7 Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Georgia, Top Georgia Bass Lakes

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Georgia is famous for the great places and chances of bass fishing. The state is home to many different species of bass in large quantity. The top five types of the fish are at the maximum quantity in the states different spots of fishing. Besides that this state offers the best quality of fish in entire country. Chances of catching a big largemouth bass increases even more if you are fishing in a lake in Georgia. Even the smallest fish caught in Georgia is more than 12 inches in length. Today our focus will be on the best bass fishing lakes in Georgia.

Besides the fishing this state also has many popular and large waterbodies. These are large, clean and adventurous, almost all fishing spots are good in the state. Some of the bass lakes in Georgia have great popularity even outside of the state. Anglers from Alabama, south Carolina and Florida are continually visiting the Georgian bass lakes year round.

Among these spots some are absolute gems that are the fishing paradises of Georgia. And due to the excess of fishing spots in the state these amazing ones are often overlooked by the local anglers. But for their fame the outside anglers are always there at the best spots for fishing.

In this article we will be looking at the best bass fishing lakes in Georgia. This listing is by quantity of fish inside each, areas of them and the easiest to catch a fish.

Carters lake

Carters lake is a famous and large in the north of Georgia. Although carters has other species of fish as well but is famous for its largemouth bass. The lake is about 3200 acers in area which is enough to explore in several days. The main species of fish found here are the largemouth, stripped, spotted and rock bass.

Not only for these species the Carters is also rich of other species of fish such as catfish. One of the best things that makes fishing easier in it is its shape. There are plenty of island types spots in the lake that gives direct access to the middle and deep water of the lake. This large reservoir is about 450 feet deep and therefore catching catching a trophy bass is normal here.

West Point lake

West Point lake has a great location and near to Atlanta, Columbus and other small populations of Georgia. It is located in the central west of the state near Alabama and large number of Alabaman angler is always here for fishing bass. In comparison to an average reservoir it is much larger and probably offers more fish then other lakes.

West Point is famous for its production of quality fish each year, the smallest fish caught are 14 inch in this spot. The average fish weights in the lake is above a pound. There are large amounts of stripped and white bass found in the West Point. Besides fishing at this spot you can also enjoy beach and fish from the shore.

Bass fishing tips.

Lake Sinclair

The Sinclair is one of the best spots in the entire state for largemouth bass. There are also smallmouth, shoal and spotted bass in large quantity. Sinclair is larger than 15300 acers area wise and about 90 feet deep. The location of Sinclair falls between Augusta and Atlanta in central Georgia in the north of Carl sanders highway.

The lake is an amazing spot for camping as well with everything around. The best spots in Sinclair are around the boat parking dock where you can directly access bottom water. Or the small green island is the most valuable place to fish in. If you are at a kayak or a boat then go ahead and explore the lake and find the heart of fish population.

Overall lake Sinclair is a great place to explore, and its probably one of the best lake in Georgia for bass.


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Clark’s Hill lake

From the 1950’s when this lake was built it has made history for being a great resource. The lake is known nationwide for its great largemouth bass fishing and other fish population. There are stripped bass and largemouth bass found in this spot at a very large amount. Clark’s Hill lake is also popular for the great quality fishing of other species such as catfish and red breast sunfish.

There are great spots for camping as well around the lake and often visit the area for camping. Bass can be caught here all year round in any season but the best seasons are spring and summer to have quality fishing.

The area of reservoir is more than 71000 in acers and slightly more than 112 mile square. Exploring this spot will be really enjoyable either for bass fishing or camping. Touch the deep end of the water to find the trophy fish, the spot is about 180 feet deep.

Lake Seminole

Seminole is also one of the artificial lakes in the state. The area of this Seminole is larger than 37500 acers and also very green and clean. This spot is more like a dam in structure. This reservoir is famous for its stripped, sunshine and largemouth bass, there are many other species as well in this lake. At the dam side where there is a low flow of water alongside there are more largemouth fish populations.

Keep in mind that the Seminole is full of bass different types of alligators, so keep your self away of them. The alligators living in the park are very large and swimming here can be extremely dangerous too.

While to have good bass fishing in the lake, visit it during the months of January and February. These times are great for bass in the lake because fish usually lake in these two months. This lake is one of the best bass fishing lakes in Georgia.

Allatoona Lake

Despite being one of the top bass fishing lakes in Georgia the Allatoona is a little more for the residents of Atlanta. Its just under 1 hour ride from the city by car. The depth of waters in the here is about 145 feet and the lake is one of the best bass fishing places in the whole country.

The Allatoona offers great fishing along with river and at the lower waters of the reservoir. The Allatoona is large enough to keep you busy exploring it for days. The area of this lake is more than 12000 acers and it will not be wrong to call it an inland sea. Using spinner baits in this lake could be beneficial and will make your success more easy. All the Allatoona has are different species of bass, Largemouth bass are in quite large quantity here. Other species that are in majority in this lake are spotted bass and stripped bass. The areas around the lake are like dense forest and great places for outings.

Lake Oconee

The Oconee definitely falls in the top bass lakes of the Georgia, it is also well known country wide. Due to the great fishing opportunities it offers it can be even called amongst the best bass lakes in Georgia. It is also very large area wise, its slightly larger than 19000 acers. It is a great location for all the large cities and small populations in the state as it is in the absolute center of Georgia.

Stripped bass is the only species in the Oconee which is in large population. Besides bass there are also other fishing chances in this spot and due to all these qualities the Oconee falls in the list of best bass fishing spots in Georgia. Having a boat will lead to the best experience of fishing in the Oconee as the fish is not easily found in the coasts of water.

Final thoughts

I have experience in many of Georgian bass lakes that are famous for their bass but I have never found better option than these. To me these are some of the best bass fishing lakes in Georgia but you may find better as there are plenty of others as well in the state. It is so much time consuming to fish in each one and it sucks when you find out that its the worst spot ever. So benefit from the experience of others and save a lot of time and frustration of not finding a single fish.

Having good experience of fishing also matters but the spots we have mentioned are the easiest even a 12 years old will be able to catch a large fish.

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