6 Best Speckled Trout Baits and Soft Plastics

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Despite being available in very few states, speckled trout is a very fun fish to catch. Wherever you will find them you will also find out that the people of the area love catching them. And one of the most effective ways to catch them is to use speckled trout baits. There are a number of effective plastic and live baits for speckled trout.

Talking of the species that is specific to the south-eastern united states. People love catching speckled trout in those states. And the species is just something more fun than trout fishing. But unfortunately the fish is not found in all over united states like other types of trout. Which makes it a special fish to south east.

The reason this fish is so fun to catch is because it is incredibly easy to catch. Using the right baits you will not face any difficulty finding or catching speckled trout. While you may have to struggle when you try to land it on your boat or on shore. Because this amazing fish constantly fight till end to set itself free.

Another special thing about the fish is that anglers love about this fish. When they are done casting baits and catching them, they taste amazing if you spare some. So you can also keep some when you are done releasing many.

But again its crucial to use the right types of baits to catch speckled trout effectively. And this article is all about the best speckled trout fishing baits.

Following we will share all types of speckled trout baits including plastic baits.

Speckled trout fishing baits

Despite all the differences and special characteristics of speckled trout still they are very much similar to other trout species in behaviour. They tend to like the types of bait that are also favorite to brown, brook, rainbow and lake trout. But of course you need special bait for every species to be successful catching.

Here are the top speckled trout fishing baits.

  • Earthworms
  • Freshwater Shrimp
  • Grasshoppers
  • Berkley Dough Powerbait
  • Minnows
  • Z-man Plastic Bait

These are the special foods for speckled trout and they tend to like it more than pretty much any bait. Using these anglers have found immediate success catching them. While you might need some plastic baits to easily locate them in a lake which we have discussed below.

Soft plastics are also having important role in fishing speckled trout.

Here is how to use all these baits for speckled trout.

1. Earthworm Bait

Earthworm is a great source of protein and energy for all types of fish living in freshwater lakes and rivers. Hence they are liked by all species of trout as well. It is also favorite bait for speckled trout. Using earthworms you will easily catch them at any spot from shore or from a boat.

The way to bait a hook with earthworm is easy. Take a worm of size enough to cover the hook and thread it on your hook. Thread the middle and the other end of the worm as well so there is no excessive length left. This way the fish wouldn’t be able to steal the bait from hook.

If you are fishing trout in river here are the best bait options for you.

If you can’t find earthworms you can use bloodworms or any other type worm since they are all similar. To avoid the struggle of finding live worms the Berkley artificial worm will be your go to bait.

The soft plastics worms are also widely used for trout fishing including speckled trout.

2. Freshwater Shrimp

Belonging to the same habitat as the fish, freshwater shrimp is favorite food for many types of fish. Because its in the same area where the fish lives, and trout is active predator. Which keeps attacking them whenever they find shrimp. Speckled trout loves freshwater shrimp as it is one of the best bait for them.

This speckled trout bait works like a charm when caught in the same waterbody due to close habitat relation. You can also bring your own old shrimp or catch it on the spot. Shrimp is also very easy and fun to catch also pretty simple. You only need a shrimp fishing net. Often only 1 cast of the net will land you enough shrimp to use it for at least 1 fishing trip.

All these properties makes freshwater shrimp a great live bait for speckled trout.

3. Grasshoppers Bait for Speckled Trout

Grasshoppers are pretty common but season related bait for speckled trout. They are often found in the grass near the waterbody. And the best part is that speckled trout unlike other trout lives very shallow near surface often in the bushes near the shore. This common nature make speckled trout a predator of grasshoppers. And grasshoppers become one of the best baits for trout.

Grasshoppers are usually in early summer in big populations. But they are available all summer long, often the population grow again during fall when temperature isn’t too hot.

4. Berkley Dough Powerbait

Dough is also a great option for trout, there are many types of dough bait that are used for all types of trout. You may feel the need to try different colors. Its because trout favorite color may differ from species to species. Trout love eating off your hook which is why you should hide the hook in bait.

The dough absolutely does the trick and makes the fish bite on the hook. But you should be careful of using the right amount of bait on the hook or you will lose the bait so quickly. Because the trout know how to steal dough bait.

If you want a cheaper substitute for the common dough bait you can make it at home. Which makes it even more efficient because you can actually make it ready in 5 minutes. But make sure to carry either of the two types of dough baits because its very handy when you nothing to try.

Here are great baits for stocked trout you should know about.

5. Minnows Speckled Trout Bait

As trout is a predator fish it will eat anything it can. So all smaller fish are potential baits for trout. But minnows are especially famous option, many people cast minnows for it. Speckled trout love live minnow bait and instantly bites on it and feed on it. The cool thing is you can also catch them with a net in the same fishing spot.

Minnows a great bait choice for speckled trout
A bunch of minnows in minnow catching net

Minnows are widely known as a great trout bait and almost all types of trout and will feed on it easily. The best part is you can catch them all year long. Its also a among the best live baits for trout.

fishing tips for speckled trout.

There are also minnows that are soft plastics artificial and they work similar to real minnows.

6. Z-man Plastic Bait

Z-man minnowz is also great plastic bait that create amazing action. This is among the top plastic baits that drive the fish crazy. This minnow shape lure is almost always successful if casted for speckled trout. Z-man is among the soft plastics that are speckled trout killers.

Here are other great artificial baits for trout.

Speckled Trout Plastic Baits

Except these live baits trout also bite on a number of artificial baits. These include soft plastic jigs and many more types of plastic baits.

Speckled trout soft plastics include the Z-man minnow shape lure that attract fish from far away places.

Final Words

There are a number of other lures and baits including soft plastic lures for speckled trout that are widely known. But using our recommended baits we can pretty much guarantee your success if you are fishing in the right spot. Remember this type of trout live in schools, if you find a school you are going to have success. But if you scare them away you will lose all the school.