10 Best Trout Fishing Lakes in Idaho, Fly Fishing Lake ID

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Idaho is well known state in the country for its high quality trout fish available each where. Providing the best chances to angler fish in the state’s waters year round. There are hundreds of golden places in having best trout and multiple species. Fly fishing in Idaho has become the top priority for anglers. Millions of tourists travel to their favorite destinations in Idaho each year. Many of them visit specifically for trout fishing and then end up fishing in Idaho lakes. Finding the most easiest and reliable destination for any angler is necessary. In this article we will share with you some of the best trout fishing lakes in Idaho.

Despite being a home to the best quality trout and thousands of lakes. Trout fishing in the state is still concentrated on smaller fishing spots like rivers and streams. Most of the anglers overlook fishing lakes in Idaho resulting in their fishing chances. In lakes there is a lot more chance to for a larger trout to bite on your bait while in other spots the size of fish and quality is incomparable. That’s why focusing on lakes for fly fishing in Idaho is beneficial for any angler to catch some of the best trout.

Steel head, bull trout, cutthroat and rainbow trout are all Idaho’s native species and besides these the state also have multiple other species. All of the lakes are familiar for different species and depending on your favorite fish you will find multiple lakes having your favorite trout fish. Here are the best trout fishing lakes in Idaho having different types of trout almost all are the best for fly fishing.

Little Payette lake

The little Payette is a smaller reservoir than the Payette in the west of little Payette McCall Idaho. The area is in the west of the state in valley county near McCall. The distance from the little Payette lake to the city of Boise is 110 miles and duration to get from city to the reservoir is around 2 hours. Area of the little Payette is nearly 1440 acres and the Payette is 4986 acres. The little Payette is 200 feet deep and the Payette lake is 392 feet deep.

Both of them are providing are providing highest quality of rainbow trout while the larger one also has lake trout. The larger lake is stocked with rainbow trout each year.

Lucky Peak lake

The nearest lake to Boise city is the lucky peak lake in the lucky peak peak state park. The lake is less than 10 miles from city while from center its about 12 miles. Its located in the east of Boise in the combination of north fork Boise river and south fork Boise river and a little creek from the north. The combination of the rivers forms the lucky peak lake and an other reservoir named ArrowRock reservoir all flowing through Boise city.

The lucky peak has significant amount of rainbow trout in its most parts while other species are also present. While in the east of the lucky peak the ArrowRock reservoir also has cutthroat trout. The lake is considered an amazing trout fishing spot for residents of Boise and people living nearby however its open for all. Fly fishing in the lake is very famous and many people visit the area for fly fishing.

Henrys lake

Henrys lake is located in the very east of Idaho near a mountainous area in the east of the lake. The henrys is in the last county of Idaho in the east in Fermont county. The area of the henrys is 5120 acres with a small depth of 120 feet. The henrys Fork river is falling into the lake from the north. And several other creeks mostly from the east are also falling into the henrys. The whole area is an amazing spot for trout fishing and many anglers are fishing in the lake and surroundings year round.

The lake is a home to trout having two species mostly common in it. The cutthroat trout and the brook trout are caught most of the times while other species do exist in the henrys. The lake is regularly stocked with trout each year for anglers fishing in the area of henrys lake.

Lake Walcott

The Walcott is located in the south of Idaho near twin falls in the east of the city and in the west of Pocatello. The lake is on snake river from east to west. The area of the Walcott is slightly 11000 acres, the Walcott is open for boating. Fishing, swimming, and other fun activities but its actually famous for fly fishing lake.

The Walcott is an amazing fishing spot in of Idaho, people from big cities usually visit it for fishing. So the Walcott has amazing opportunities of rainbow trout in the area and thus considered one of the best trout fishing lakes in Idaho.

Warm lake

The warm is located in the west of Idaho in far north of Boise in valley county. A little away in the south of Warm the lake cascade is situated. The lake is liked by anglers for its best quality fly fishing it provides in the whole area. There are several small streams falling into it from all four sides. So the it is a center for trout with area of 640 acres and depth of around 200 feet.

There are several species of trout in the warm lake including rainbow trout and brook trout. The crowds of fish in the lake attract many anglers each time to it for fishing and this is the areas best trout fishing lake.

Iron bog lake

In central Idaho in Custer county in the west of lost river area. The lake has several streams falling in it and the area is 6.4 acres, its great for people only from near places.

Cutthroat and and rainbow trout are found in the Iron bog, its great trout fishing lake for near by living people.

Jimmy smith lake

Jimmy smith is also a smaller lake in the center of Idaho, its area is 47.5 acres. It is quite popular for fishing in the area even many people from the area are usually fly fishing in jimmy smith. The jimmy smith is open year round for rainbow trout fishing. Average fish catching time is significantly lower than other spots in the area.

Its a famous trout fishing destination in the area and it has many fish than an average lake. From the surrounding 4 different creeks fall into the lake as water sources.

Here are some other fishing lakes.

Winchester lake

The Winchester lake is in Lewis county in the south of Winchester city Idaho. The area of Winchester lake is 103 acres and depth of 33 feet in its deepest point. The area around the reservoir is Winchester park and areas for picnic and hangouts.

The only specie of trout in the Winchester is rainbow trout in a significant number and it is stock on regular basis. The reservoir is very important trout fishing spot for the city of Winchester. Large number of anglers from Winchester city enjoy fly fishing in the lake.

Roman nose lake

The roman rose is in the boundary county of Idaho having an area of 11.6 acres. It is one of the best quality trout fishing lakes in Idaho. The roman nose in the west of Bonners city and in the east of the twin peaks.

Cutthroat and rainbow trout are the most famous fish species in the roman nose. They make the it one of the best fly fishing lakes of the area.

Crane falls lake

The crane falls is in the west of twin falls beside the snake river and in the east of Nampa, Boise and Caldwell. This provides the best quality large rainbow trout fish in the area and is famous as the best fishing lake in the area.

The lake’s area is 89 acres and its one of the best trout lakes in the area. So many anglers are fishing trout in the lake round year.

Final thoughts

Idaho has more than 2000 lakes in its territory exploring the area is always the best. However if you have limited time than these are best trout fishing lakes of Idaho famous for fishing.

Must read the fishing regulations of Idaho.