5 Best Bass Fishing Rivers in Florida, Freshwater Fishing fl

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Being one of the most beautiful region, Florida receives more than 100 million visitors each year. Its amongst the most visited states in the the united states. Florida has some of the best bass fishing rivers contributing to the fishing industry in the state. These Florida bass fishing are not only popular in the state but most of the tourists from outside also visit them for freshwater fishing. One of the benefits of bass fishing in rivers of Florida is that these rivers provide year round fishing.

For fishing Florida is also famous due to its long coastline which is more than 1300 miles. Ocean is covering roughly 3 sides of the state and this brings countless fishing opportunities. Most of the tourists coming here also enjoy freshwater bass fishing in the rivers of Florida.

While there are 60 major rivers in the state it is usually very hard for anglers from outside the state to find the best bass fishing river in Florida. Even for the local new anglers finding out the top rivers is hard due to the large amount of streams. And exploring each one at each point is near impossible, and it becomes frustrating to explore but find no good river for bass fishing.

But it is really true that Florida has some of the great bass rivers in the US. Some of them are extremely famous while not providing the best fish. But some of the rivers have large fish populations but often overlooked by the local anglers. Here is our listing of the best bass fishing rivers in Florida. In these river you will find quality bass in large populations and great spots to stay. River listing is based on quality of bass, its population also the length of river.

Peace River

Despite not being in the largest or the most famous river in the state the Peace River is constantly providing the highest quality of fish. The Peace river is long enough and has many great places offering great populations of fishes. The largemouth is in highest quantity in the river and are respectively easy to be caught. There are also other famous kinds of found in the Peace river such as the catfish.

Unlike other rivers this best bass fishing river has the highest percentage of bass. The great weather of Florida allows anglers to fish year round here. That’s why anglers are seen fishing during the off season ass well. All these qualities makes this river one of the best bass rivers in all over Florida. Must visit the peace river once and also enjoy the great opportunities here. But be cautious from swimming in Peace, many small alligators are seen on roadside of.

Overall it is a perfect river for bass fishing even in off season.

Suwannee River

Suwannee river starts in the south east of Georgia but enters Florida before it fall in Atlantic ocean. The most part of the river is obviously in Florida. Suwannee offers some of the great bass during the spring and summer. The best part is that Suwannee has plenty of other species as well to be caught. And there is actually no shortage of fish species in the Suwannee.

You can find largemouth easily in this river but the most amazing thing is the Suwannee’s own fish. “Suwannee Bass” is the special species of fish which is only native in two rivers in Florida. Besides this type of fish the Suwannee river is a great place for fishing. Remember to use the right strategies fishing in the Suwannee river. Because the quantity of bass is not much here but other species are more here. If you are aiming for bass then you have to target the areas that are large enough and has some sort of bushes or large rocks. Generally shady or hidden area is the best place to target you may find it in groups.

If you manage to find bass you are going to enjoy its quality, quality makes Suwannee river one of the top bass river destination in Florida.

Blackwater River

Flowing through the Blackwater river is 91km long before and finally falls in the gulf of mexico. This river is really a home to many many species of fish and it becomes one of the best bass fishing river of Florida. The species of bass which are in majority in the Blackwater river are these stripped which is also called as rock bass. Largemouth bass is found in large quantity and many anglers specially visit the river for the quality largemouth of Blackwater.

Not only these other fishes are also find here. Black Carppie, channel catfish and white Prech are easily available in the small streams. The area of the river is sandy and cool water makes swimming here more enjoyable. This river is also very touristy and famous for many reasons, and in season it becomes more crowded. If you want to find a silent place you have to go upside the river then.

Using different types of tools will help you understand the habitat of the river. And will become more easier to catch largemouth bass here. Most of the anglers want to stick to the largemouth because of the quality and its a main largemouth bass river.

Myakka River

Myakka river is 72 miles long river in the south of Florida. It is famous for its largemouth bass, although the river is long and great for largemouth bass but it has a drawback as well. This draw back may stop many of you from visiting and fishing in it. There is no swimming allowed in Myakka river and the lake and park etc. The reason behind that is neither water or weather. There are hundreds of large gators found everywhere in the Myakka river and lake. Keep your eyes open each-where around in the water while fishing.

Despite all the things anglers are in love with this spot due to the best chances of finding largemouth bass.

please respect the rules in the park, lake or river. Safety is above all you can go find another spot for your fishing when you are good.

Great bass fishing spots.

St johns River

When it comes to the best bass fishing rivers of Florida and St johns River is not a count. Then its not fair at all, this giant river is 310 miles long which is almost 500km of length. Its really the king of bass rivers in Florida providing many pond type spots for great bass fishing along the way. The St johns goes through many other lakes as well, they also give a chance of largemouth bass each. But one chance seems nothing comparing to the long bass river.

Jumping into the water’s might not be a good idea due to the sharks in the river. There are several bull sharks seen in the St Johns which are considered to be bad to humans. So be careful with it and show mercy on yourself. Overall the St Johns is a perfect place for bass fishing in Florida, its really worth fishing there.

This is our list of bass fishing rivers in Florida with all the details provided.

Final thoughts

Getting an idea about the best rivers is great but if you have time, go explore yourself. You will find fishing gold mines, there are many other fishing places in Florida as well. There are over 60 major and minor rivers in the state and exploring will open your eyes over the best spots ever. Remember respecting the regulations of fishing in Florida and having a valid freshwater fishing license if you are in the license category.