7 Best Fishing Creeks in Texas, Creek Fishing Texas

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Freshwater fishing in most areas of Texas is growing each year, also anglers are more happier than ever. You will find some of the finest fishing spots in different places of the state. Besides large reservoirs and acres of area there is a massive trend of fishing in creeks as well in Texas. Like general fishing and angling, the creek fishing trend is also growing. Finding a great fishing waters in Texas has never been hard thanks to 191000 miles waterways. This article is all about the best fishing creeks in Texas which provides amazing fishing to anglers and locals visiting the area.

As there are so many varieties of fish in the state you might have hard time finding the best place for a specific fish kind. Also the extremely large number of waterways makes it harder for anglers to differentiate between the best and the worst spots for fishing. Although there is a large number of fishing creeks in Texas but not all of them are ideal for anglers.

There are many varieties of freshwater fish in the state. The major species are catfish, bass, crappie, bullhead, sunfish and rainbow trout. Most of the waterways contains catfish bass and crappie in most of the areas, trout are found but not concentrated. We have discussed the best fishing creeks in Texas based on fish species and their locations.

Here is our list of the best fishing creeks in Texas providing amazing quality of fish. These are the best of all in the state.

White rock creek

For anglers and creek fishing lovers the white rock is one of the most important spot. It is situated inside the Dallas city starting from the lake-brook farm flowing to south. It runs all the way near the center through the white creek lake and continues to the Trinity river in the south of Dallas city. The white rock creek is famous for its amazing location and in the major city and also due to the quality of fish.

Flat head catfish, basses especially largemouth, and crappie are the most common targets. Channel catfish and blue catfish are also found in the creek but not as much as flat head.

The white rock is an amazing location for those who can’t go far in short time. You can enjoy amazing fishing in from bank and have some great catches.

The white rock is loaded with fish and its incredible location makes it the best fishing creek in Dallas. Its also one of the best fishing creeks of Texas.

Best fishing spots on white rock creek

Anywhere at the creek’s bank you will find fish better than other places. But generally trying your lure in a little deep waters will further help you get near to fish. Also places where it leaves the lake are also considered better.

Garcitas creek

The Garcitas is a long creek in the in the south of Texas flowing from Victoria county to south towards Jackson county. It finally falls into Lavaca bay in Jackson county near the Placedo. It also has several reservoirs and creeks in its east near to it which you can visit easily if you are at Garcitas.

The Garcitas creek is a surprising place for fishing in the south of Texas. It has a larger width near its end where it falls into the the bay, that area is the best of whole waterway. The creek is almost 50 miles in length which is considered an amazing fishing spot for anglers.

Bull head catfish is find very easily in the Garcitas but you can also find stripped bass and crappie. The surrounding of the creek is also great for anglers. There are multiple creeks and rivers in the area.

Best spots in Garcitas creek

Fishing near the Lavaca bay is preferable than other parts of the creek. How ever the entire waterway is considered a top priority spot for anglers.

North grape creek

The north grape is in the west of Austin city and about 63 miles or over an hour drive. The Pedernales river is in the east of the North grape creek and the Stonewall is in west. The creek is an amazing place to go fishing and a great hub for bass species. You will easily find largemouth bass and stripped bass in it. The north grape is generally an ideal place for you to visit either for largemouth or stripped bass.

Your chances of getting a big largemouth in you hook are high and the creek has great potential as well. The unbelievable opportunities are making it among the best fishing creeks in Texas. Despite its great importance its often overlooked by anglers so it becomes a silent place without large crowds.

Spots on North grape creek

Starting in Gillespie county flowing towards north east and falling in Pedernales river. This creek has beautiful fishing hotspots along its way. You can find other places as well where you find deeper water but the area of its fall in the river is better place for fishing.

Rocky creek

The rocky is in the southwest of the Austin city, just about 1 hour and 20 minutes from the city center. The creek is well know in the area for its great full of fish waters. The rocky produces significant amount of fish with high quality in the area. That’s why anglers of the area prefer the rocky over other large creeks although its also a little far from city area.

The rocky has amazing populations of bass living in its different parts, fish living in it are significantly large and high quality. Largemouth bass is makes the largest population in the creek, you will find it in any part of it.

Cow house creek

The Cow house is the extremely long one and one of the longest in the state of Texas. Its 90 miles long flowing from Hamilton county all the way to bell county and falls in Belton lake. Unlike others in Texas it is very long having several reservoirs and small water ponds on its way. Near the bear portion and the bee creek in the beginning of the cow house creek there are several small waterbodies which are perfect places for fishing.

You will find no better one than the cow house creek in the area, it has so many species living in it. Your chance of getting fish is very high in the spot, at the end part of the waterway. It widens even more like a river that place is better than the entire waterway. Your focus should be at the larger areas such as the ponds or wide portion.

There are hundreds of reports of blue catfish and largemouth bass, you may also find channel catfish at several points. In a nut shell the cow house is one of the best fishing creek in Texas and the best creek in its surroundings.

Denton creek

The Denton is in the northwest of Dallas and fort worth. Its more than 11 miles long and its a preferable fishing creek over the others in the area. The Denton has brilliant fishing opportunities over its bank in all the creek.

Species of fish in the Denton are channel catfish and blue catfish, you might also see largemouth bass in the waters. By width and length its a larger creek with more than usual width, it may offer other fun activities as well.

Spires creek

Over the Medina river the spires creek also provides good fishing opportunities. Grass carp and channel catfish are usually found in the spires and its full of it.

Final words

There are hundreds of creeks in the state of Texas and there might be other good fishing waters too. These are wonderful creeks for fishing and provides countless fishing. Anglers have been very happy fishing in these creeks lately.

Please keep in mind you may need a license fishing in Texas waters. These are the fishing regulations for Texas.

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