5 Best Trout Fishing Lakes in New York, Lake trout fishing NY

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Cold water bodies up to 72 degrees are the best places where trout live in New York state. The state has one of the highest quality fishing in the united states, you may find fly fishing in rivers, streams and lakes. Although the smaller water bodies like rivers and streams are generally considered easier choice for trout fishing. But it some times becomes a barrier from exploring the best trout fishing lakes in New York. As the area of the lake is larger they also bring larger fly fishing opportunities and more fish in waters.

That’s why the lakes are more likely to provide you better fish and fun time while fishing for trout in lakes of the state. But despite all most of the times the most valuable trout fishing lakes of the state are over looked. And most of anglers pay no attention to them if they find a little spot that can fulfill their desires of fishing anyway. But they don’t think of the bigger opportunities waiting for them, a place that is regularly stocked with trout each season. But the problem is how to find the best trout fishing lakes in New York?

Best trout fishing lakes

If you are wondering where can I catch trout then these are the lakes that are ideal places to fish. This article is all about trout fishing lakes in and fly fishing in New York. The ranking is on basis of the fish quality and quantity in each of them. Also the location of it and its distance from cities or populated areas.

Black lake

As a cold water body the black lake is the most ideal place of trout to live in. Water temperature remains 68 to 73 degrees on average. This water temperature is perfect for any specie of trout and they can easily make a living. The black is located in the very north of state in south of Morristown near st Lawrence river.

The area of the black is about 7850 acres total and has a shore of 50 miles in length. The average depth of the lake is 8 feet while in its deepest point it goes up to 29 feet deep. This lake is heavily stocked for rainbow trout two times each year. The first time it gets stocked is in spring just before monsoon starts in the moth of April. For the second time it gets stocked is in fall in October. Many anglers visit the lake on weekends for fishing trout in it as it is one of the best trout fishing lake in New York.

Forked lake

In the east of the state and in the south of black the forked lake is located in Hamilton county New York. The Forked is on the Raquette river flowing from east to the reservoirs in the area. Many of the reservoirs and large water bodies also have the name of Man-made lakes. And most of them are famous for the trout they produce and that’s why many anglers move towards them for quality trout fishing in them.

One of these famous is the Forked despite the fame of all group of lakes in the area it has its own fame as well. The Forked is one of the best trout fishing spots in the area and a great fly fishing for anglers. The forked is 171 miles from the Syracuse. Around the lake and on shores you will easily find great spots where you can arrange your gear and start fishing instantly.

Piseco lake

The Piseco is a large water body of its area in Hamilton county just in the south of the forked reservoir. In the south of Piseco the spy reservoir and the Higgins bay and in north the Piseco old road is located. Several lakes and reservoirs are surrounding the lake from all around and also small creeks are falling in Piseco. This surrounding makes the Piseco a special place to explore and fly fish in the whole area.

Presence of lake trout is unbelievable in the it. Having the best large size and highest quality of trout the Piseco is one of the best fishing spot in New York. lake trout is the only specie living in the lake and has a great dominance over the area. A very small population of other species can be also find. Its also one of the largest water bodies in its zone.

It also has a great living area and a motel in the west of the reservoir.

Canadice lake

If you are looking for a great trout hub or an axis where they hangout all around in the whole area. Then the Canadice is the best example, there is nothing in the lake but trout everywhere. In central western in Canadice town the Canadice lake has its location. Among several other lakes in the same town and surroundings the Canadice has a special fame for the large quantity of fish. So many anglers usually visit the Canadice for fly fishing in the lake.

There are three species of fish in the area rainbow, lake and brown trout are available in the Canadice. The Canadice is fully load with all these species of trout and is an unbelievable fishing spot. It is of course one of the best trout fishing lakes in New York and the place is really worth visiting at least once.

Trout fishing streams in NY.

Cranberry lake

A large reservoir lake in the eastern New York state the cranberry has an area more than 12600 acres. It has the cranberry wild forest in its east and the whole area is Clifton. The entire park and the lake has specific timing during week days and its not fully open each time.

Along with many other species you will find the finest brook trout in the cranberry lake. By accessing the central islands of the lake you will have better access to the fish hiding from the shores. Or having a boat will further help catching a good fish. Its good to say that the lake is open for all types of boats including motorized boats.

Final Thoughts Trout Fishing Lakes in NY

There may be other great fishing spots in NY but these spots are our favorite and best trout fishing lakes in New York. Keep in mind you may require a fishing license fishing in NY state waters.

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