5 Best Fishing Creeks in Montana, Creek Fishing Mt

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A lot of people prefer to fish in smaller fishing spots like a creek over fishing in large water bodies. And this is very true in many places where you should be fishing in creeks and streams. Other than fishing in a lake where you will not find a single fish or a fish of your desire. Small spots are well known for its great quality of fish providing to anglers on their banks. Most of the times people visit creeks and rivers for trout fishing more than other sorts of fish. Because the great quality of trout in creeks we can’t compare them with a lake. The attractive fishing creeks in Montana are always welcoming people to fly fish in them.

Its also easier to fly fish for trout in a place where you can practically be standing in water. In case of Montana its true in all extents, there are tons of trout in fishing streams in Montana. And there are also no better destination for creek fishing in the US than this state. There are hundreds of creeks that offer stunning fishing opportunities in their waters and produce good fish in season.

Some of the most valuable fishing creeks in Montana are most of the time overlooked by anglers. But they deserve to anglers to visit and spend time fishing in them. Many has tons of fish and will attract you again if you go fishing in them once.

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Just have a look at these best fishing creeks in Montana that has crazy fishing opportunities. These are all those spots that has the most potential of fishing, people overlook but are great to visit on a fishing tour.

Best fishing creeks in Montana

  • Sweet grass creek
  • Muddy creek
  • Rock creek
  • Small creek
  • Big otter creek

Details of each creek are described below.

Sweet grass creek

Sweet grass is exactly that creek that is badly overlooked by anglers who can visit but they aren’t. Its probably because most of people do not know about the precious place to spend some time. It has that super ideal habitat for fish living in it and this makes the creek extremely great place for fish to grow their population.

There are several places over the sweet grass where you will find the exact fishing place of your desire. Where you will find a lot of fish and your chance of getting one are at the peak. Unluckily this amazing spot doesn’t have as much crowd as it deserves but anglers will enjoy the peaceful environment.

It has creek is amazingly great place for habitat of trout, it has brown trout, rainbow trout and cutthroat trout living in it.

The creek is located in the sweet grass county in the in the south of Montana. The area is near big timber in north and has no other major populations near by.

Spots on sweet grass creek

The ending point of the creek has several benefits over the other area. You will however find good fishing in other areas too, but getting to the other parts is a little difficult. The area where it falls into the yellow-stone river is the most easily accessible and has better spots as well.

There areas several other creeks and ditches to explore as well in the area, also the sweet grass creek is  also wider and has more opportunities.

Muddy creek

The muddy is also one of the largest creeks in Montana both by length and surface of water. Its length is 4.5 miles flowing from north to south, from Roosevelt it flows all the way to Richland county. And falls into Missouri river in fort Kipp area in the west of Culbertson.

The area is well known for its brown trout and hiking, the creek offers finest fishing opportunities. Other species it has are rainbow trout and the cutthroat trout is also available sometimes. There is no lack of fish in its waters but finding a good spot near the highway and river. However you can find many places if you can explore the areas that are a little far from the main highway.

Also the Missouri river is a great place in the area for the same species as they are sharing waters. So you will find better opportunities in easily accessible area.

The muddy creek is really worth visiting either for trout fishing or hiking.

Rock creek

The rock creek is absolutely the finest place for fly fishing in Montana. Its more than anyone’s dream fly fishing destination, amazing waters with unbelievable population of fish in it. The fishing experience in the rock creek is out standing, most of the anglers prefer it over any other place in the state.

The rock is full of fish at any point and has the highest quality of fish in it. This excellent spot produces several species of fish, the most easily available fish is rainbow trout.

Either you are visiting it for trout or any other species you like in its waters. Your chances of catching your desired fish are at peak of all time in Montana. It is absolutely a great destination and one of the best fishing creek in Montana.

Spots in rock creek

For a specific population of a creek you will have to search the area. However the place near Antelope and the area of the Dalles creek are considerably better for all species of fish. Don’t forget to explore the Norton campground area where the creek splits in two as it provides tons of fish.

Small creek

Its probably a small creek by its length but is incredibly famous for brown trouts. The creek offers some of the best and large browns in the area and has a lot of small other species as well.

Its located in the Pondera county in a mountainous area, its length is less than a mile and its pretty easy to find great spots on it.

Most anglers have caught significantly grown large size brown trout in the creek. Although its small but its has great waterflow and its worth visiting for its great fishing. It is one of the best fishing creeks in the state.

Big otter creek

Big otter creek is near the Raynesford in Judith basin county in central Montana. Its a great long spot for both brown trout and rainbow trout. Its near population area, it has several other branches and ditches near it.

The fish quality and size both are amazing in the big otter.

Final words

There are plenty of other ditches and streams to explore and spend time in. But these are however the best fishing creeks in Montana. Please keep in mind the local regulations for fishing around each of these spots.