5 Best Fishing Lakes in Nevada, Freshwater Fishing Spots

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Are you planning to go fishing tour in Nevada? And want to know about the best fishing lakes in Nevada? Believe me you will find no better place to fish in the state better than these Nevada fishing lakes. We will share with you the list of great lakes of Nevada where you will have the best experience of fishing. But first lets know the fishing industry in the area.

Despite being called as a desert and the most dry state in the united states there exist a large fishing industry. The state has no access to an ocean or sea and is popular for its desert and dry weather. But besides these facts Nevada has hundreds of large lakes and reservoirs also a bunch of rivers. Some of these Nevada lakes offers great quality fishing even in the off season.

Finding a good the best destination becomes crucial in such a large number of fishing lakes in Nevada. Here are the best fishing lakes of Nevada, the listing is based on quality and quantity of fish also the location and size of lake.

Pyramid lake

Pyramid is one of the largest fishing lakes in Nevada in size. This gigantic lake has a size of more than a hundred and twenty thousand acres which is more than usual size of a lake. The location of it also attracts most of the tourists and anglers to it. Anglers from around the US especially from the nearest places come to the destination year round. The destination is located in the west of Nevada near the boundary of California. Its in the south of the sun valley along national highway.

There are different types of fish in this Nevada best fishing lake. There are many types of trout in the it but Lahontan cutthroat trout is easily available and in a larger than usual size. The Lahontan in the pyramid are unbelievably large record sizes and in wide area.

There are also Smallmouth bass and largemouth bass available in some parts of the pyramid lake. Overall the Pyramid is definitely worth visiting due to its large size and the best quality fish it has got. Its among the best fishing lakes of Nevada and a tourist attraction for years. The large coastline is an opportunity for those who like to cast their line from the coast. There are also few small islands which can be explored and enjoyed as a stable and relax fishing spot than a boat or kayak.

Topaz lake

This amazing lake is shared by the two neighbour states Nevada and the western state. Topaz is on the boundary line of CA with Nevada, hence becomes important for both of the states. The lake has an important role for those who lives in Nevada. Unlike the pyramid topaz has got a small area under water covering almost 2400 acres with the most part in Nevada.

You may like to know about these fishing rivers.

The lake has multiple canals, streams and creeks around and going through. One of the main canal is the topaz canal coming from east dropping into the lake. And several creeks from western side flow from it, on the southern side the west walker river is flows from the lake.

The main fish in large population in topaz is the rainbow trout, it has grown to significant population over the time. Other species such as small mouth bass, smallmouth bass brown trout and mountain whitefish are also living in topaz. The lake is open all year for tourists and anglers. You can find year round but targeting the best seasons will improve your chances of catching your desired fish. Exploring the lake and the river, creeks and canals around you will have a great time if you choose topaz lake as your fishing destination. All these things when combine makes the topaz the best fishing lake of Nevada.

Lake Mohave

Mohave is a long lake laying from northeast along the northern border of Nevada. The Mohave has an average size like the other lakes in the country but this one is very special for its opportunities of fishing. A large river is gone through the lake and the lake seems a larger area of the river. Due to the flow of the river the lake is all time full of water and fish. Travelers from around the world visit the reservoir due to its amazing position on the river. And fishing is all time high at the bank of it, Las Vegas is the nearest city to it.

The Mohave has plenty of good spots for fishing inside it, being at the center and near deep water is always beneficial. It will help you stay nearest to the bass groups in the Mohave.

The Mohave is an amazing place for variety of fish species. It has largemouth bass, stripped bass, smallmouth bass all around in maximum sizes. The other kinds are rainbow trout, channel catfish and Bonytail Chub at their max. As said before there are plenty of other fish types as well but the toppers are the bass and the other described.

Wild horse reservoir

The wild horse reservoir is also a major fishing lake in the state of Nevada. Its in the northern side of the Nevada and it covers an area of just above 2700 acres. There are plenty of small rivers and creeks coming and going through the reservoir and each has great fishing places each. It comes third area wise in all the lakes of Nevada however it also makes place in the top fishing lakes. Just like Mohave it also has varieties of fish species making a living in the wild horse. Again the rainbow trout is found here in quite a large area and migrate inside the lake each year. Other popular fishes here are the catfish species and smallmouth bass.

The famous tourist spot is very deep as well. The lake’s most deep area is more than 70 feet deep, on average the lake makes 40 feet of depth. Other lakes on average make depth of 30 feet. But the wild horse reservoir is 70 feet deep at its maximum depth.

The year round seasonal fishing makes the lake the best destination. It is famous for trout fishing and smallmouth bass fishing. The best part is there are plenty of mountains in the east of the reservoir. And you can go explore if you have got some time.

Angel lake

Our final in the list fishing lake of Nevada is the angle lake. Although its not so huge lake like the usual lakes, but it passes the definition of being a lake. Its on the list not due to its size but due to the great and overlooked opportunities it brings. It has the best trout quality you can ever think of. But good things always comes in small packings as you know. The lake is not large enough but still it offers plenty of fish to anglers who visit the lake. The duration of catching a fish is great in this tiny lake. In a day an average angler can catch up to 10 fishes without any trouble. It is the best destination for trout lovers.

Main species of fish in the lake are the tiger trout, and brook trout. The area of the angle is roughly 130 acres and the depth is about 27 feet on average. Its located in the north east of Nevada. The angle is near the national highway entering to the state from eastern side. The surrounding is the only green and park area of the state.

Final thoughts

Having more than 200 lakes Nevada has a great fishing industry. One should not think of some lakes only, exploring the others will make you experienced and professional angler. However if you have less time and want to have the best fishing experience these are our best fishing lakes for Nevada. Here are fishing regulations for you.