9 Best Trout Fishing Lakes in Utah, Fly Fishing Lake Utah

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While most of the waters in Utah are open for public fishing. Anglers around the state enjoy year round trout fishing in each season. The types of angling popular in the state are in wide variety. However trout fishing in the massive lakes of is one of the most popular type of angling in the state. Thousands of people go fly fishing in Utah lakes year round no matter what the season is. You will know about the the best trout fishing lakes in Utah in this article.

Some of the lakes in the state are extremely famous for fishing. This popularity come from different types of fish. despite being home to many other species of fish as well but trout fishing is still leading in the state. Therefore some of the trout fishing lakes in Utah are getting good attention of public towards them. While there are some lakes that offer great fly fishing opportunities but they have been overlooked by anglers. That’s why we can easily find an ideal spot for trout fishing that is also silent and not heavily crowded.

But Utah have thousands of lakes in total that can distract you from the best lakes that are special for fly fishing. And due to a number of lakes near around you wouldn’t make it to the great to trout fishing lakes. In this article we will share with you the top trout fishing lakes that can give you an amazing chance to fly fish. These might not be very near to you but are probably worth your time. So if you have some time you can go on a trip and have some real fun time there.

Here is our list of the best trout fishing lakes in Utah. The listing is based on the best fishing opportunity each lake or reservoir provide.

Yuba lake

This lake is situated in central Utah in the Yuba state park, the name of the park has also been taken from the lake. The lake is laying from north to south in length on the Sevier river. Its location is near the veterans memorial highway in the center of Utah. Its distance from Provo city is 74 miles while its 136 miles away from salt lake city.

There are different types fish in the Yuba lake. The lake has large rainbow and wiper trout in several colonies. Its population of trout has been growing continuously in to larger populations each year. The size of fish is also now larger than before.

The Yuba lake has been popular for its healthy and easy catching chances. Its definitely in the top trout lakes of Utah.

Panguitch lake

This is a large lake in the south west  of Utah in the national forest. Its has a size of 1.95 mile square which is almost equal to 1250 acres. There is a net of highways and small roads accessing to the Panguitch. Its far away from large cities of Utah but its unbelievably great spot for fly fishing in the state. Most trout fishing lakes in Utah has multiple species like the Panguitch.

The Panguitch lake an absolute gem for those who love trout fishing. Because there is nothing in the waters but trouts every where. Its also having many different types of trout in it, the major species are brown, cutthroat, rainbow trout and brook trout. All these species are in massive size and widely populated in all over the lake.

The lake is definitely an amazing spot for fly fishing, a visit to the Panguitch is more than any other spot in the state. Because the destination is a real hub for trout.

Fish lake

The fish lake is located in the center of Utah slightly to the north. The area around it is slightly mountainous but there is no hill or mountain near to the lake. Its size is about 4 square miles equal to 2500 acres. The length is about 6 miles and 1 mile in width. It has long shores around it a good facility for bank fishing in the lake. Its also one of the deepest lakes in the state with average depth of 100 feet in summer, its depth increases even more in fall and winter touching a max level of 127 feet.

It is an amazing lake for trout and fly fishing providing three species of fish. It has rainbow trout and brown trout in its most part wile also has a good presence of lake trout. Its open year round for fly fishing anglers for shore and boat fishing. The best season to visit the lake is in summer and spring.

There are also other fun activities such as boating and camping around the lake. But its a perfect place to go trout fishing in its area. Many anglers usually visit the lake from the entire state.

Navajo lake

This one is located in the south near Panguitch lake in Dxie national forest. Its in the south of duck creek village and in east of net of many creeks. A highway approaches it from northern side where the large cities of the state are situated. The cedar city is in the south west of the Navajo just 28 miles from it.

There are 3 different types of trout in the Navajo, brook trout is most widely available. Cutthroat and rainbow are also having significant presence in its waters. This one can easily make its position in top 10 lakes for trout fishing in Utah. Its open all year for fly fishing anglers and also other fun activities.

Mirror lake

The mirror is located in the north east of Utah in Unita-Wasatch-cache national forest area. Its in the east of major cities in the state with 75 miles from salt lake city same distance from Provo and 111 miles from Ogden. Its only 53 acres in size but really an excellent spot for different species of trout.

Cutthroat and rainbow trout are having the most area covered while brook and golden trout are also caught here year round. Its the only place near cities where you can catch golden trout. This lake is amazing location for fly fishing in Utah its near, it has many kinds of trout and its open year round.

Fishing from shore is really popular at the banks of the mirror.

Blue lake

This amazing lake is right in the middle of the desert in Utah that may surprise you by its location. Located in the the salt springs waterfowl area, the area around this lake is totally desert. There are some other small water bodies as well in its west. It also has some other creeks around falling into it. Its open throughout the year for all public activities such as swimming and fishing.

Blue lake a small lake in desert

This water body has large size rainbow and brown trout. Public can be seen fishing here for trout any time. The only populated area near it is Wendover in its south. This water body is small (9 acres) but its more than enough in a desert area.

Cutler lake reservoir

Cutler lake reservoir is in the west of Logan city in Benson. Its just about 10 miles from the city center in the west. This lake separates the bear river coming from east and going trough the Cutler and proceeding to the west. Its area is approximately 5500 acres and has long shore.

You can fish many different types of fish in the lake as well as quality trout. Its famous in the entire state due to its trout and the location it has. Its easy to get there and a great location for trout fishing in the area.

Utah lake

This lake is in the west of Provo city just before the forest begins. It has very little distance from the city center and any other point of the city. The location is absolutely amazing and ideal for anyone want to fish in short time. The area of Utah lake is almost 95000 acres which is the third largest lake in the entire state of Utah. You will find no better place for trout fishing than Utah lake if you live in Provo.

Here are some fishing rivers you may want to know about.

Trout fishing lakes in Utah are usually confused with the Utah lake. The lake has many different species of fish that are usually caught by anglers but fly fishing is more famous for anglers then other type of fishing. The routine of the lake changes from time to time and it requires a special license to fish there. Check the rules and regulations before a trip to it.

Great salt lake

The great salt lake is the largest one of its type in Utah. It has water area of nearly 1100000 acres of mostly touch to the salt city lake. You can imagine how large this lake is. Its near Ogden and salt lake city with minimum distances and that’s why the city is named after the lake. Only the water fall areas are freshwater and all the other area has saltwater. Due to the saltwater are larger the freshwater area it forces the fish to stay in the freshwater area. This makes fishing more easy for anglers as the area is more specific in the lake.

The great salt lake

Its creeks and waterfall areas are really an axis for all the trout species. You can find golden, cutthroat, lake and brown trout in the waters easily in a specific area. And fishing in a specific area is always more easy than fishing thousands of acres having no clue where can I find the best fly fishing.

Final words

Always respect the regulation at each spot of fishing. Most of these have at least some sort of regulations for fishing or other activities so be sure to checkout the regulations for the one you are visiting. These are the best trout fishing lakes found with experience. There are other fly fishing lakes as well in the state which you can explore by time.