6 Best Rainbow Trout Fishing Lines and Setups

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Having the exact matching tackle for a fishing trip is the only thing you can rely on, in order to have an enjoyable fishing trip. Especially for fish like rainbow trout which has sharp eyesight, the line might create a trouble. And it can potentially stop the fish from biting the bait you are casting. So you need to pick a very good thing in order to get rid of such problems while being on the for fishing. This article is about best rainbow trout fishing lines.

Other parts of your gear like rods are also important to be suitable with the fish species. So that you can fish more comfortably and you don’t hold unnecessarily heavy rod.

Rainbow trout has a clear eyesight and are able to see tiny things easily. Its hard to get the fish on your hook where large crowds are fishing. Unless you become picky and choose the best rainbow trout fishing line available. Which will lead you to success even in areas where fishing tournaments are taking place. Or for other reason the fish is careful with what they are biting.

Monofilament 4-6 pound test is what most of anglers usually use for rainbow trout. If you are fishing in crystal clear water then 4 pound test fluorocarbon is the best choice for. It disappears under the water and also remains strong to avoid any line breaks.

Not only the diameter but also the color and stretch contributes to the quality of a line. Choosing a smaller pound test line is more safe from scaring the fish away but again it has chances to break.

Here is our list of best fishing lines you can go for.

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Best rainbow trout fishing lines

Almost all trout species are pretty careful of the line and try their best to avoid going close. Which make catching them challenging for those not having that much experience with line. But in the meantime it creates more fun for those who are usually successful catching them and who likes a bit more challenging fishing trips.

However a more effective one contributes to make your fishing trip more enjoyable. In this article we will share the best rainbow trout fishing lines you should try. We will also explain how to choose a good line for rainbow trout and what are the reasons for the top ones we recommend.

Here is our list of best rainbow trout fishing lines.

  • P-line fluorocarbon
  • Tri-lene monofilament
  • Vanish Fluorocarbon (By Berkley)
  • Spider-wire stealth braid
  • Suffix super line
  • Stren high impact

The above are the best performing lines for rainbow trout in different situations. Of course it makes no sense that it will work for all the situations. Following we have described the use of each line and the best for all situations.

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1. P-line Rainbow Trout Fishing Line

P-line has a fluorocarbon as well specially for species that are shy and avoid going near the line. This works great for those species like rainbows and other smaller species.

The quality of it is due to its transparent nature. Which is why it becomes hard for the fish to recognize the line and try avoiding it. Even in the clearest water this has the ability to disappear and not come in the sight of the fish.

The line present your bait in the best way possible, just like naturally moving lure in the water. Which is why the it has the highest bite rate among all.

Another quality of this fluorocarbon is that it sinks easily and so it is for those anglers who want their bait to sink quicker. Others who want their bait to stay afloat can also use it but may face hard time using this.

It is a special one for clearwater creeks and rivers also the lakes having transparent water. And of course this one is the best choice for rainbow trout fishing line.

2. Tri-lene Monofilament

Despite the superiority of fluorocarbon monofilament is also widely used. Even many estimates show it as the most used fishing line in the world. Monofilament is the most moderate thing that has almost every quality in it.

It is partly transparent which makes it quite effective line even for fish like rainbow trout which can see lines easily. But using a monofilament you have to be careful not to use a heavier. Lager pound test will increase the diameter of the line and expose it to the fish.

Also smaller pound test has the risk to break when you catch just a little larger than expected fish. So you have to be carful choosing the right pound test for your next fishing trip.

On average 4 to 6 pound test monofilament is the best pick for rainbow trout. Depending on your fishing spot you can increase or decrease the weight. If the fish on your spot are larger than usual you can go up to 8 pound test as well, same way with smaller fish.

3. Vanish Fluorocarbon Line for Rainbow Trout

As one of the leading gear company the vanish fluorocarbon is also presented by Berkley. Just like other gear items by the producer this line is also one of the leader among all fluorocarbons.

It becomes literally invisible inside the water and the fish has no idea of it. Among fluorocarbons this is the one to pick if you aren’t on a budget.

The strength of the line should not be underestimated, it is also pretty stiff and never lets the fish free.

4. Spider Wire Stealth

As the name of this one the same is the behavior under the water. When you pick the right color you will have the maximum results. But the problem with this line is that you can only pick 6lb or above. For those using it for smaller fish will not work that great.

Braids are not usually the best options to use as rainbow trout fishing lines because they are very visible comparing with the other mono and fluorocarbons. But if you have big fish and want to use a tight thing then braid can be an option for you. But braid is most of the time the main line. They aren’t used as the leader at the end of main.

Using a leader with your main one is very important to make it more invisible. The leader for your braid rainbow trout line should be either from mono or fluorocarbon of the same pound test.

5. Suffix Super Line

This one is also a braid considerably strong which you will never break. But again using it as your main line  for rainbow trout with no leader at its end will not be a good idea. Using a leader is a must with this one as well then it will attract a lot of fish and fill baskets for you.

6. Stren High Impact Line for Rainbow Trout Fishing

This one is special for those who want to get rid of a lot of stretch and have a sensitive line. Anglers really understand how frustrating a stretchy line could be. A stretchy one usually cause fish breaks which is the worst thing that could happen to an angler.

Especially for a smaller fish like trout the stretch is a real problem. It lets the fish break free without even letting the fisherman know about it. Which is why it is necessary for your rainbow trout fishing line to be stretch free and sensitive.

This one is also unbreakable and tight that you can even use smaller LB. And the fish will not notice the rainbow trout line under the water.

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Characteristics for Rainbow Trout Line

The final thing rainbow trout fishermen must know before picking the line is the sinking nature of them. Fluorocarbons are thinner than others because they hold more weight in small diameter. Which cause them sink easily and so they are beneficial for those who want their bait under water or want them to sink fast.

While monofilaments are lighter and tend to stay afloat for longer after a cast. Which is why they are more suitable for those wanting their bait to stay afloat. However they are the most liked lines for rainbow trout.

While braids are tangle easily and take so much effort to untangle. And that is why fishermen avoid using them in rocky streams and bottoms with a lot of weeds.

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