All About Fishing Boyd Lake, Spots, Species, Tips Full Guide

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Boyd Lake in Colorado is a popular fishing destination that offers a unique and enjoyable experience for anglers. The lake is near Loveland and provides a serene setting that combines both natural beauty and a variety of fish species. Fishing enthusiasts are drawn to Boyd Lake not only for its abundant fish populations. But also for the overall recreational experience it offers. This article is all about fishing Boyd lake near Loveland and Greeley.

One of the most appealing aspects of fishing at Boyd Lake is the diverse range of fish species that inhabit its waters. Anglers can expect to find a variety of fish, including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, crappie, catfish, and bluegill, among others. This diversity allows anglers of all preferences and skill levels to find something exciting to target.

The natural beauty surrounding Boyd Lake adds to the allure of the fishing experience. The lake is between beautiful landscapes, with stunning views of the Colorado mountains serving as a breathtaking backdrop. The tranquil ambiance of the lake, combined with the surrounding greenery and clear waters. Creates a serene environment that enhances the overall fishing experience. Many anglers find solace and relaxation in this perfect setting. Making it not only a place for fishing but also a destination for unwinding and connecting with nature.

Boyd Lake’s well-maintained facilities and amenities further contribute to its appeal. The lake is equipped with accessible fishing piers, boat ramps, and fishing docks, making it convenient for both shore and boat fishing. This accessibility ensures that anglers have various options for casting their lines and exploring different fishing techniques. Additionally, the presence of picnic areas, camping sites, and walking trails means that visitors can enjoy a well-rounded outdoor experience beyond just fishing.

Best Spots Fishing Boyd Lake

Boyd Lake in Colorado offers a variety of popular fishing spots that cater to different angling preferences. These spots provide opportunities for both shore and boat fishing, ensuring that anglers have a range of options to choose from. While the specific popularity of fishing spots may vary based on seasons and fishing conditions. Here are some detailed descriptions of well-known fishing areas on Boyd Lake.

North Shore Fishing Pier

The North Shore Fishing Pier is a favorite among shore anglers. This accessible and well-maintained pier extends out into the lake, providing ample space for multiple anglers to cast their lines. It offers a vantage point that allows you to target a variety of fish species. Whether you’re pursuing bass, crappie, or other panfish, the North Shore Fishing Pier offers a convenient and productive location.

Fishing Boat Launch Boyd Lake

The boat launch area is not only a gateway for boaters but also a great spot for anglers using watercraft. Launch your boat or kayak and explore different parts of the lake. The open waters around the boat launch area are often productive for fishing, particularly for species like walleye and bass. Trolling or drifting can be effective techniques in this part of the lake.

Cottonwood Cove

Situated on the southeastern corner of Boyd Lake, Cottonwood Cove is a popular spot for both shore and boat fishing. It offers a mix of submerged structures and aquatic vegetation, making it an attractive habitat for various fish species. Bass anglers often find success around the edges of these structures, while those targeting panfish might have luck in the calmer waters near the cove.

Rocky Point Fishing Boyd Lake

Found on the western shore, Rocky Point is another well-regarded fishing spot. This area provides a combination of rocky outcrops, submerged features, and underwater channels. These features create prime ambush points for predatory fish like bass and walleye. Casting along the rocky shorelines or using jigs and soft plastics near the underwater structures can yield promising results.

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Pelican Point

Positioned on the northern shore, Pelican Point offers a change of scenery and fishing opportunities. The gently sloping shoreline and submerged structures make it a promising location for both beginners and experienced anglers. You can target a variety of species here, and the open waters provide space for experimenting with different casting techniques.

Boyd Lake Inlet

This area is known for its inflow of water, which often attracts fish seeking cooler temperatures and an influx of nutrients. The moving water can create pockets of increased activity, making it an attractive spot for anglers. Target species such as bass and catfish that may gather around the inlet area.

Personal Experience Fishing at Boyd Lake

In the early morning light, I arrived at Boyd Lake with eager anticipation. Ready for a day of fishing that would soon become an unforgettable experience. As I set up my gear near the North Shore Fishing Pier, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the breathtaking scenery that surrounded me.

