leader line. The only thing is that 100% fluorocarbon are more expensive.

Which is why most anglers use monofilament as their main line. While some use braid as main line for river trout and use either mono or fluorocarbon leader line along them.