Best Lake Trout Fishing Rods & Guide to Select The Best

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Trout is one of the best and one of most widespread species in the united states. There is a great craze for fishing trout in almost every corner of the country. Anglers absolutely love to go on a trout tour anywhere nearby. There are several types or subspecies of trout that live mostly in freshwater. One of the most commonly found type of trout is the lake trout. Selection of good lake trout fishing rods is crucial for those fishing them in large lakes and reservoirs.

Unlike most of other trout species this appears in freshwater lakes mostly. While it has been seen in rivers too but mostly it is common in freshwater lakes. Including the great lakes this species is more common in the northern states too. Where they live in large and deep freshwater lakes. Catching them from a boat is pretty common in lakes housing trout fish. Either you fish it from the shore or from a boat it is extremely important to have a good pair of lake trout fishing rods.

In this article we will share some of the best rods for lake trout fishing. And we will also share the most important things to look in a rod to before selecting it for your journey.

Moving on to the top list we have for you we will first talk about the ways of fishing famous for lake trout.

There are several types of catching trout in a reservoir. The most famous of which are vertical jigging, trolling, rigging and ice fishing. In this article we will cover the best rods for all of the ways of fishing except ice rods for the fish. Which we will explain in another article and link it right here.

Types of fishing for lake trout

We will a little more explain the ways of fishing that are common for trout in open water.

Jigging is the way of catching either with a jig or tie a rig as well at the end of your main fishing line. It is all about to hit the bottom by your live jig or rig and then up it up or side ways. So when you are jigging for the fish you need to have a fast action lake trout fishing rod. Sensitive rods will help detect the bite more easily when the fish is in the bottom yet. The length of jigging rod is shorter to and it is a lot easier to keep the shorter rod.

In trolling when the boat is moving there is no need to have a very sensitive rod. It might even break apart if the speed boat is going in opposite direction of the bite and the fish is larger one. A medium action rod is often the best choice for jigging for trout which can also detect the bite and remain strong. Lake trout trolling rods are longer with a length of 9 to 12 feet in most cases.

Likewise the rigging rods are very similar to the rods used in trolling. Even most of the the fishermen use their trolling rods for rigging as well. Because there is no much difference between the methods. However using a heavier rod for rigging is more beneficial in many cases for lake trout.

The best fishing rods

After many years of experience, dealing with many types of rods and having so many discussions with fellow anglers. I have find out these rods works amazing for lake trout fishing. We will classify them on the basis of style and then you can choose one of them which looks the best to you.

Here are few fishing tips for trout.

Lake trout fishing rods for jigging

Using the right rod is the only way to be successful in your jigging trip. As we have already discussed before that jigging needs the most sensitive rods in open water. Also the rod length is less than other types of fishing. The length should be no more than 6 and fast action is needed most of times.

The lighter the rod is the better you will handle it and will lead to success. Graphite is probably the best choice followed by carbon fiber. Spinning or casting doesn’t matter what ever you are comfortable with. This is the top list you can choose from.

These are all the rods that perfectly fits your needs and the things we have described.

  1. Shimano CLARUS spinning is the perfect rod you should be using in jigging for trout in open water lake. This can support up to quite a big trout like 8 to 10 pound size without a trouble.
  2. Zebco omega rod with spinning reel combo has the perfect length and potential. A fast action rod that will make your days. This is also kind of a rod which will not let you down in any condition.
  3. Kastking Perigee fishing rod has length of 7 feet just amazing for jigging. It has the strength you want, comes with high potential and reliability. The length is just enough for what ever size fish you can get with jigging.

These are the best jigging graphite fishing rods for lake trout.

Best trolling rods

Keep in mind what ever kind of trolling you are doing make sure to choose the line counter reel.

Medium action rods with a little over 8 feet length are the common choice. They are liked so much for trolling due to their durability and the perfect sizing. If you keep the length a little more shorter than the range of 11 or 10 it will be better for you. It will not tire you due to the extra weight and need to care more about the length.

But if you have been using longer rods in the past it is okay to have lake trout fishing rods up to 12 feet. However you should know that any size more than 9 or 10 feet range is unnecessary.

Again the type of reel does not matter you can have a casting or spinning which ever you feel comfortable with. And here is the list of our favorite rods that we like and recommend to every angler who need assistance about choosing a perfect rod for lake trout trolling.

  1. Okuma kokanee: This is a type of rod that any angler with a little bit experience will prefer to anyone who want to be troll fishing for trout. This amazing rod is the king of rods when it comes to trout trolling or even trolling for other fish as well.
  2. Okuma SST: Many people use this due to its light blank made of graphite and flexibility. Great trolling rod that works amazing for lake trout. Anyone using this rod could not be happier and I personally say the rod could not be bettered.

Lake trout rigging rods

As we already said that the rods you use for trolling are the perfect ones for rigging as well in case of lake trout. However there is one rod that we can mention that is also budget friendly. I could not leave it and just say that the trolling rods are fine for rigging so go ahead and use them. I rather thought it is the perfect one so need to be mentioned too.

Kokanee eagle claw feather light is the best pick for rigging if you want something different than your usual trolling rods.

It has 7.6 and 8 feet length options you can choose one of them the one recommended is 8 size. It is the best rigging fishing rod for lake trout you can use it for trolling too. But a larger size is better at trolling trip.

Here are a few great lake trout fishing spots you can visit.

  1. Spots in Ohio
  2. Lakes in Vermont
  3. Spots in Montana