4 Best Fly Fishing Lakes Montana, Trout Lakes Montana

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There are more than 3200 large lakes in Montana, and almost all of them have some sort of fish. Thousands of anglers visit different spots inside the state for fishing. The state is famous for many kinds of fish and anglers often choose their best spots depending upon the quantity of their desired fish in the spot. Those who love trout fishing usually visit the spots where there is no good quantity of fish because they confuse other famous spots with trout spots. They often overlook the best trout lakes, in this article we will share the best fly fishing lakes of Montana.

The fish has grown to a great size and there is significant opportunity of fishing in the trout lake of Montana. And that’s why fly fishing has been growing constantly in the state. Some of the large lakes in Montana are really popular for the great trout fishing opportunities they provide to anglers. In recent reports anglers who visited these lakes of Montana for angling have been extremely happy with the spots. According to those reports the duration to wait for a fish has been incredibly shorter.

In this article we will share with you the best fly fishing lakes of Montana. As well as we at which spot you can fish good trout more easily. This listing of lakes is based on quantity of trout in each lake and size of each so you can explore more.

Hebgen Lake

Hebgen is the best fly fishing lake in Montana and most importantly having large number of trophy trout inside it. The Hebgen has an area of 13440 acres which makes it one of the largest lakes in of Montana. The Hebgen is situated in the northwest side of Montana near earthquake. One of the best things about the spot is that it lays along the national highway making access to it easy. The Highway then turns to Hebgen lake road when reaches near it.

small trout fish

For its best fish the Hebgen is well known for fly fishing opportunities. There are many kinds of fish in this lake but the lake is more important for trout anglers. It has the best quality large rainbow and brown trout. The size of fish has been always large in the Hebgen specially the large rainbow which averages 24 inches in length. Overall the Hebgen is the most preferable fly fishing place for anglers looking trout fishing lake.

The separates the Madison in its southern side of Montana. The river is the main the main source of water for Hebgen and a great fly home for many species of trout. The lake is always open in for anglers during the year. But the best time to go on a trip to the Hebgen is summer. If you are a trout lover you should definitely have Hebgen on your trip list to enjoy the best time there.

Georgetown Lake

Georgetown is an average size lake in the mid-west of Montana. Its near the Pintler Veterans memorial scenic highway. Its 114 miles from Helena city and 88 miles from Missoula city. The area of Georgetown lake is just more than 2800 acres in size which is fairly enough for any angler. There are different types of fish in the Georgetown. But the spot is popular for the best fly fishing in Montana. Rainbow trout has the largest populations in different parts of the lake however brook is also found in Georgetown.


Many anglers from different parts of the US visit the lake for its trout opportunities. It has also one of the easily available trout fishing spot in the area. Anglers enjoy best access to water from shores, the best locations on the shore are in the east and south of the it. Where you can directly access the deep waters from shore thanks to the irregular shape of lake. Over the time trout fishing has been growing on this spot despite being a home to other species as well.

If you are a fly fishing angler you should prefer to arrange your next trip to Georgetown lake. You will have best time fly fishing on this lake.

Canyon Ferry Fly Fishing Lake Montana

Unlike other trout lakes of Montana the canyon ferry is in the middle of the state in the east of Helena. The location is brilliant for the residents of Helena as it is just 38 miles from city to the east. This giant water body is almost 33500 acres in size, it is laying on Missouri river from north to south on length. Its attractive because of the Helena lake besides it and that is also on the Missouri river. The river being the water source for both of lakes.

Canyon ferry is one of the best lakes in Montana for brown trout. Many anglers can be seen fly fishing from the shores of the reservoir for it. You can find fish in the spot throughout the year. Other species such as rainbow, pike and lake trout are found in canyon ferry. This diversity in species of trout makes this lake the best place in the area. The canyon ferry is open all year round for trout and other fun activities. A trip to canyon ferry lake from any part of the US is absolutely worth the time. Although the spot is one of the best trout in the state but it’s not only fishing here. There are lots of other fun activities going on all the time around the area. This one is also one of the best fly fishing lakes in Montana.

Ennis lake

In the south of Montana at the Madison river a large lake with area of 2000 acres. This lake freezes in the winter and is the best place for ice trout fishing. In summer when the lake’s water warms the population of fish migrate. Therefore the best season to fish trout in the Ennis lake is either spring or fall when temperature of water is normal.

This lake develops lots of insects during the season and this habitat increases the trout population. Its an ideal place for fishing during the right season. You will be happy fishing in the Ennis lake if you track the best population of fish in the lake. The brook trout is the only but large population in the Ennis lake. This fly fishing lake of Montana is open year round for all anglers and other public activities.

The nearest city to Ennis is Bozeman with distance of around 50 miles in the southwest of city.

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Final words

There are lots of other lakes as well in Montana. Some of them will probably have good fly fishing opportunities. These are the spots we have recognized among the best lakes in Montana. Anglers looking for trout have always been interested in these spots. Must read Montana fishing regulations.

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