Best Baits for River Trout Fishing, Trout Bait for River

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Trout are one of the most common freshwater species in north America. And more than half of its fishing is done in rivers, streams and creeks. Almost half of the anglers fishing trout in rivers are using either live or Powerbaits on their fishing trip. So in this article we will look into the best baits for river trout fishing.

As always like for all fish species live baits are the most successful type of luring substance. There are several types of live baits that drive them crazy when they see it. And they can not resist to bite it. Another benefit of using live baits for trout is that you can find it for free at the same spot where anglers fish.

But it might be hard sometimes to find enough live bait to cover your fishing trip. That is when Powerbaits and artificial plastic baits are play their role.

Power baits for river trout fishing might be from different feeding substances like dough. They have the favorite color and smell that fish can not resist and bite instantly.

While artificial plastic baits are very similar to live baits that are highly effective baits for trout fishing in river. This matching shape and color of artificial lures is also quite effective for attracting the fish. And many times it also tricks the fish to bite.

In this article we will share the top baits for trout fishing in river.

Top Trout Fishing Baits for Rivers

Despite the fact that fish in rivers and streams are smaller. In both situations they seem to like similar baits. The only difference is to keep the size of bait smaller on the hook. Or you will notice pretty soon that you are loosing your bait and the fish is stealing it by half bites.

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However there are some baits that works better in river for trout. Unlike the usual baits these river baits are more likely to get bites. And eventually anglers using these will catch a lot more fish.

Following are the best Live baits for trout fishing in rivers.

  • Worms
  • Grasshoppers
  • Freshwater Shrimp
  • Minnows

Using the live baits you will see the most success in all your fishing trips. The following are found near any freshwater body so you can easily catch one of these from your fishing spot.

1. Worms River Trout Bait

Several kinds of worms are famous for fishing in rivers. But the most effective one among them is earthworm which it can never resist to attack. If you have found large earth worms you can thread one of them several times.

Threading a full worm is not recommended this way their efficiency drops and they steal the bait. It is really effective bait for trout fishing in river as worms are favorite food for them. They are a great source of energy for the fish which is why the fish bite them so quickly.

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The best part about them is that they can be found very easily near a waterbody. Worms live in moisture areas in soil, means they can be easily caught for free near the spot you are fishing. Earthworms are my favorite bait for river trout fishing as they are the most natural and effective.

2. Grasshoppers

As surface feeders trout often feed on insects and flies that are on the surface or near the surface of water. This bait doesn’t even have a specific time, means whenever the insect (Grasshoppers) is available they will feed on them. Because it is matching to fly fishing it becomes a great bait for river trout fishing.

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Again this is something you can find near the water in greenery. It is especially common during the mild temperature months of early spring and late summer when temperatures are not too cold or hot. Also during windy days it comes with the wind like most insects.

Big grasshopper in fingers of an angler
Giant grasshopper live river trout fishing bait

Except Grasshoppers you can go for other insects like crickets as well. They will also work well but because they are smaller they won’t get as much attention from trout as grasshoppers will. Catching grasshoppers might not be easy as other live baits but it is worthy to try if you can find it.

3. Freshwater Shrimp

Now this one is something no angler should ever miss. No matter which species you are fishing. It doesn’t make a difference what fish you are going to catch in freshwater. The freshwater shrimp will always come handy for you. This bait is so effective for trout in river that it can catch you the most fish you have ever caught.

Freshwater shrimp bait is always a great option for the fish in any situation but they have been more active in rivers.

Finding them in a stream might be a little hard but if you head over to a lake you will find plenty. You may be able to store it and utilize it for months. Again freshwater shrimp bait has no match for trout in rivers.

4. Minnows Bait for Trout Fishing in River

As an active source of food for fish in rivers, minnows are often a preferable bait. Trout are predator fish and the feed on any smaller fish they can find in the water. And they tend to like minnows and feed on them very often.

It is easy to find them in streams and you can catch them at same time when you are fishing. Minnows are also good food source for river trout.

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All of the above are the best of all options you can go for. These all are the most natural food sources for fish and are great bait for fishing in rivers.

River Trout Powerbaits and Artificial Baits

Following are Powerbaits and artificial baits for trout fishing in rivers.

  1. Berkley Corn Powerbait
  2. Salmon Eggs
  3. Trout Magnet
  4. Berkley worms

These are the options other than live baits that are most likely to work for you.

If you are using power baits you must use these Powerbait rigs.

1. Berkley Corn Trout Powerbait for River

This is a dough Powerbait by Berkley having similar color as corn has. And it also has smell exactly matching with corn smell so it can easily trick the fish to bite on it.

As trout like corn so much and feed on it whenever available. They are often fooled by the corn power bait and they also hit on it. If you can’t find one of the live baits the corn dough should be the first option for you.

Here is how to use the Berkley power bait properly.

2. Salmon Eggs

Salmon eggs is also by Berkley which is round small egg shaped bait. Just like its name it matches the eggs of salmon which is why it attracts the fish towards hook and often catch it.

Salmon eggs are pretty effective and work great if used in the right situation.

3. Trout Magnet Artificial River Trout Fishing Bait

Trout magnet is an amazing lure which works like a charm. It hooks every single fish available in the water, it is one of the leading lures of all time.

It has great action so you can also use it for rivers and other type of waters.

4. Worm Powerbait

These are artificial baits shaped as natural worms and has similar size and color like worms. It is a great bait to use in all situations for trout.

When using in river you should limit the size either by using small worms or using half of it at a time. It is just a quick way to replace the most effective worms by artificial match of them.

Final Word

You may see success in other baits or lures however these are the top trout baits for river fishing. Keep it natural you will see the most success.

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