Best Bait for Rainbow Trout, Rainbow Trout All Baits

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Most of the anglers in north west often go for fishing rainbow trout in the season. While the fish is available in lakes and rivers through out the country. But the the fish is widespread in the northwest states. Anglers living in these states are well aware of the craze of people for the fish. Most importantly having a bait for rainbow trout critical when going fishing for it.

As for rainbow trout they live mostly in freshwater also rarely in saltwater bays. In freshwater the fish prefer to live in shallower parts of rivers and lakes that has good oxygen levels. A good setup of baits for rainbow trout is always a requirement which will boost your bite chances.

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But choosing the exact right bait is will need experience or at least some skill. Anglers having experience usually have confidence picking up the perfect rainbow trout bait. And it is not because they can pick up the right one anywhere on new spots. But its because they have learnt what works the most in the lake where they usually fish.

Rainbow trout can bite on several live baits. Minnows, worms, nightcrawlers and leeches are among the most used baits for it and your second choice can be freshwater shrimp, grasshoppers, some corn and small pieces of dough. These all often trick rainbow trout quite easily.

There are several other type of baits that can also be quite impressive. However the top baits for rainbow trout usually helps a lot and are successful most of the times. Here is our list of top baits for rainbow trout.

Here are the best baits for trout in lakes.

Best Bait for Rainbow Trout

Here is the list of natural things that works the most as bait for rainbow trout.

  • Minnows
  • Worms
  • Leeches
  • Freshwater shrimp
  • Nightcrawlers
  • Grasshoppers
  • Crickets

1. Minnows

Smaller size minnows has been a great type of food for all types of trout. It is even more special bait for rainbow trout when anglers present it. As rainbows are smaller than lake trout and other types of trout. You don’t necessarily need a full minnow to hook it a time. The smaller the minnow is the better it will perform for you.

If you have larger minnows and you can not find smaller ones its okay to use them in pieces. Of course it will lose its shape similarity of a smaller fish to make the rainbow bite. But its smell and meat type color will still be enough to attract them easily. So it is a great rainbow trout bait in all situations.

2. Worms (Best Size For Rainbow Trout)

Usually worms are smaller for other trout species because those fish are larger in size. And then it becomes harder for them to notice it and possibly bite it. But as the rainbow trout is smaller in size the size of worms becomes j

Worms as bait for rainbow trout
fresh worms to hook for rainbow trout as live bait

ust perfect. Usually most anglers recommend using smaller hook size so it can hold smaller rainbow trout bait.

So worms can be hooked easily and it is suitable in smaller size for the fish.

Also worms provide large amount of protein which is why all fish love to eat it. It is also used widely as the best rainbow trout bait. You can use it whenever you find it the fish loves it in any season.

3. Leeches (Fall and Spring Bait for Rainbow Trout)

Leeches are one of the most important diet part for many fish. During the seasons of spring and fall when all the other insects are more active. However the fish will love it anytime when you throw it no regardless of the weather.

These are very successful even there are plastic leech lures similar to the real leach. Many anglers throw the artificial leeches when they can’t find the real leeches. And the fun fact is that the fish is always tricked even with artificial bait for rainbow trout.

4. Freshwater Shrimp

This one is also a great option for rainbow trout but again hooking a shrimp at a time will not work. This way the fish will steal your shrimp and not end up biting the hook. You can use a single shrimp several times on a hook by cutting the shrimp into pieces. This way only 3-4 shrimp will last long time for you.

Shrimp is one of the main food sources for fish and rainbow trout loves this bait. I have personally been using fresh shrimp whenever I can find it its my first preference. It lasts long and works great.

You can expect hits in very short time when you cast shrimp. So it can also make it easily to the top baits list of rainbow trout.

5. Nightcrawlers

These are also great but the problem with night crawlers is that the often get stolen by the fish. If you go to a spot where there is larger rainbow trout in the lake or river. Then it will work great for you, whenever it cast it, it either get stolen or brings me a jumbo fish. Night crawlers are also considered great bait for rainbow trout.

6. Grasshoppers

In the are rare but very near to the habitat of fish, it lives in almost all the bushes and weeds near lakes and rivers. Which is why the when they fall in the water the fish try to eat them from the surface water. They are a part of the fish diet and fish don’t miss the chance to take them. Grasshoppers are used as bait for many types of fish.

But the problem is finding them, you can not buy it or find it anywhere else than the fishing spot itself.

7. Crickets

Crickets are very similar to grasshoppers and behave almost in the same way. It is also considered a great bait for rainbow trout and they love eating it. You can also use other similar thing like dragonfly etc.

Despite the usage of powerbaits anglers often prefer to use live bait or plastic lures first. And there are few reasons that could be important for you that why they pick live bait.

The first reason is the reliability of live bait. Expert anglers are the most confident when they have live fish food on their spot. No matter what the weather, water condition and part of the day it is you will see the rainbow trout live bait working. And the fish sees it as their original food which is why they can’t resist attacking them and they are tricked so easily.

Another reason is that it remains the same in different seasons. If you use a live bait in one season, the exact same thing will work in all the other seasons on same spot.

On the other hand you will have to try a few powerbaits that is true. But if you run into the right one you will enjoy it and gain experience.

In short rainbow trout baits are efficient and is the first choice for almost all anglers. The following is the list of most used and perfect rainbow trout powerbaits.

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Power Baits for Rainbow trout

Here are some of the most powerful powerbaits for rainbow trout.

  • Salmon eggs
  • Bread
  • Berkley Powerbait
  • Corns
  • Dough
  • Berkley honey worms

All these are the powerbaits that I have personally experienced and each of them can trick the fish easily. These might not be comparable to live fish foods in terms of reliability. But when you find the one that works in your spot then it will amaze you.

Final thoughts

You may find other baits as well for rainbow trout but these are the most commonly used and liked baits for rainbow trout. Each of these is favorite food for fish and gets the fish on hook so easily. You will not have to wait for longer if you use one of these helpful for you. Read the best trout fishing lines.