6 Best Trout Fishing Lakes in Colorado, Fly Fishing Colorado

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When it comes to trout fishing lake, there has never been a better place than Colorado. This state is the living world for trout along other species of fish. Fly fishing is extremely popular in the state and anglers enjoy year round trout fishing in different lakes of Colorado. There are countless amazing spots where anglers go on fishing trips no matter which time of the year is. There are more than 4000 in Colorado where anyone can enjoy fishing world’s best trout. Despite being to many other spots as well the state’s lakes have been the best places to fish trout for many years.

To enjoy the best weather, landscapes, rivers and the overall beauty of the state. More than 80 million people from around the united states and the world visit it. And over 20 million of all travelers are coming as tourists. Many of these 20 million are specially visiting Colorado for its amazing trout fishing lakes and opportunities. The best attractive fishing spots are actively attracting anglers to them during the year.

Despite being home to the best trout lakes in the world, the major fishing lakes are still overlooked. Most of the people visiting Colorado visit smaller spots for trout fishing. But we believe that the lakes are always better than other spots for fly fishing in the state. Those who know the the importance of lakes for fly fishing are always confused. Due to the large amount of reservoirs people can’t decide which spot to visit.

Here is our list of the best trout fishing lakes in Colorado that you can visit for best trout in the world. The listing is based on personal experiences of best fishing and location of reservoirs.

Lake Granby

The Granby is one of the most popular reservoirs in the state due to its massive size. It is in the north of Colorado almost 123 miles from the city center of Denver. While its a little away from Colorado springs with the distance of 160 miles. The area of Granby is more than 11 miles which is slightly more than 7250 acres. This is the second largest water area in the entire state among more than 4000 reservoirs.

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The Granby lake has wide opportunities of trout fishing with many species of fish. Rainbow is the most widely available in the Granby however the other species include lake, brown and cutthroat trout. Large colonies of brown trout are easily available in the Granby from its shores.

trout fish in net

Anglers without a boat or a kaya have also caught trophy size fish from the shore. The Granby freezes during the cold weather so ice fishing is also popular in the Granby. Due to varieties and large population of fish in the lake it becomes the perfect place for fly fishing anglers. And that’s why many anglers fish trout from the shores and on boats. The Granby is a perfect place to plan your trip for trout fishing in this lake.

Standley lake

The Standley is a large lake situated in the northwest of Denver city. Its in the west-minster metropolitan area near central west-minster. Due to its amazing location in the Denver city, large amount of people visit it continuously. The area of the Standley is 1200 acres, in the north having large park named as “North standley open space park”. The lake is surrounded by different roads from all side making it more easy to access from each side.

The only specie of trout in Standley is the rainbow. But is available widely all around in the lake waters. Many anglers enjoy the best fly fishing in the season here. Other species such as largemouth bass, channel catfish and yellow perch are also available year round. During off season specially in winter when the it freezes up, its liked very much for ice fishing. If you have access to the land mass in the middle of the lake you can multiply your joy of fly fishing. You will have better reach to the larger populations of fish in the Standley.

The Standley is open year round for public fishing but boating is restricted to self propelled boats only. Its extremely easy to get to the Standley from any point of Denver city. And the lake is really worth visiting no matter if it is for trout fishing or other fishing activities.

Blue mesa reservoir

The Blue mesa is the largest lake in Colorado. Its located in the west of the state, from east to west in length. The length of the Blue mesa reservoir is almost 20 miles in length and total area is 14.34 mile square. The total area in acres is 9177 acres which makes it the largest inside Colorado except for those on boundaries.

There are different types of trout in the Blue mesa, rainbow is the most widely populated in the reservoir. Other types of fish are lake and brown trout. There are also other species fish in the waters of blue mesa lake but still most of anglers in the area are loving fishing in the lake. Sockeye salmon and smallmouth bass also have small presence in the blue mesa. Fly fishing is very popular for anglers with a boat or from shoreline.

It is open for public boating and fishing but its frozen for most of winter. Until middle of spring you can also enjoy ice fishing on the frozen reservoir.

Chambers Lake

The chambers is a small lake in the norther Colorado. Its inside the state park forest situated in the north of Denver city at a distance of 126 miles from the city center. The area of the Chambers lake is 255 acres, it remains open year round for anglers of the area.

Although its small in size but it still offers the best quality fly fishing opportunities. But there is only lake trout single species available in the Chambers.

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North Delaney lake

North Delaney is in the north of Colorado in the medicine bow-routt national forests. The area is incredibly beautiful and and green. The area is only 160 acres but the north Delaney is very popular for the quality trout it provides.

Trout is reproducing naturally and growing steadily. Some of the eggs have been taken from the lake to increase population around the state in other lakes and reservoirs. The Delaney due to the heavy population of trout is important for fly fishing in the area.

Twin lakes reservoir

These are two lakes in the state famous for their varieties of trout. Not only in the reservoir waters but also in the lake creeks in both west and east of the lakes. Both of them has an area of more than a thousand acres. These are really homes to different types of trout fish. The species are brown, cutthroat, lake and brown trout. In their area the twin lakes are the best destinations for fly fishing.

Final Words

Colorado is the best trout fishing area in the world and produces quality trout each year. There are plenty of other spots as well but after experience of years we can easily say that these fly fishing lakes of Colorado are on the top for quality and quantity of trout. Although there are other spots as well famous for trout in the state.

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