7 Best Fishing Lakes in Oklahoma, Fishing Spots Oklahoma

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Despite being land lock the state of Oklahoma still offers amazing fishing chances. No access to sea or ocean does not mean no fishing for anglers. In fact most of the anglers prefer to be in freshwater spots for fishing. In Oklahoma there are hundreds of good places where anglers can visit and cast their lines. But lakes are more preferable for most anglers due to the vast populations of different kinds of fish. We will discuss the best fishing lakes in Oklahoma.

This state offers warm water fishing, where you have many fish types to cast line for. There are largemouth bass, small mouth bass, crappie, catfish and many other species found in the best fishing lakes in Oklahoma.

Each one offer impressive fishing for all those who visit and attempt. But there are probably giant fishing lakes that are preferable over the others in spots. Being in a perfect fishing spot will lead you to impressive fishing time and its worth the tour. Anglers can aim for their desired kind of fish and choose which time they can go.

In a large number of lakes here you might wonder which lake to try today. Some of them will be far away from your location and other will be not so great compared to the top fishing lakes of Oklahoma. Some lakes due to their locations are famous but the fish is not worth spending all day for. But others despite having some of the best fishing populations and variety are overlooked by anglers just because they are not famous.

Here is our list for the top best fishing lakes in Oklahoma that provide large varieties and populations of fish with quality which will be near you but you might not have realized.

Lake Eufaula

Eufaula is one the largest lake in the entire state of Oklahoma. It has the largest area in amongst all the 200 lakes of the state. The Eufaula is located on the Canadian river in the east of state near with the river of Arkansas. This lake is an amazing spot for bass fishing and also fish like crappie and catfish. Anglers from nationwide visit the lake Eufaula for fishing each year.

There are plenty of great spots where you can cast your line and fish in silent far from the crowds. Specifying a better place fishing will lead you to large and more successful fishing day. The only drawback is the distance from Oklahoma city, its about 133 miles from the city but its still not very far. No matter what the season or weather is many anglers fish in the Eufaula the year round place each day.

The grand lake of Oklahoma

The grand is one of the best fishing lake in Oklahoma state due to many reasons. It is situated in the north east of the state and has a great fishing area like its name. It consists on more than 46000 acres area and a long coast line. The lake provides multiple large populations of fish at its different spots however its full of fish each point. The main fish in the grand lake of Oklahoma are largemouth bass, small mouth bass, white fish and many more.

People usually cast their lines from its shores as well as there are many fish it can also be caught from shore. This allows those who can’t carry or rent a boat for just one day. The best quality and very wast and large population of fish makes the lake extremely great place for fishing in the state.

Canton lake

The canton reservoir is also considered a beautiful place to visit for fishing. This lake is smaller in area but the quality of the different fishes is really worth fishing in the canton. There is large amount of different fishes here and most of them are liked by many of the local anglers. The reservoir contains big largemouth and small mouth bass fish hybrid bass is also available here. And channel catfish of the lake is the top quality fish in the canton lake of Oklahoma. The small canton is not just providing these fish, there are also other species in the reservoir. This makes the lake favorite destination for many anglers.

The area of the lake is slightly more than 7900 acres and it is in the west of Oklahoma city. It is considered as one of the best fishing lakes in Oklahoma.

Keystone lake

Located in the north east of the state this major lake is also one of the popular fishing spots of the state. Anglers visit the lake round year for the best quality fishing in the state. This lake is a home to many species of bass, and most anglers consider it like a bass fishing spot as well due to the excess of bass live here in the lake. While there are many species in the lake but some of the major are largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth bass, stripped bass and white bass. And it doesn’t end here there are also many other species available here in little amount.

The lake is almost 26000 acres area which enough to explore for the whole time if you find the lake perfect for you. The depth of the lake is just 27 feet which makes it perfect to explore from the shore.

Lake Texoma

Texoma is the best place in the entire state for stripper fishing. Its famous in Texas as well not only in Oklahoma due to its position. It’s actually in the middle of the two states Oklahoma and Texas that’s why its famous in both of the states. A significant amount of anglers visit the lake for the same purpose of fishing. This is one of the major lakes in the Oklahoma as well as in the other neighbour state. The area of the lake is near 89000 acres the lake is laying both sides on the red river from east to west.

White and largemouth bass and other fishes like the channel catfish and blue catfish are very famous here. This lake definitely worth visiting either from Oklahoma or the other neighbour state which share the lake with the state.

Sooner lake

Sooner is also top priority best fishing lake in the Oklahoma it is almost 5400 acres area in the north of Oklahoma city. Its one of the best spots for largemouth bass and stripped bass but it also offers blue catfish. The lake is having island type places in the middle of water which makes the best opportunity to access the deep water for bass easily. Unlike on a boat you can fish for bass here more easily and relax.

The offers quality bass along with quantity so if you are a fan of bass must try his bait in the sooner. Another great thing is that the lake is near the Oklahoma city in the north its no more than 92 miles.

Here are Oklahoma fishing regulations.

Lake Konawa

The Konawa is just 1300 acres of area in total. It is popular fishing spot despite being so small, the Konawa is just 70 miles in the Southeast of the city. Its one of the most crowded lake in the area, its not only small but its depth is also very little. Its most deep point is 17 feet deep and hosts the best population of bass.

The spot hosts several species of bass including the largemouth bass, stripped bass, white bass and catfish. This spot is very popular tourist spot and angler are usually found around most of the times.

Final thoughts

There is a lot of experience behind the list and there might be other greater lakes as well in the state. Having good experiences in fishing will always lead to more success. If you are thinking to find a great bass fishing spot in your area then I have written a post for you, these four tips will help you find the best bass fishing spot around you.