5 Best White Bass Jigs, Where and How To Use Them

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Even though there are a lot of different types of baits used for white bass. Bass fishing is more than just a live bait species. It loves all types of jigs as long as they stay in matching colors and size. There are hundreds of different types of artificial lures that are used for bass by anglers. Many times artificial lures and baits even out perform live bait that is why more and more anglers are switching to use artificial lures and jigs. In this article we will discuss the most successful white bass jigs.

Except a couple of the northern states there is good trend of white bass fishing in all the US. The species has more concentration in the central states including Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. And there is incredible trend of fishing it in the central states because of the massive fish populations. Almost every fishing spot in these states has the fish living in the water.

As there are lots of good sized fish the people of the area are a lot more experienced fishing them. They often use hair jigs and other types while throwing their line for the species. But it is not easy to guess what type of bait or lure to use in a certain place. But we have collected the top best performing white bass jigs you should give a try.

White bass fishing jigs

Among the many types of them that are being used constantly for the fish. There are hundreds of jigs that we have used over the time and experimented on many more. But after a lot of experience with different products and hand made quality jigs and lures. Only a few remains that we would like to use in future as well for the fish.

These work way better than just the traditional jigs for bass in many situations. This is a collection that any experienced angler would keep in his tackle bag. Except white bass they also work for other species of bass as well if you have the right color combination. Here is the listing of best white jigs for all anglers fishing in rivers or large waterbodies like lakes and ponds.

It is important to have some knowledge about the fish before going to fish. Here are some useful white bass fishing tips that may help.

Curly tail soft plastic jig

There are many types of curly tail soft plastic white bass jigs. For beginner it becomes stressful and very confusing selecting the exact lure for the first time. The complete name of this is “Curly tail golden flash”. It is made of soft plastic so it is often called soft plastic lure as well.

This has medium action with a matching size hook. During the drag when the tail moves the jig makes the it go crazy. After casting the curly tail golden flash jig for white bass you will feel much more action in your fishing than a normal day.

Another great add on to this is the small crappie head. It also helps attract the fish from distance when the fish see the eye on head. Pink color of head has worked for me many times even better. But that can change in different spots, so you can try a few different colors you will definitely find the best one for your spot. If not only the jig with combination of the plastic lure will work great.

This is definitely one of my top white bass jigs of all time in almost all conditions.

custom made white bass jigs

This one is very reliable and great head based feather concept for bass. The shiny feathers attract the fish towards the lure and makes it to bite. Bite frequency is very high on this type which has made it very famous among the custom jigs.

You can make this easily just by using a few things at home. You will need a crappie jig head having red color and white feathers having few brightening effect on some of the feathers. These are the only elements you will need to make a jig for white bass.

Just glue the feathers on the red jig head you have and hide the hook in between them. Then tie the feathers well on the head by a smaller fishing line or other thread. You can also use a trailer on the hook. It will increase the attractiveness of the body even more.

This jig works incredibly for white bass, I know many anglers using this all the time.

Finesse white bass jigs

These are smaller size of the usual lures and are used where the fish is not likely to bite. The size of fish will be relatively smaller as the finesse jigs are also smaller however you will have decent size fish too. This one really help in the bottoms of lakes.

Again they have good action but needs a little drag to show the action. These are so special for muddy water and the rocky bottoms but that doesn’t stop anglers from using it in transparent water as well.

During the winters when white bass is not much likely to move around. These jigs just work amazing and attract the bass from their safe havens. The fish can not resist biting these baits that is why the biting rate is higher.

If you are successful locating the it finesse jigs are the best even in summer times. But these are for winters just because you have to locate them first and then you will experience a ton of bites.

Flipping jigs

Flipping is juts another example of what jigs are actually capable of. These works so fine in all conditions, you just have to give it a try and see if it matches your spot’s habitat. For all types of bass including white bass these are just amazing.

Now its up to you if you want to use live bait or power bait in combination with flipping jigs. But it is better to use a trailer in combination with flipping jigs. As both the feathers and trailer are great for white bass they will work impressive.

Tube baits with jig-heads

There is a type of tube baits that has feather type of tails at the end. These are sometimes called Gitzit tube baits. These also works incredibly fine with combination with the right color jig head. Again using a pink jig head may save you some time. But it is more like matter of testing what is best for you in your spot.

Some anglers use it as their first option in rivers, but you have to be careful with your line if you are fishing in river. Here is how to select the right river fishing line.

Final thoughts

There are so many different types of lures and head combinations used for different species of bass. It is not true to say we’ve tested all of them. However we have been through many of them and after testing so many jigs we come to an end and say these are the best jigs for white bass that we found. There might still be other good jigs for the species as the jigging world is so big. You can go through others as well but keep in mind that will take time.