8 Best Trout Fishing Lakes in Wisconsin, Trout Lake WI

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Fishing in Wisconsin has a larger trend than any other state in the northeast of the united states. The state has such amazing spots for any kind of fishing around its area. You will find no space where there is no great fishing water nearby. Every large and small population area, from cities to small towns and villages have access to some of the best fishing opportunities in the entire united states. And all these destinations are near to everyone’s access. In this article we will share with you the best fishing trout lakes in Wisconsin.

Even the country’s largest lakes are sharing borders with Wisconsin. The superior lake which is the second largest in the the united states and seems like an ocean is in the north of Wisconsin. But still finding good trout fishing lakes in Wisconsin is very hard. Despite having more than 15000 lakes and some of the top quality trout in the country. An individual with less knowledge about lakes in Wisconsin is not likely to find a large water body that has trout.

This is the downgrade of trout fishing in Wisconsin for those who love fishing in lakes. Because almost all of the fly fishing is concentrated in the streams and rivers. Despite all this situation there are some lakes that offers the best fishing in the entire state. Finding those fly fishing gems in between 15000 is difficult for anyone. Here is the list of best trout fishing lakes in Wisconsin. The listing is based on those lakes providing the best quality and quantity than any other spot.

Wazee lake

This lake is situated in the west of Wisconsin in the Brockway. In the east of black river falls, the area is slightly populated having restaurants and markets. The Wazee is not among the large lakes in the state it is one of the most liked lakes in the area. Its location is not perfect but it is near the largest cities and other populated areas. You can get to the Wazee lake in a while driving.

The area of the Wazee is 146 acres providing so many species of trout in its waters. The majority trout living in the Wazee are brook, rainbow and brown trout. Fly fishing is quite popular in Wazee lake from its bank and from a kayak or a boat. It is one of few places providing the best trout in Wisconsin and multiple species. So it easily one of the top trout lakes in Wisconsin.

Green lake

The green is a large lake situated in the southeast of Wisconsin near the big cities. The green is situated in the west of Ripon and in the north of berlin Wisconsin. This green has more than 1200 acres and a total length of 7.5 miles. This lake is such an amazing place to visit within 90 minutes from any part of Wisconsin. From the large cities it will take up to 80 minutes while some of the smaller cities are even nearer. The green lakes shorelines are popular to be the best trout fishing spots in the entire state.

Green lake Wisconsin

The best quality brown trout are living in the green. In recent reports anglers have been quite happy fly fishing in green lake of Wisconsin. The average time to catch a trout in the lake is no more than 15 minutes. Green lake is one of the must go fly fishing lake in Wisconsin.

Devils lake

The devils has a different name, it isn’t devils, its just by name devils. This one is also having a great location like the green lake, its even more near to everyone in the state. Its just under 50 miles from Madison in the southeast and 123 miles from Milwaukee in the east. The amazing thing about this lake is that it has the Wisconsin river at 3 sides. The river is in the east north and south surrounding the devils from three sides and also being a great fishing source.

While most of the people are attracted to other species in the Wisconsin river around the lake. Its the best place to fish trout in silence. The best brown trout in the state is available in the devils year round. Its providing more than 2 miles of shoreline and is about 47 feet deep at deepest point. We can easily say that this lake is an amazing spot for trout fishing or fly fishing in Wisconsin.

Superior lake

Like its name the superior is actually superior among all the lakes in the united states except 1. The superior is the second largest in Wisconsin and has area of 20288000 acres. The superior has some parts in other states as well but the part in Wisconsin is absolutely the best in the whole superior. The islands situated in Wisconsin part of the superior makes the waters ideal place for fishing providing in water shores best for fly fishing.

The superior is situated in the north of the state and has hundreds of miles shoreline with the state of Wisconsin. The lake and brook trout species are native to the superior and hence makes superior the best lake for trout fishing. Many anglers visit the area for trout fishing hence its a very famous lake for fly fishing in Wisconsin.

Ada lake

The Ada is situated in eastern Wisconsin having another smaller reservoir in its east. The Ada has an area of 75 acres but a perfect for trout in the area. It is situated in the wolf river area in northwest of Townsend and lake wood. And in its south the white lake area is situated. The Ada is open year round for fishing and non motorized boats.

The Ada is like a town for rainbow trout and has a lot of them. Its well liked for being a great trout fishing lake in the eastern region of the state.

Lake Como

The Como has a location where the surrounding is populous area in south of Milwaukee. Its not far from Milwaukee and Madison cities even its a perfect place for residents of the area. In the north of the Como Geneva lake is nearby popular trout fishing lake. The whole area is incredibly famous as a fishing spot. Its open year round but the season of fishing starts April and ends in October. But in this season July and August are not as good as other seasonal months for trout.

The lake area is 955 acres and a long shoreline around it. It holds several large areas where you may find some of the highest quality trout. Many local anglers prefer to visit the Como over other larger places.

If you want to fish in rivers, here are some best fishing rivers.

Rock lake

If consider the location of a trout fishing lake in Wisconsin you may not find any better place than the rock. It is in a location where you would definitely decide to visit it once if you are a resident of Milwaukee or Madison. For both the cities its under an hour ride and very easily accessible. For Milwaukee its in the west while for Madison its in the east so its location is in between both cities. And its one of the few lakes having trout in the area, the trout here is more than any other place in the area so don’t look for other places if you can go on a trip to Rock lake.

The area of the rock is 3973 and more than a hundred feet of depth.

Final words

You may have a hard time finding a trout lake in Wisconsin other than these. The trout of the area instead live in smaller spots than these, if you love fishing in a lake then you have this list. Finding a better one among 15000 lakes will be a hard time for you. Hope you have got some information from this post have a great nice trip.

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