With my fishing rod in hand and a sense of excitement coursing through me.  I cast my line into the clear blue waters. The gentle ripples created by my bait’s descent seemed to mirror the excitement building within me. It didn’t take long for the first bite to come – a sudden tug that sent a surge of adrenaline through my veins. As I reeled in my line, the water erupted in a burst of energy, revealing a magnificent largemouth bass that gleamed in the morning light. The thrill of the catch was matched only by the stunning beauty of the fish itself.

As the day passes, I started exploring different spots, each offering its own unique charm. At Cottonwood Cove, I discovered the magic of casting along the rocky shoreline. The tension in my line was met with a fierce battle of wills as I engaged in a dance with a determined walleye. With each powerful pull, I could sense the raw strength of the fish, and the triumph of finally landing it was nothing short of exhilarating.

Making my way to Rocky Point, I encountered a different kind of adventure. Submerged structures beckoned beneath the water’s surface, promising the promise of yet more impressive catches. It wasn’t long before I felt the familiar tug on my line, and the water erupted as a sizable smallmouth bass emerged, displaying its vibrant colors and undeniable spirit.

Types of Fish Boyd Lake

Boyd Lake boasts a diverse range of fish species, each with its own unique behaviors and seasonal patterns. Understanding the presence of different fish and when their populations are at their peak can greatly enhance your fishing experience at the lake.

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass are a popular sportfish in Boyd Lake. During the warmer months, especially from late spring through summer, largemouth bass are more active and tend to stay in shallower waters. They are more likely to be found near the shoreline, around submerged structures, and areas with aquatic vegetation. As the water temperatures rise, largemouth bass become more aggressive in pursuing prey, making it an exciting time for anglers seeking this prized catch. Early morning and late afternoon are often prime times to target largemouth bass.

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass are also abundant in Boyd Lake and have their peak activity during the same warmer months as largemouth bass. They tend to prefer rocky areas, underwater structures, and drop-offs. Spring and early summer are excellent times to target smallmouth bass as they move into shallower waters for spawning. They can be more challenging to catch compared to largemouth bass, but the reward is a spirited fight and a beautiful catch.

Walleye Fishing Boyd Lake

Walleye populations in Boyd Lake are typically most active during spring and fall. Spring is particularly productive for walleye fishing, as they move into shallower waters for spawning. Look for them in areas with gravel bottoms, submerged rocks, and around the edges of drop-offs. Walleye tend to be more active during low-light periods, such as early morning, late afternoon, and into the evening, making these times optimal for targeting this species.


Crappie are commonly found in Boyd Lake and are popular among anglers seeking panfish. Spring and early summer are prime times for crappie fishing, as they gather near submerged structures, brush piles, and around docks to spawn. As water temperatures warm up, crappie become more active and move into shallower waters. They are often caught using small jigs, minnows, or other artificial baits.

Catfishing Boyd Lake

Catfish, including both channel catfish and blue catfish, are present in Boyd Lake and can be targeted year-round. However, they are more actively feeding during the warmer months. Summer evenings and nights are particularly good for catfish angling. Look for areas with underwater structures, deep holes, and channels. Catfish are known for their strong bite and can provide an exciting challenge for anglers.

Here are some other things to know about Boyd lake.

Bluegill and Sunfish

Bluegill and other sunfish species are abundant in Boyd Lake and can be caught throughout the year. They are especially active during spring and summer when they move into shallower waters for spawning and feeding. These fish are often found near submerged vegetation, along the shoreline, and around structures. Bluegill and sunfish are ideal targets for beginners and those looking for a relaxing fishing experience.

Final Thoughts

Exploring the fishing opportunities at Boyd Lake is a journey that leads you into a world of natural beauty, excitement, and connection with nature. With its diverse fish populations, stunning landscapes, and well-maintained facilities, Boyd Lake offers a captivating blend of adventure and tranquility for anglers of all levels.

From the thrill of battling with a feisty largemouth bass in the early morning mist to the peaceful moments spent casting along the rocky shorelines at sunset, Boyd Lake provides a canvas for unforgettable fishing experiences. The changing seasons bring different fish species to the forefront, each with its own behavior and allure.