Best Jigging Lures for Lake Trout, Lake Trout Jigging Lures

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One of the most famous fishing methods for lake trout is jigging for them. Jigging is a method which is very effective for catching huge fish that is nearly impossible by other methods. Anglers use larger jigging lures for lake trout and throw them in the middle of water. Which lead anglers to catch super big fish that is hard to catch by other methods. Using the best jigging lures for lake trout are crucial if someone expect big fish.

Several types of fishing lures have been famous for jigging lake trout. Some anglers use their usual fishing artificial and plastics while some try different things to find the best. Those who have been jigging for a long time has experience and use the perfect lures for jigging lake trout. And no doubt they get their desired results.

Anglers who want their desired results too and are serious about their fishing trip must learn what works and what does not work. The use of right equipment is always crucial and also the right jigging lure especially for lake trout.

This article is all about picking the right lures for lake trout jigging.

Lake Trout Jigging lures

As all species of trout lake trout are also not very picky about their prey. As they are predator fish you may notice them biting on pretty much everything they can eat. But that is when they are very hungry.

Despite them being able to eat pretty much everything in front of them. They usually become very picky on what to bite and what to avoid. Which makes it hard to guess what they like and what not.

These are the best lines for lake trout.

The weather, temperature and type of water also largely impact the type of lure they will feed on. Keeping all these variables in mind anglers can expect them hitting on a few lures very well. The top lake trout jigging lures varies a lot, sometimes they hit on crankbaits some times different tubes. Following we have shared the top lake trout jigging lures.

Here are the top lake trout jigging lures.

  • Tantrum Rattle bait
  • Meathead Jig
  • Z-Man Jig
  • Berkley Champ Swimmer
  • TC Pole Dancer

These are the things that they like and mostly hit them.

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1. Tantrum Rattle bait

Tantum rattle bait has been in use for a long time. Anglers prefer to use larger size if there is enough large fish. Whenever the fish is large and hungry they hit on the largest lure they see. Using larger a larger lure is a good shortcut to finding a large fish.

The tantrum rattle bait is an amazing lure to locate fish while jigging for lake trout. The little metal balls inside its body makes nice sharp noise. This noise attract the fish towards the hook from far away places. And the attractive body colors make them to bite on it.

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It works in all ranges of depth and all situations including in dark. The best way to utilize its noise making nature is to move it again and again by pulling it inside the water.

Tantrum Rattle bait is an amazing lure overall and works the best. It has several different sizes you can choose from. Depending on the fishing spot you are fishing in you can pick a larger or smaller one. But its quality will remain the same, it will always land big fish for you.

2. RAPALA RIPPIN Rap Jigging Lure

RAPALA RIPPIN Rap is just another shape of the crankbait that makes noise. The rattle bait and RIPPIN rap are pretty much same in shape. While color combination and other specifications of RIPPIN rap matches with smaller fish. Which is why it is better to use the RIPPIN rap when you feel there is smaller fish in the water.

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It is known for its great performance for many types of fish. It is almost always used for jigging for other species as well due to its noise making ability. Some anglers attach a tiny metal blade to its bottom which makes little flashes when moving. This also contributes to the effectiveness of this lure while jigging for lake trout.

The RIPPIN rap is very widely used for walleye, crappie and lake trout. And anglers always see good results using it. Its the effectiveness of this lure which makes it one of the top jigging lures for trout. If possible must give it a try it will not disappoint you. The tantrum rattle bait is better for larger fish so you can try that as well.

3. Meathead Jig

With a big eye the meathead jigs are also pretty powerful jigs to attract lake trout. The meathead performs well when you are kind of sure where the fish are or where to throw your lure.

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This drive the fish pretty wild and make them attack when angler pull it constantly. Giving great action in its hair and further moving the fish towards the multi hook jig head. This jig brings large lake trout and it is considered the best rig for lake trout jigging.

It is always recommended for jigs to be large in size so it can attract every size fish and make them bite. But if you are constantly missing you should probably decrease the size. Pink is your go to color for your meathead jig.

4. Z-Man Jig Lake Trout Jigging Lure

The Z-man is a perfect minnow shaped swimbait that is both effective and reliable at the same time. You shout probably get one to check how amazing it works. Among the top list this is the only one you can rely on for a full fishing trip.

Many anglers have been catching large size lake trout jigging with this lure. There are several different colors which you can pick from. Color really make a difference, don’t change the color without knowing about them.

5. Champ Swimmer Jigging Lure

The champ swimmer is another powerbait by Berkley having the shape of white shad or something similar. It produces just amazing action while jigging this lure for lake trout. Having this lure makes the trout totally out of control and crazy to bite.

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The powerbait has some sort of natural smell attraction for the fish. Which makes them feel it as their natural food source so they bite instantly.

Hooking it is pretty simple just like other tube baits or plastic swimbaits. Just keep in mind to let the hook stay exposed. this helps the fish to easily swallow the whole bait. And still keeps them from stealing it.

Similar to this bait you can also use jerk shad. Both of these will work as perfect as you expect. The champ is also in the top list jigging lures for lake trout.

6. Pole Dancer Lake Trout Jigging Lure

This one is a tube jig that comes in several different color combination. The skirt part of the jig is quite long and can hide a decent size hook inside it. Using it you will feel the perfect bites and no misses at all.

Pole dancer jig is very reliable lure which performs well in all situations. It is one of the top lake trout jigging lures of all time.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of other options too that you can go for but the list we have mentioned will save you a bunch of time and effort from wasting. However you are free to checkout any of your desired jigging lure for lake trout if you think it makes sense.