7 Best Fishing Creeks in Ohio, Best spots & tips

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The state of Ohio has got incredible length of waterways in different parts of the state. The total length of waterways in the state is even longer than the total boundaries of it. Only the large and named rivers in the state are more than 3000 as except smaller streams and creeks. There are also some of the best fishing creeks in Ohio, there is no part of the state where you would not find a great fishing creek. These offers some of the best fishing opportunities in the state that are even sometimes better than lakes.

The benefit of fishing in a creek over a larger spot like a lake or a pond is quite simple. They are more than lakes and are available everywhere more easily. So you don’t need a lot of time for a fishing tour, you can visit a creek in less than an hour.

Also you don’t need to have the full tackle like a boat etc which you often need for large waterbodies. You can just head over with a reel, rod and a set of lures and you are good to go. Similarly a creek is the best choice of fishing spot for a beginner as its easier to fish than in a lake or pond.

In this post we will share some of the best fishing creeks in Ohio. Each of these has multiple species of fish living in it and have high quality fishing.

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Pine creek

The pine is a large creek in the south of Ohio, although it has thinner parts as well but its overall a very large one. Its length is almost 65 miles, its one of the longest creeks as well flowing through multiple counties in state. Starting from the Decatur township in Lawrence county it flows towards west approaching to Scioto county. Before falling into the Ohio river in Delaware county it flows from several other counties over the way. And that is why pine is one of the longest and best fishing creeks in Ohio.

You will find largemouth bass in most of pine creek’s parts from its beginning to end. Near the fall in the Ohio river anglers are more often targeting trout, crappie and other species of bass.

Best fishing spots on pine creek

The pine is perfect for fishing anywhere near in few miles its fall into the river river and in green township. Other great spots you will find are in Elizabeth township in Miami county and Vernon township.

Nimisila creek

This one is more in the northern side of the state near the large cities like Akron, Cleveland and other population areas. It is an amazing spot for Channel catfish and has incredible populations of lake trout and largemouth bass. The Nimisila creek Ohio is not very long or wide but has great potential of fishing for anglers. But it flows through many reservoirs, lakes and smaller waterbodies on its way in fact it starts and ends with large reservoirs.

Fishing spots on Nimisila creek

This creek is all equally important for catfish and trout due to its straight regular shape. But targeting the reservoirs over its way will more increase your chance of better fishing especially for bass.

Overall Nimisila is an amazing fishing creek in Ohio and you must explore it if you have the time to visit.

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Yellow creek

The yellow is amazing and one of the best fishing creeks in Ohio having its length of 34 miles. This creek is situated in the east of the state, it falls in the Ohio river in Saline township. Due to its length it flows through several townships and some eastern counties as well. The yellow is a gem for those who like to be fishing in different varieties or beginners who want any fish to bite on their lures.

The yellow has brook trout and largemouth bass in a very large amount. It also offers brown trout, perch, blue gill and other species in most of its parts. Its the best fishing creek in Ohio providing the variety of large variety of fish in its waters.

Best spots on yellow creek Ohio

Both saline township and Knox township are having the best fishing areas of the yellow creek. Other areas like its part in ross township and its part in west of Berghols are having plenty of fish. Also in the Springfield township in the east of roger’s park has the area where the creek’s width increases is considered a better place to fish in. Overall the yellow is amazing fishing creek in Ohio.

Jamison creek

Its situated in the in the northern side of Ohio near the large cities especially its in the area of Ashland. Its in the west of Akron and in south west of Cleveland, it has almost 4 miles of length.

The most common fish caught in the Jamison are several types of catfish, also common carp is also popular in the creek. Its a great fishing creek of Ohio especially for those living in Ashland.

The Jamison is equally great from end to end and provide some of amazing fishing opportunities for anglers. This one is great but small so you could think of visiting it if you are not nearby.

Orange creek

The orange is in the north of Ashland about 6.5 miles from the city center. Its an amazing fishing spots for anglers and you will see several anglers fishing all the time. The area also has other fishing creeks all around the orange so it should be a priority due to the other creeks as well.

It offers several species of fish in its area and is certainly a great spot for trout and crappie. There are also found small mouth bass in decent amount in the upper parts of the orange.

Its an amazing fishing creek in Ohio providing constant fishing opportunities on all of its parts.

Shade creek

The shade is in the congress township area and it has a lot of meanders over its way. These meanders over the shade creek Ohio are some of the best fishing spots in all the area and are full of fish.

The shade provides very high quality black crappie and you may also find largemouth bass.

target the meanders of the creek, you will find no better place than meanders over the it. Its an amazing fishing creek in the state of Ohio.

Apple creek

This creek is so famous that the apple creek village in east union township. It has different types of fish but its incredibly famous for its rainbow trout and bass fish.

Final words

There are many amazing creeks that in the state of Ohio having different priorities over each others. The creeks that we have shared with you are some of the most amazing ones that are perfect to go fishing. However if you have more time you can go and explore many others as well there is no limit. Don’t forget the local fishing regulations, for most of Ohio waters here are the fishing regulations to keep in mind.