8 Best Trout Fishing Lakes in Maine, Fly Fishing Lake Maine

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Trout fishing is very popular among the anglers in Maine. Tens of thousands of anglers go fishing each year around the state specifically for trout fishing. There are a lot of great places for fly fishing in different parts of Maine, each of them popular for different types of fish. There are also more than 5700 large and small lakes and almost all have some sort of fish species. Its necessary for a fly fishing angler to specify a lake before he/she visits. So that the angler will be visiting the best trout fishing lakes in Maine.

Trout fishing has been growing significantly in the state for years. The sport has become very famous and now almost every resident of the area has gone fishing at least once. For anglers this becomes hard to decide about a lake whether they should visit or not. Although there are a lot of wonderful trout fishing lakes in Maine. It is still important to care about because once you visit a lake and you realize it to be the worst lake for your specific fish or for entire fly fishing. Then it will be big waste of time.

Here is our list of best trout fishing lakes in Maine here you can fly fish each year. The listing is based on the lakes which have at least one specie of trout and quantity of it. However most of the times they will have multiple so fly fishing becomes more interesting. And the angler wonders which trout to expect in the next bite.

Schoodic lake

The Schoodic lake is one of the Maine’s best trout fishing lakes. Its situated in central Maine in south east of Bangor city. The distance from Bangor city to the South east Schoodic lake is about 52 miles. The area of the Schoodic is almost 11 mile square which in acre feet is 7020 acres. The length of the Schoodic from southeast and northwest is 8.3 miles providing great and long shores which is always considered a chance for anglers. There are other lakes, water bodies and plenty of creeks in the east of the lake.

The Schoodic has been famous in the area for quite a long time now. The reason for its popularity is the best quality trout fish it provides. The spot has brook trout and lake trout in its waters in a very large area. Many anglers are often seen fly fishing in the lake most of the times.

Richardson lakes

These are two lakes in the southwest of Maine connected with each other. Its on a distance of 96 miles from Portland and about 80 miles from Augusta. The Richardson lake is in south of the cities of Maine but in the west of Bangor. The area of both of them is slightly more than 7750 acres. They have more than 30 miles of shoreline and is the best place for fly fishing from bank. This is one of the best trout fishing lakes in Maine.

There are multiple species of trout in the it but the majority are brook and lake trout. The quality of brook in Richardson lakes is the most amazing and large size. Anglers are most likely to catch the brook and lake trout due to their larger colonies. These can easily make their place in the best fly fishing lakes of Maine.

Grand lake

The grand is one of the largest in the state’s 5700 reservoirs. Its area is nearly 16000 acres and connected with many others its in the area. The junior is connected with the grand lake with a large stream called junior bay. Another large one connected to it is the big lake, they are connected through a large stream having multiple beautiful falls. All of them are located in the east of Maine.

Brook, brown and lake trout are usually caught easily in the lake. The quality and size in the lake is amazing and also other fish species are caught many times in the area. This place is preferable over the others for multiple style fishing because in this chain of lakes and rivers you can find a lot more than just trout fishing. However it attracts more fly fishing anglers to the area than any other specie anglers.

Baskahegan lake

Again baskahegan lake is also in the east of Maine in the south of grand lake. Its 96 miles away from Bangor in the east and 162 miles from Augusta in the same direction as it is in the east of state. The area of Baskahegan is approximately 6800 acres and maximum depth is 22 feet which is a ideal for trout fish. Because the trout does not go so deep in water and stays near the surface.

Baskahegan is an amazing place for brook trout fishing anglers. And most of the anglers seems to be benefiting from it as well. You can also find other species but brook trout is mostly available in the lake.

Sebasticook lake

With an amazing location in the central Maine this one is angling source for many people in Maine. It is right in between Bangor and Augusta in the south east of new port. Unlike other lakes of Maine this one has many highways and roads around it and getting there is really convenient and easy. Many anglers from Ellsworth, Waterville, Augusta and Bangor enjoy fishing in the Season. The Sebasticook lake is smaller in size about 78000 square foot. But very famous destination for fly fishing and other species are also available.

There are plenty of other fish species as well in the lake like crappie, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. But it has a significant presence of brook and brown trout.

Pleasant lake

Near Lewiston city this lake is famous in area due to its location. Most of the people visit the lake from Portland, Brunswick and Lewiston and have their fun time in the pleasant. Its in between Thompson in the east and long lake in the west in Dunker town. The area of pleasant is 512 acres, the lake is stocked each year heavily with trout and other fish species. The trout live in the pleasant is brook trout and the place has quite great number of fly fishing anglers each time in the season.

Aziscohos lake

Aziscohos is a long lake in the southwest of the state and it is 18 miles long and has more than 30 miles of shoreline. The total area of Aziscohos is more than 6800 acres. It attracts so many visitors each weekend from the nearby places. It has Wilsons mills road in the northern side of the lake the entire area is called Lincoln. The Richards lakes are in north of the Aziscohos.

There is only Brook trout in Aziscohos lake and the are in insane size and amount. The lake has its specific regulations and baits for fishing. The trout and salmon in Aziscohos are without stocking with reproduction.

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Echo lake

Echo lake is right in the north of Maine and has a great area for fly fishing. Natural spawning of lake trout happens each year at the echo while for other species of trout its stocked heavily. An amazing trend of trout fishing in area is due to the Echo lake. Its near most of the cities in Maine and it makes it a little crowdy.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind Maine has its specific regulations specially the seasonal regulations. While some of these trout fishing lakes may also have specific regulations. You should be aware of all regulations before going on a fishing trip to any of these lakes these might not be open at the time you visit so make sure you read all the regulations available online. All these lakes are the perfect places for trout fishing and fly fishing in their own areas. There could be other great places as well in Maine however these should be preferred due to their great opportunities of fly fishing.

Here are the Maine fishing regulations.